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President's Office

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Present: Barr, Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Garino, Hudson, LaBrecque, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Rossow, Schnebly, L. Smith, Tart

OUA Representative: Mundy

Guest: Dick Phillips

I. Organizational Business

—The minutes of January 19, 2010 were approved as circulated.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch Operations – Dick Phillips

Mr. Dick Phillips, UHS Associate Vice Chancellor, spoke on the following —

  • Sugar Land branch library construction has begun; with an anticipated opening date of fall 2011;
  • The City of Sugar Land has selected a partner and is moving forward to build a minor league baseball stadium on property leased from the University of Houston System at Sugar Land (UHSSL). Planning is under way for it to be built to house academic programs, with the first program being UH Sports Management;
  • UHSSL campus continues to grow; having just added a 100 gravel parking spaces. UHV is up 9% and Wharton County is up 30% over this time last year;
  • Sugar Land Barnes and Nobel bookstore will open in a matter of weeks and will house a food area;
  • Allied health programs continue to be identified for expansion and campus identity, the growth of which will likely drive the need for the next building at some point in the future;
  • Currently a freeze to outside groups has been put in place due to the demand on internal needs for the multi-purpose and tiered classrooms; and
  • Senator Hegar has requested a small task force be established to serve as a Katy area (Cinco Ranch focus group on higher education.

III. Roundtable

Dr. LaBrecque reported that the Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools (SACS) 5th-Year Interim Report is completed and is being reviewed by the president and provost. With every new program we no longer have to get the Coordinating Board’s approval, but will have to do a prospectus for SACS, which takes up to 6 months. New courses can be offered without this approval but not new programs. She noted Dr. Hudson and she will be serving as part of on-site SACS evaluation teams in the coming months. Dr. LaBrecque said she currently serves as the treasurer for the Texas Council of Chief Academic Officers but due to extenuating circumstances she will now take on the role of vice president and treasurer.

Dean Tart attended a workshop on Nursing Education hosted by the Institute of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at M.D. Anderson Hospital. The School of Nursing (SoN) hosted an Advancement Resources Workshop for Nurse Leaders/Educators on the UHSSL campus. She has hosted 3 Coffees with the Dean; 1 at each of the Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land and Victoria campuses. UHV School of Nursing will host the Nursing Spring Forum with M.D. Anderson on the 7 most common types of cancer on May 6th and 7th in Victoria. In support of green efforts, the School of Nursing implemented a GREEN logo recycling symbol hyperlink to UHV's Green Initiative for each of their Black Board courses. The SON will submit new programs for Health Professions and Kinesiology.

L. Smith stated the Budget Committee is reviewing the recommendations for reclassifications. Ms. Smith also reiterated a subject addressed in the February 25, 2009, minutes concerning baby and wedding showers--they should be held at noon or after 5:00 p.m. and announcements should not be sent university-wide.

Ms. Norgard said UHV currently has 564 freshmen applicants; averaging 12-15 a day. There are 134 fully accepted freshmen applications, plus some lacking high school transcripts. Phone calls are being made to all applicants that have been accepted, as well as those with incomplete applications to offer assistance. Students that have expressed an interest in UHV but have not completed an application are also being contacted. The top counties of students expressing interest or applying to UHV are Harris, Bexar, Hidalgo, Fort Bend and Victoria. A committee of 3 faculty and 3 staff members are reviewing freshmen applicants that did not meet the minimum standards. Ms. Norgard also stated that a bacterial meningitis vaccination will be required for all freshmen 10 days prior to moving into the dorm. Textbook information will be included with the schedule information by July 2010.

Dean Rossow said he has letters ready for those students that are applying and expressing an interest in Education. The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP) exit interview went well and an official letter is expected in a couple of weeks. The accreditation team was impressed with UHV’s instructional support, Instructional Technology department (IT) and resources of the Library. Dean Rossow reported he had attended a conference in Atlanta with 200 other Education deans where other models for funding and student work samples were discussed.

Dean Niroomand thanked those that met with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) peer team members. An official letter is expected in about 6 weeks concerning the maintenance of accreditation of the School of Business Administration.

Dr. Schnebly announced the Texas Council of Faculty Senates will have a meeting in Austin where most of the discussion will be on budget cuts and assessment of online classes.

Dr. Dahlstrom reported that Dean Tart had been a guest speaker at the Northside Rotary and did a great job representing UHV. He apprised cabinet members that he and Dean Tart have suggested to Joe Ferguson several features that might be included in a UHV iPhone app. The library is working with the UHV publishing program on the possible publication of a 1939 thesis of the O'Connor Ranch.

Ms. Barr discussed her involvement with student groups. She suggested there be a view book that will focus on student life and show case Victoria. She reported a successful Staff Council food drive with 1,095 lbs. of food being donated. There will be another food drive with a different contest in July. There was a USSEC meeting at Sugar Land where discussion covered updating the USSEC website, UH System being "the" employer of choice, and issues pertaining to quality of life for staff which might include offering an on-site day care facility.

Ms. Mundy announced Campaign Victoria’s initiative recruiting efforts is at 70-75% of our goal. Several major grants are in the works. In combining efforts, the Alumni Day will be in connection with Jag Day. The March 29th UHV golf tournament is being cancelled and has been rescheduled for a later date.

Mr. Beran covered the following topics.

  • Jaguar Hall Dorm -
    • Architects: Page Southerland Page
    • Construction: Krueger Construction
    • Preliminary stages of laundry, vending and food services
  • Facilities Director -
    • Michael Ruland has tenured his resignation
    • Charlie Striedel will hold this position for the interim
  • Currently inventorying underutilized spaces in UW and UC buildings -
    • Will share when finalized
  • Coordinating Board UHV square footage
    • The UHSSL building (143,000 sq. ft.) was still on the UHV inventory causing a surplus
    • This has now been corrected and UHV is at a 55,000 sq. ft. deficit
  • State audit has been completed
  • State Comptroller audit has been completed with no major findings; and
  • The 5% reduction plan has been submitted to the Legislative Budget Board.

Mr. Garino announced there was a good turnout for the Black History Parade in which the Student Senate participated. The Student Senate/Student Services hosted the first bowling night for UHV students. Currently the Student Senate is revising their bylaws to accommodate the incoming freshmen and sophomore students. There are plans for hosting student life atmosphere once a month.

Dr. Rice reminded cabinet members of the upcoming President's Regional Advisory Board meeting on March 2nd. She stated she had hosted one of the Korean teachers and that they really enjoyed their time and involvement with the community. She handed out the strategic framework based on the vision statements from the Cabinet Retreat, and asked for feedback.

Dr. Di Leo noted his office has been contacting applicants. He thanked Dr. LaBrecque for her help with Forensics Psychology program at the Provost Council. Professors Dagoberto Gilb and Macarena Hernandez have been traveling around the state and discussing Mexican Literature. The Society for Critical Exchange Terror Institute was a success. The American Book Review guest speaker Darlene Unrue event was a success and with the Bronte Club sponsoring events. The next speaker will be Jake Silverstein with a small luncheon planned at Mumphord’s on March 8th.

Mr. Ferguson announced in preparation for single account/single passwords, next week more secure password configuration will go into effect. When your current password expires, you will have to replace it with a password of 8 characters long, and at least one alphabetic character, one numeric character, and one special character. All outer door locks have now been automated and keycards will be needed to enter the buildings after hours. Mr. Ferguson said he felt the iPhone and mobile phone applications are good marketing tools.

Dr. Hudson congratulated Marketing on UHV winning ADDY awards for advertising creative excellence. He stated he would be attending a System-wide meeting on Friday where UH System initiatives were to be discussed--Health; Student Pathways, Faculty Affiliations and International Study Abroad. Dr. Hudson said he will be leading the international discussion. Representative Morrison is establishing a committee consisting of some of the Commission on Expanding Access to Higher Education members and others that will focus on an educational plan for PK-12. The committee will be researching and making recommendations on issues that impact all levels of education and will be presented at the upcoming Texas Legislative Session.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton