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10:00 a.m., Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Rossow, Schnebly, L. Smith, Tart

Absent: Garino, Barr

OUA Representative: Mundy

Attending for Mr. Barr: Miles Harrison

Guest: Cortez and Greg Fanelli

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Dr. LaBrecque moved and Dr. Tart seconded to approve the minutes of December 9, 2009, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  3. Business
    1. Review of Weather Related Emergency Procedures — Genaro Cortez and Greg Fanelli

    2. In lieu of the recent snow/ice weather Victoria and the surroundings areas experienced, the closing of classes, campuses and system notification was discussed. It was decided that there is a need for a Master “Academic” Calendar. Dr. LaBrecque will work with the deans on the information that will be included in this calendar, such as face 2 face and online exam schedules, and the Academic Affairs office will maintain/monitor.—

    3. Jaguar Hall — Wayne Beran

    4. Mr. Beran shared a PowerPoint presentation he had presented at the December 2nd Board of Regents meeting on the University of Houston-Victoria’s Student Housing Project. Topics covered were the location of the UHV campus; the proposed resident housing location, with visuals; the business plan; recruiting efforts; and a tentative timeline. The presentation was well received and questions were answered. The American Campus Communities, an external group, reaffirmed UHV’s predicted numbers on students, revenues, expenses and what the net operating income would be for 2010-11 through 2014-15. Room priority for UHV’s student housing will be for freshmen and sophomore students. Mr. Beran said plans are to select an architect for Jaguar Hall next week.

    5. CASA Needs — Paula Colber

    6. Ms. Cobler shared a request for a UHV volunteer to become involved in an event being organized by the Court Appointed Special Advocates. CASA is planning events for April to educate the community about child abuse prevention and to remember victims of crime. Dean Rossow graciously volunteered.

  4. Roundtable Discussion
  5. Dr. LaBrecque reported the Academic Affairs office continues to work on the 5th-Year Report and substantive change for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). All new course requests have been signed off on by the provost.

    Ms. Smith reminded everyone of the Employee Recognition Luncheon on February 3, at 11:30 a.m., in the University Center Multi-Purpose Room.

    Ms. Norgard announced that an email had been sent to students notifying them the suggestions to improve student email had been implemented. The changes are: student email address format will be last name, first; email box size limit increased from 50 MB to 250 MB; and students’ email can be accessed directly from the Internet by going to She reported student orientation this weekend went well, was well received and received positive feedback. There were 111 that attended the Sugar Land orientation session and 12 at the Victoria site. The orientation sessions were also available by ITV.

    Dean Rossow reported the School of Education and Human Development had 50 students on the ZAP list and after the school contacted these students, 45 have come back.

    Dean Niroomand shared copies of the Business Week magazine with UHV School of Business Administration students on the front cover and program highlights on the back.

    Dr. Schnebly had no Faculty Senate update to share but noted she is looking for a date for their yearly February retreat.

    Dean Tart reported the School of Nursing (SoN) had their strategic planning meeting that produced 5 program goals. The SoN hired 2 new faculty members for the Cinco Ranch campus. Dean Tart announced she would be one of the hosts at the Good Samaritan Foundation Ball on January 21st. The following week she will be attending the Deans and Directors meeting in Austin. February 22nd Dean Tart will attend an Robert Wood Johnson Foundation workshop on Nursing Education and on February 23rd she will host an Advancement Resources Philanthropic workshop for Nurse Leaders/Educators on the UH System Sugar Land campus.

    Mr. Beran announced an architect has been chosen for the regional economic building. He also announced that state agencies and universities have received notice from the Governor’s Office that a 5% reduction plan must be submitted identifying where the reduction would occur if so instructed to return state funds to the State.

    Mr. Harrison, on behalf of Ms. Barr, announced the 2010 Staff Council Food Drive kicks off today. He requested volunteers for the January 29th food drive that will be open to the public. He also announced there is a separate food and diaper drive contests based on a point system.

    Ms. Mundy announced the Annual Giving office has been busy with 2 major grants from the Greater Texas Foundation and the Johnson Foundation this month. She announced UHV is trying to form their own 501c(3) which will help to run the annual fund, allow us to apply to more foundations and hopefully open up more doors. She said it is a long process but expects everything to be completed by September.

    Dr. Rice passed out sheets summarizing the vision statements and brain storming session at the cabinet retreat. She asked if any cabinet members would like to join her at the Brownstone Terrace Dinner that night, noting that Brownstone donates $200 for scholarships at UHV each year.

    Dean Di Leo reported the School of Arts & Sciences enrollment for spring is up by 25%, the most students ever for spring. He said in the past 5 years enrollment has nearly doubled and that he is proud of the SoAS faculty and staff for all their hard work. The next American Book Review guest speaker will be Charles Johnson on January 28th.

    Mr. Ferguson said that the next time you change your PeopleSoft password the password will have to be more complex due to state and System security requirements. The new passwords will require at least 8 characters and must include at least 1 special character and 1 number. He announced the automated door locking system is still being tested. ID badges will be provided for faculty and staff on January 27th at Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch.

    Dr. Hudson reminded cabinet members of the upcoming Jaguar “X”travaganza on January 21st at 4:00 p.m.; with the baseball and softball players signing autographs and the unveiling of the name of the university’s jaguar.

    Meeting adjourned: 11:20 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton