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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Present: Beran, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Natividad, Norgard, Prescott, Tart

Absent: Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Garino, Niroomand, Rice, L. Smith

OUA Representative: Mundy

Guest: Genaro Cortez, Greg Fanelli

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Dean Natividad moved and Ms. Prescott seconded to approve the minutes of June 10, 2009, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Dr. Hudson encouraged cabinet members to communicate with their staff to assist with keeping the lines of communication open on discussions, decisions and debates.

    As this was the last meeting for Dean Natividad and Ms. Prescott, Dr. Hudson expressed appreciation for their service in serving on the President's Cabinet. Dean Larry Rossow will begin his new appointment as Dean of the School of Education and Human Development and Ms. Lisa Barr will begin her role as Chair of the Staff Council at the next cabinet meeting.

  3. Business
  4. Policy A-19, Campus Parking and Traffic Policy - Genaro Cortez/Greg Fanelli

    Mr. Cortez shared copies of the policy, which was posted for the required 10 day comment period, noting the main change to the parking and traffic policy starting fall 2009 will be that parking permits will no longer be required for students. This will allow students to park on either the UHV or The Victoria College (VC) campus in any unreserved open parking spot without a permit. Since reserved parking will still be available for employees, all university faculty and staff must continue to register their vehicles and properly display a valid parking permit. Mr. Cortez noted that VC is also discontinuing the requirement for student parking permits beginning this fall semester.

    There was a discussion as to whether campus vehicle decals of some type should be continued and the cabinet members recommended an alternate means be offered to students to allow them to have something to post on their automobile that shows their association with UHV and helps advertise the university as well - such as bumper stickers or rear window decals. Marketing and Student Solutions will be working on this. There was also a brief discussion on trying to make the campus a more inviting and friendly place for students and visitors. Right now, some of the signage prohibits bicycling and other activities. However, once UHV starts admitting freshmen there may be more bicycles and activities on the campus grounds. It was decided this item might be brought back to cabinet for further review.

    Dean Tart moved and Dean Natividad seconded.
    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Business Continuity Plan Antiviral Plan - Genaro Cortez/Greg Fanelli

    In lieu of a cancelled President's Cabinet meeting, Mr. Cortez contacted cabinet members by email to review the proposed UHV Antiviral Plan. Mr. Cortez brought the proposal back to the table for formal approval. An antiviral plan is required by the Texas Department of Health services.

    Dr. Jaeckle moved and Dr. LaBrecque seconded.
    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Currently UHV has 325 doses available for employees, with 100 additional doses being purchased, of the antiviral medication Tamiflu to help control/contain a pandemic outbreak of influenza. The antiviral cannot be released for use until a pandemic public health emergency is declared by federal and/or state officials. In discussion about the possibility of a swine flu re-emergence this fall, Dean Tart recommended everyone protect themselves. Vaccinations are expected to be available by late October for Swine Flu from local health practitioners.

    Admission Requirements for Downward Expansion - Chari Norgard

    Ms. Norgard provided cabinet members with a document breaking down undergraduate admission requirements that will become effective Fall 2010. There were various fields of freshmen requirements discussed.

    • Freshmen -- High School Graduates
    • Freshmen -- GED, Home-Schooled, or Non-Ranked Students
    • Freshmen -- International Admissions
    • Conditional Admission
    • Transient (Visiting) Undergraduate Students -- One Full Term Only

    Approved, with Modifications, by Consensus

  5. Roundtable Discussion
  6. Dr. Hudson announced that Governor Rick Perry might be visiting UHV on August 6 for a ceremonial signing of the HB 1056, on UHV's Downward Expansion. More details to follow. He also apprised cabinet of HB 51 that focuses on not encouraging all institutions to be premier research institutions but would encourage institutions to be premier specialty institutions.

    Mr. Ferguson addressed the issue of landlines, the rise of cell phone usage and other options the university might pursue. He reported there are tariff laws on cell service, along with IRS rules that are pushing hard to charge/tax those that give cell phones to their employees and the tracking of business usage on cell phone. UHV's current switch is 9 years old and will not support the use of computers being used in place of telephones. Currently UHV spends less than $10 a month per phone on this campus. Mr. Ferguson noted the best time to change this set up would be when we move to a new campus. Sugar Land offices are different; the new offices use managed services from a local telephone company, while the offices at Cinco Ranch have voice over IP switches. Mr. Ferguson stated he will continue to research the use of computers over landline phones and the costs and laws that limit how and when we can use cell phones.

    Mr. Beran discussed budget proposals noting that UHV's State appropriations for the next two years include federal stimulus money. Due to recent sales tax decline, 11.2% from this time last year, there might be a possible request from the State to return these funds within the next biennium. These are the suggestions shared with cabinet to address the economic situation:

    • Salary increases only after confirmation that UHV has met the 7% enrollment increase
    • Decreases in discretionary funds by 25% along with disallowing reimbursement for employees taking employees to a business lunch - exception would be for campus meetings which require a working lunch.
    • Department cost centers normally have carry forward balances from year to year. Reduce the carry forward balances by 50% in departments and 30% in the four schools.
    • Only approve new programs that are tied to downward expansion or generate academic credit hours. The exception is for those operations which would be 100% self supporting or externally funded.
    • The budget committee continues to scrutinize travel as we have done since the Spring 2009 semester.

    There was a discussion concerning the merit pool and raises for UHV faculty and staff. Mr. Beran noted there are 2 variables that have to happen before raises will be awarded—BOR approval and a 7% enrollment increase. It was requested communication concerning this issue be sent to all UHV.

    Ms. Mundy stated University Advancement has met and exceeded their fund raising goals. She also announced they are getting ready to kick off the scholarship campaign and have already secured air and TV time donations. She also provided cabinet with an update on the donated jaguar. Mr. Harold Nichols has donated a welded jaguar that will be picked up today. Presently it will be housed in the University Center rotunda area.

    Dr. Jaeckle reported there was a special meeting of the Faculty Senate on 7/10/09 to discuss freshmen admission. Dr. LaBrecque and Ms. Norgard were in attendance to assist with questions. The first senate meeting of the new academic year will be on August 28.

    Dean Natividad reported the School of Education and Human Development is winding down for the summer, noting they have good enrollment, 5 reading recovery groups in the Houston area, a number of new cohort groups, and a radio ad in Houston for their new programs. She closed by saying the new dean, Dr. Larry Rossow will be here on Monday.

    Ms. Norgard shared an update on student email and student use of email. Students have requested to have a different user name, one that is more meaningful. The students were given 2 options and chose last name first initial like faculty and staff user names. The students' were having problems with their email boxes maxing out. Information Technology (IT) is going to increase the size of the students' mailboxes from 50 MB to 250 MB and email limit size is being increased from 6 MB to 10 MB. Students do not want to have to go to the UHV web site to access their email. IT is working on an intuitive change for the spring 2010 semester.

    Dean Tart reported the School of Nursing has hired 3 new faculty members, all in Clinical Assistant Professor non-tenure track positions. The SoN will be offering 2 new courses in the master's curriculum. The school has received a $14,000 Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funding the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) for nurses in the graduate program wanting to become nurse educators. Dean Tart reported there is a wonderful article in the Sugar Land Magazine on UHV's nursing program written by Paula Cobler. The dean said the UHV School of Nursing Faculty met at Wharton County Junior College campus for a day long nursing program evaluation. Dean Tart presented Dr. Hudson with a presentation plate from the University of Economics and Finance-HCMC (UEF) in Vietnam. The UEF was appreciative of the UHV brochures from the School of Business, School of Education and Human Development and the School of Arts and Sciences, Dean Tart brought with her on her trip to Vietnam. Dean Tart announced a future meeting will be planned to see which deans are interested in working with Vietnam.

    Dr. LaBrecque announced the Society for College and University Planning Conference she had just returned from was a positive conference that afforded her the timely opportunity to attend meetings on sustainability and campus planning. She announced she would be attending the Texas Chief Academic Officers meeting in Austin in August where the new program approval process is to be discussed. There was a brief discussion on the Coordinating Board's (CB) new role of shifting from approval to monitoring of undergraduate and masters' programs. The CB will continue to approve all engineering and doctoral programs.

    Dr. Hudson informed cabinet members that the upcoming Board of Regents' (BOR) meeting was a critical meeting; UHV is seeking Board approval to assign to Chancellor Khator the authority to negotiate student housing for downward expansion.

    Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton