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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Present: Beran, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Natividad, Norgard, Prescott, Rice, L. Smith, Tart, Wang

Absent: Dahlstrom

OUA Representative: Robin Cadle

Guest: Holly Verhasselt

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Mr. Beran moved and Dr. Natividad seconded to approve the minutes of February 11, 2009, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  3. Business
  4. Feedback on the Carnegie Civic Engagement Project — Holly Verhasselt

    Ms. Verhasselt reported to cabinet that she had a phone conversation with Amy Driscoll from the Carnegie Foundation. Ms. Driscoll indicated UHV has a lot going on and a lot in progress and that UHV is continuing along the right path towards integrating community engagement into our institution's values. Over 200 applications were submitted requesting classification and only 119 received the classification as a Carnegie Community Engagement Institution. After visiting with Ms. Driscoll, Ms. Verhasselt summarized the feedback into three sections--application strengths, application weaknesses and recommendation for improvement. Major reasons UHV did not receive the Community Engagement classification at this time--lack of institutional assessment/tracking of community engagement activities, lack of systematic campus-wide assessment mechanisms that measure the impact of institutional engagement on students, faculty, community and the institution, and lack of a clear definition of "community engagement" at the institutional level. Ms. Verhasselt made the following recommendations after visiting with Ms. Driscoll; UHV should--develop a definition of "service learning;" make a decision about whether to centralize community engagement activities in one office or allow these activities to remain decentralized; create an institutional profile that includes systematic, campus-wide assessment mechanisms to measure/evaluate the impact of community engagement on students, faculty, community and the institution; identify learning outcomes for curricular engagement experience; and find ways to encourage faculty scholarship associated with curricular engagement, outreach and community engagement. Although we did not receive the classification, Ms. Driscoll's feedback can be used to improve our processes prior to the next application cycle in March 2010.

    Dr. Hudson thanked Ms. Verhasselt for her work on the Carnegie Civic Engagement Project.

    Suggestion Box Submissions — Laura Smith

    Ms. Smith brought forward 2 Suggestion Box suggestions, baby showers and birthday parties. Cabinet members discussed these issues, as well as the use of the Suggestion Box. It was decided that a committee would be convened to discuss the Suggestion Box. It was requested for Staff Council to discuss the issue of the birthday parties and come forward with a recommendation. There was a brief discussion on baby showers and a recommendation was made that they should be held at noon or after 5:00 p.m. and announcements should not be sent university-wide.

  5. Roundtable Discussion
  6. Dr. Hudson reminded cabinet members that all funding expenses are subject to public scrutiny. UHV's downward expansion bills have been referred to committee. The University of Houston Clear Lake's downward expansion requested was pulled by the System. Dr. Hudson asked the deans to be sure their faculty members are aware of recruitment opportunities, there seems to be some misunderstanding.

    Dr. LaBrecque passed.

    Dean Wang announced the Coordinating Board is holding up our concentration in Health Care Administration but stated the course has been designed in such a way it can be substituted. There is an issue with the BBA Health Care Management concentration but it is a minor problem. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) visiting team will be here on Monday, March 2. Dean Wang read an email from a former student complimenting UHV and the School of Business Administration.

    Ms. Norgard announced the March 19 bus trip to Victoria for the international and other UHSSL and UHSCR students to attend the Jaguar softball and baseball games. If bus space is available, the event will be opened up to UHSSL and UHSCR faculty and staff. Mr. Randy Bell of the Pappas Consulting Group, Inc. has requested information from all 4 institutions concerning System-level strategy enrollment issues.

    Ms. Cadle reminded cabinet members that Saturday's Jaguar softball game will be Alumni Day.

    Dean Di Leo reported marketing for summer session has begun. He announced that Sunitha Subbaiah was hired out of a pool of 25 applicants for the American Book Review secretarial position. Dean Di announced there is a rich pool of applicants; currently there are 32 applications for the School of Arts and Sciences senior secretary position. Out of the 71 applicants for the Computer Science faculty position, 3 were interviewed and there is a verbal agreement on their first choice. Dr. Keith Akins, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, shared his story of doing undercover doctoral research with the Ku Klux Klan with local law enforcement officials and others. Michael Martone, UHV/ABR February's Reading Series guest speaker was a wonderful success. There were a 100 people that attended the ABR Reception at the home of Chris and Tenna Thompson. As chair of the Dean of Education Search, Dean Di Leo reported there have been 2 meetings and the goal is to have an ad posted by March 1.

    Dr. Jaeckle announced he had attended a University Faculties Executive Committee (UFEC) in Houston this last Friday. The ACE (UFEC) Conference is scheduled for March 27, with 38 presentations, from 8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Individuals will be notified if their presentation has been accepted within a week. Dr. Jaeckle is the only faculty member from UHV that is presenting. Dr. Jaeckle reported that some of the things on the "Higher Education Reforms, Actions at the Institutional or System Level" from the Governor Perry's office will directly affect faculty, especially bonuses based solely on student evaluations. He noted that UFEC may write a resolution on the list. The Faculty Senate's annual retreat will be in El Campo on Friday.

    Dean Natividad reported the School of Education and Human Relations Texas Education Agency (TEA) review is scheduled for March 11 and 12. Update to the school's web page is almost complete.

    Dean Tart reported in preparation for the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) guests, a resource room complete with computers has been set up for their use. Recruitment efforts have been ongoing for the SoN at Austin Community College (ACC), Bryan-College Station and the University of Houston. It was announced that the MSN program will be offered this summer at Cinco Ranch in Katy. Dean Tart met with the CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital in Katy. Dean Tart further stated she has assisted with requested information for Representative Geanie Morrison's office and that the RN-BSN program is one year ahead of schedule and the Master's program is 3 years ahead of schedule for enrollment.

    Ms. Lindley had nothing new to report and passed.

    Mr. Beran reported budget requests for next year are $4.5 million, not counting HEAF or downward expansion requests. Currently $1.5 million has been identified. The Barnes and Noble bookstore contract has been extended for the UH System. Barnes and Noble will be responsible for the bookstore equipment and furniture in the new building in Sugar Land. Mr. Beran announced a new financial aid endeavor; a student in the door and out in 5 days by using "Higher One" an integrated financial aid disbursement service for universities and the Federal Direct Loan program. For those students that use credit cards, we will be charging a slight fee for MasterCard and Discover. UHV will no long be accepting Visa. This goes into affect starting in the Fall semester 2009. Starting in March there will be a marketing campaign to educate students concerning these changes.

    Dr. Rice briefly discussed suggested changes for commencement.

    Mr. Ferguson announced he believes the VPN (virtual private network) disconnect issues for the Sugar Land site has been resolved. He reported he is working with UH concerning glitches in our fiber system.

    Dr. Hudson stated the Budget Committee is doing everything they can to address the budget requests.

    Meeting adjourned: 11:50 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton