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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Norgard, Prescott, Rice, L. Smith, Tart

Absent: Natividad, Wang

OUA Representative: Amy Mundy

Guest: Janet Foerster, Eunice Mesa, Marci Wallace, Adam Windwehen

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Mr. Ferguson moved and Dr. Jaeckle seconded to approve the minutes of February 25, 2009, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  3. Business
  4. Social Network — Marci Wallace

    Ms. Wallace, representing Web Services, introduced the Social Network Team members: Adam Windwehen, Alumni Relations; Eunice Mesa, Career Services; Janet Foerster, Student Services. She discussed what social networking is, and its history at UHV. Ms. Wallace stated that the generation of today is staying in touch by cell phones, instant messaging, texting, and social networking. Users are on more than 1 social network so in order to reach everyone UHV is also on more than 1 site. She shared a handout that showed social networking at UHV that listed the following:,,,, Ms. Wallace reported students are comfortable with the new technology and use it for selling and trading books, tickets to Jaguar games, etc. Something new that the UHV Social Network group started last month is Twitter, which is just like text messaging. Each member of the network team spoke on their experiences and how they use networking. It was noted that social networking is popular because it allows UHV to reach out and engage with all generations, used in recruiting students, creates retention opportunities, helps alumni and students get assistance in finding jobs and mentoring. It also allows for an exchange of ideas in real time, with a certain degree of anonymity. Further discussion on demographics, noted that low-income students are just as technologically proficient as their counterparts so recruitment via networking works on all levels.

    Dr. Hudson requested they return in a couple of months and present cabinet members with a cost benefit analysis.

    Plans for Library Services in Sugar Land — Dr. Joe Dahlstrom

    Dr. Dahlstrom shared architectural drawings and discussed the new library at the University of Houston at Sugar Land campus. The actual size of the new library will be 40,190 square feet. The academic space will provide: group study rooms, seating tables, computer workstations, reserve services, staff workspace and book collections. According to Dr. Dahlstrom the new library should increase traffic on campus considerably. The initial library hours will be the same as the branch library is currently using. UHV will monitor to be sure services are provided and will stay in touch with faculty and students on the shared books. The estimated time of starting construction will be early fall.

  5. Roundtable Discussion
  6. Dr. LaBrecque reported that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is visiting the School of Education and Human Development (SoEHD) today. The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) is coming in April for an assessment of the SoEHD. Dr. Marilee Bresciani, assessment consultant, provided feedback on how faculty members are measuring their student outcomes. Seventy-three faculty members attended the faculty retreat in El Campo on February 13. Dr. LaBrecque felt the retreat provided an opportunity for faculty members to socialize with each other. She plans on following up with the schools and units on their assessments endeavors. She reported there are multiple faculty searches going on.

    Dean Di Leo, as Chair of the Education Dean’s Search, announced the ad was out as of March 2 and hopes to start reviewing applications by early April. He announced the senior secretary position in School of Arts and Sciences (SoAS) has been filled, and a new Computer Science faculty member has been hired. Dr. Kyle Schlesinger, a candidate for the Assistant Professor of Communication position is on campus today and will be presenting at 1:30 p.m. Other faculty searches underway are in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Dean Di Leo reported he held a biweekly meeting with faculty and staff on the China initiative. Our spring 2009 UHV/ABR Reading Series guest, Dr. John O’Brien, was very interested in what we are doing here in publishing. Dean Di Leo reported a reception for Dr. O’Brien was hosted at Regent Morgan Dunn O’Connor’s home. He went on to say that Austin Community College wants to bring their students for one of our ABR presentations.

    Mr. Beran reported we have 86% of our tuition and fees to date. UHV has 1 TRB request in the amount of $30.5 million. The stimulus package created an opportunity for additional funding for higher education. The Coordinating Board has requested 1 item per university that ties into repair, energy or innovation. We have requested $1.169 million dollars as repair/energy. At the mandatory fee meeting, UHV set tuition and fees for next year at 3.17% for undergraduates and 4.28% for graduates. The Fee Advisory Committee agreed with the recommendation. Mr. Beran stated that next year's budget is just about done and statements should be distributed by the end of the week or the first of next week.

    Dr. Hudson announced that school deans have been given permission to fill faculty lines for next year and to proceed with the hiring of new faculty.

    Mr. Ferguson stated the recent network problems at the UH main campus have heightened the University of Houston’s (UH) concern about their network structure. Someone from UH is coming to campus to check out our network to see if the issues have affected the UHV campus.

    Dr. Rice stated she has been involved in interesting and profitable meetings at Austin Community College and TAMU-Corpus Christi. The visit to TAMU-CC focused on student services and recruitment, and resulted in a wealth of downward expansion information. Two of the many things that were emphasized were the importance of creating an identity, and the hiring and performance expectations for recruiters. The meeting at Austin Community College helped us to move forward with existing partnerships and build relationships for new ones.

    Dr. Hudson suggested we plan an extended cabinet meeting to discuss downward expansion and the retreat follow-up.

    Ms. Norgard continued the discussion on the visit to Corpus Christi by adding on the student affairs side, that UHV will need to have a counseling center on campus. She went on to say that faculty and staff will be dealing more with parents if we go to 4 years. Ms. Norgard said next time she will report on the approximately 200 students that were accepted for spring but never registered.

    Ms. Prescott said she had received a lot of email responses on whether to continue the monthly birthday parties, noting at this time the majority were in favor of doing away with it. In order to allow everyone to have a voice, she will be sending out a ballot for staff members to vote on whether to continue or discontinue this event. Ms. Prescott announced that Staff Council will be choosing new committee members to serve on the Employee of the Month committee. The Executive Staff Council will be meeting at the end of the month. The topic of tuition exchange is still being talked about and worked on.

    Ms. Lindley announced that Gamma Beta Phi raised an additional $122.00 for the United Way at last Friday’s night ball game. She reminded cabinet members of the upcoming Student Organization Day on March 19. The event will include hair painting, Jaguar temporary tattoos, a javelin toss, a dunking booth, a rock wall and a live mariachi band. Ms. Lindley also announced that the student organizations will be in charge of providing lunch for the upcoming Fiesta Day.

    Dean Tart stated the School of Nursing’s (SoN) Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) visit was a success and the visitors reported compliance in all areas. The SoN received 4 commendations—administrative support, faculty dedication, community partnership and hospital affiliation from the Texas BON. The school will hear the final outcome in early October. This summer the MSN program will be offered at Katy/Cinco Ranch and RN-BSN program at Austin Community College. Dean Tart announced they are on the final stages of their agreement with DeTar Hospital for a nurse faculty to do research. Currently the SoN has 3 active searches underway—1 replacement and 2 new positions for the fall.

    Ms. Mundy reported in fundraising we have a little over $400,000 cash in hand and $600,000 when including pledges. She reminded cabinet of the upcoming Jaguar Golf Tournament on March 30. She announced the alumni association has 50-60 members from 1 small effort. She is working with the school deans to establish their funding needs. Ms. Mundy also announced Nursing has received $25,000 from the Greater Texas Foundation.

    Ms. Smith reported the reclassification reviews are back from the consultant and have been sent to the budget committee for review. Once the decisions from the committee have been made we will move forward with the market study. Ms. Smith requested appeals wait until the market analysis is completed. UHS as a whole is in the process of implementing the electric I-9 form. As of April 1 the HR offices can no longer accept any expired documents. New changes and new challenges are forthcoming.

    Dr. Jaeckle announced Dr. Jane Fry has been elected Vice President of the Faculty Senate and Jonathan Du has agreed to continue in his role as secretary for another year. They are now in the process of conducting Promotion and Tenure elections with Grievance Committee elections to follow. The Senate had its annual retreat and made a number of important decisions. One proposal was to expand the number of faculty members on the Senate in hopes that more junior faculty would broaden the input and expose some of the newer faculty to the Senate. He announced there was a resolution that was sent to the Board of Regents voicing opposition of the student evaluations on university or department websites and for rewarding faculty based solely on student evaluations. Dr. Jaeckle announced at the University Faculties Executive Committee ACE Conference, the new Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. John Antel, will be speaking at the luncheon and there is a possibility that Chancellor Renu Khator will speak at the beginning of the conference.

    Dr. Hudson closed by announcing his appreciation to those that presented at the President’s Regional Advisory Board (PRAB) meeting, indicating it was nice to hear what they have done. Presentations included Dr. Carol Klages, Access to Success; Dr. Kathryn Tart, Nursing; Dr. Denee Thomas, LEAD; and Drs. Margaret Rice and Jeffrey Di Leo, Innovative Scheduling for a 3-year Bachelor’s degree.

    Meeting adjourned: 11:55 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton