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9:30 a.m., Thursday, August 13, 2009


Present: Barr, Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Rossow, L. Smith, Tart

Absent: Ferguson, Garino

OUA Representative: Mundy

Attending for Mr. Ferguson: Randy Faulk

Attending for Mr. Garino: Ruston Raybon

Guest: Genaro Cortez, Greg Fanelli

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Dr. Dahlstrom moved and Ms. Norgard seconded to approve the minutes of July 29, 2009, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Dr. Hudson welcomed Dean Rossow to President's Cabinet. He also welcomed Lisa Barr as the new Staff Council Representative and Ruston Raybon as Erik Garino's representative for the Student Senate.

  3. Business
  4. Commencement Discussion – Dr. Margaret Rice

    Dr. Rice brought to cabinet for discussion the idea of having the spring commencement ceremony on a Friday or Saturday evening or moving back to Faith Family and having 2 ceremonies with 2 schools being represented at each ceremony. After a brief discussion cabinet members did not like the idea of having 2 ceremonies. This issue was requested to be brought back to cabinet after research for that time of year on sun up/down times, morning/evening temperatures, etc. Other topics discussed - convenience for guests, live music, drinking water accessibility for guests, shortening the event by omitting the honors society part of the script and the possibility of having close circuit for those that cannot use the outdoor seating. Any ideas were requested to be sent to Dr. Rice.

  5. Roundtable Discussion
  6. Dr. LaBrecque reported there are wonderful things going on in the schools and said she would pass to the schools.

    Ms. Norgard announced enrollment is 3,500, with over one-third of students having not paid the day before the payment deadline, and late registration still ongoing. She reported disbursement of the new Jaguar cards has gone fairly well. The New Student Orientation was a success with positive feedback. There were a total of 117 participants, 19 Victoria, 36 Cinco Ranch, and 62 Sugar Land.

    Dean Tart announced the School of Nursing has received an additional $22,000 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for graduate nursing students in the Nursing Education track. She also announced UHV's research office, comptroller and financial aid have been assisting her on working on the Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant for the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) for graduate nursing students in the Nursing Education track. Dean Tart shared program information on the SoN's first ever 2nd Degree BSN Pinning Ceremony with guest speaker, Katherine Thomas, Executive Director of the Texas Board of Nursing. She reported there were 250 people in attendance for this event. Dean Tart said the new semester is off to a good start.

    Ms. Smith said Karen Pantel has been training payroll and time approvers on the new electronic timesheets, with time reporters training starting within the next couple of weeks. She announced the new minimum wage increase of $7.25 effective July 22, 2009. Representatives from HR, IT, Student Services, Academic Center and Financial Aid met and discussed the new student worker wage rates. The Budget Committee has approved the following:

    • Student Assistant I $7.25/hour
    • Student Assistant II $7.50/hour
    • Student Assistant III $8.00/hour

    There is a possibility of an additional increase if a supervisor recommends the increase to a student worker's wage rate beyond the $8.00 per hour; it should be based on experience, performance and longevity. The recommendation will have to be approved by the signature authority in the department.

    Ms. Smith is also researching UHV going to reclassifications year around rather than once a year. She will be bringing the results back to cabinet for future discussion.

    Ms. Norgard reported enrollment information was shared yesterday and we were in good shape. She said enrollment reports are sent via email to save on paper but the reports can also be found on their web page. Ms. Norgard announced 104 students have signed up for new student orientation, with all schools being represented. There will be 3 sessions of new student orientation, August 15th 9-12 a.m. in Victoria and on August 22nd, 9-12 a.m. in Sugar Land and 1-4 p.m. at Cinco Ranch. Ms. Norgard reported that House Bill (HB) 1096 requires that the university provide notice to students regarding the availability of higher education textbooks through multiple retailers. An email is scheduled to be sent out to students, using the specific wording required by the state, providing this information next week.

    Dean Rossow announced he has been at UHV for 2 weeks and continues to be impressed by everything the school is doing. He stated both the new masters programs, Student Affairs in Counseling and Adult and Higher Education will be offered online and face-to-face. He also stated Dr. Thomas Cox has been hired to head up the new Adult and Higher Education program. The Texas Education Agency has reported the School of Education and Human Development's programs are all in compliance and the school curriculum received a recognition award. The school's outreach consists of 5 reading recovery groups in Houston and 3 new Education Administration cohorts. He reported he would like to assist the Victoria Independent School District with their challenge to increase student attendance. He stated Dr. Paul Carlson has years of experience in this area.

    Dean Niroomand reported the School of Business Administration has added two new faculty members that raises the number of newly hired faculty in SBA to a total of six. He thanked the administration, the Search Committees and the Human Resource department for providing support to hire these qualified faculty members. Dr. Stephanie Solansky is completing our obligation for the Texas Principals Excellence Program (TxPEP) and will return to full-time teaching. He also reported that the school has more than 10% enrollment growth for the fall semester; and even with six new faculty members on board, the school has raised the cap on classes 3 times last week to satisfy the needs of our students.

    Dr. Jaeckle said the System Task Force on Accountability, which was developed to address HB 2504 that requires universities to post information online, will meet for the second time next week. He announced the transition date for new officers for the Faculty Senate was August 15; Cindy Schnebly, President; Jane Fry, Vice President; Jonathan Du, Secretary; and Denise Neill will represent the Nursing School on the Executive Committee. Dr. Jaeckle will serve on the Executive Committee as past president.

    Dr. Hudson requested a small UHV task force be created to also address the HB 2504 issues. He also said he appreciated Dr. Jaeckle's work with the Faculty Senate and on the President's Cabinet this year.

    Ms. Barr announced the Staff Council has an active agenda for the upcoming year. One change to the council will be to meet the second Thursday of every month. With this change they hope to accommodate more part-time staff members. Ms. Barr stated she would be bringing forth some topics for discussion at the next meeting but stated one item the Staff Council would be discussing at their meeting today is a volunteering project. She briefly spoke about a staff fund raiser for a covered bench for the UHV bus stop.

    Ms. Mundy reiterated that University Advancement has met and exceeded their fund raising goals for the fiscal year. She is currently working on the Campaign Victoria that is to be launched in September. Ms. Mundy is also working on the deans' priority list of fund raising issues.

    Dr. Hudson commended the University Advancement team on their efforts for the year.

    Mr. Raybon sitting in for Mr. Garino stated this is his first semester to serve on the Student Senate but he is excited to do so. He reported currently Student Senate is working on the new student orientation; with 8 Student Senate members working the days of orientation. They are also working on a "Welcome Day" for students and faculty for the first class day where students can meet and get to know faculty members outside the classroom. When asked if all senate positions have been filed Mr. Raybon responded yes.

    Mr. Beran reported Dean Rossow and the Promotion and Tenure candidates had been approved at the Board of Regents Committee meetings with final approval by the Board of Regents on August 18. He stated the budget for next year and the salary increases were also approved. The student housing was approved as written; approval was requested to delegate authority to the chancellor to negotiate and execute contracts related to the purchase of a hotel and renovations for use as a residence hall and academic support space. He reported we hope to own some property by November or December and by March be ready to show the facility to students and parents. Some Student Services offices will be moved to the new facility freeing up space for new faculty/staff offices.

    Dean Di Leo announced the School of Arts and Sciences is up 21% for the fall semester. He thanked those that had donated furniture and other items for the 7 international students from China coming to UHV for the MS Computer Information Systems program. Dean Di Leo reported the school has hired 8 faculty members in the spring. The UHV American Book Review Reading Series starts on September 3 with George Singleton. Other guest speakers for fall 2009 will be Tony Diaz, Andrew Porter and Cris Mazza.

    Dr. Rice stated the ceremonial signing was well attended, reflected great enthusiasm and that the governor was pleased with the turn out. She announced there has been good response to her offer to do presentations on the implementation on UHV's downward expansion.

    Mr. Faulk sitting in for Mr. Ferguson announced IT is researching ways to disable the screen buttons in the Multi-Purpose Room so that they could not be accidentally raised or lowered by learning against the buttons.

    Dr. Hudson said he had attended a dinner hosted by Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert with other judges and guests from the Fort Bend and Victoria area where they compared notes on how we can work together. He stated there seems to be some confusion about whether UHV is raising taxes and requested members assist in making people aware that UHV cannot and is not raising taxes.

  7. Business Continuity Plan - Genaro Cortez, Greg Fanelli and Marci Wallace
  8. Additional Attendees: John Ellis, Joe Harper, Michael Ruland, Marci Wallace, Trudy Wortham

    Mr. Cortez reviewed the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and the Alternate ERT members. He reminded everyone it is every department and schools' responsibility to maintain a current phone and email list of all employees and to maintain a list at both home and at work. This list must also be submitted to Veronica Bures in the Office of Administration and Finance. Recovery team members are required to provide home phone, cell phone and email contact information. Other employees are required to provide a telephone number or other means of contact for emergency communications. In the discussion of the Recovery Teams' responsibilities it was noted that it is very important to keep track of expenditures following FEMA guidelines and instructions.

    The Hurricane Plan was briefly reviewed. Ms. Wallace discussed the PIER (Public Information and Emergency Response) upgrade that will allow texting both ways. This will allow the university to check on students, assisting deans with making decision about their students. The upgrade allows opting for text messages. This will be similar to Twitter allowing a response by telephone, no computer will be necessary. Ms. Wallace reminded everyone to log into the PIER system, review their information and make any needed changes.

    Mr. Fanelli suggested everyone become familiar with text messaging and to have a regular phone, other than a cordless, in your home.

    Mr. Cortez stated the federal government controls major incidents around the country so we must follow the NIMS (National Incident Management System) guidelines. He also reminded those that have not finished their NIMS training to please do so.

    Mr. Fanelli discussed the role of Incident Commander within the NIMS Incident Command System. He said that initially, the Incident Commander may be the best qualified person at the scene after an incident happens. That role would change as more qualified or higher ranking individuals became involved. As an example, he noted that the Director, Facilities Services, initially might serve as the Incident Commander.

    Meeting was adjourned at 12:07 p.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton