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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Present: Beran, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Norgard, Prescott, Rice, L. Smith

Absent: Dahlstrom, Lindley, Stansell, Tart, Wang

Attending for Dr. Tart: Dr. Denise Neill

OUA Representative: Amy Mundy

  1. Organizational Business
  2. Dr. LaBrecque moved and Ms. Prescott seconded to approve the minutes of November 12, 2008, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  3. Business
  4. Policy B-16, Cash Handling-Student Per Diem — Ash Walyuchow

    Mr. Walyuchow, UHV Athletic Director, brought before cabinet a policy on issuance of per diem cash funds to student athletes. The new policy is needed to be in compliance with our own policies and procedures and is standard operating procedures with other universities. This policy will allow the university to issue per diem cash funds to student athletes at a location remote from the UHV for a specific event where no other means is available.

  5. Roundtable Discussion
  6. Dr. Hudson discussed his meeting in Austin at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with Raymund Paredes, David Gardner, MacGregor Stephenson; State Representative Geanie Morrison; Victoria community members Dale Fowler and Randy Vivian concerning UHV’s downward expansion. Dr. Hudson shared a draft memo with cabinet concerning conserving resources.

    Dr. LaBrecque reported the University of Houston System Provost search is ongoing and that Dean Tart has been representing UHV at the luncheon meetings with the candidates. The School of Business Administration Dean’s Search will host the fourth candidate today. An online survey has been created for feedback on the candidates and Dr. LaBrecque requested everyone participate. She stated we have been fortunate to have such an excellent pool of candidates. Dr. LaBrecque reported the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) will have more oversight; a fifth-year report will be required. A due date has not been scheduled.

    Ms. Norgard announced UHV’s new student orientation for spring is scheduled for January 17 in Sugar Land, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., and in Cinco Ranch, 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Victoria’s orientation will be on January 24, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Currently the web page is being updated and post cards are being mailed out with the dates and times. She also passed out an internal report with the spring 2009 head count and semester credit hour information as of 12/10/08. Ms. Norgard is working on a uniform recruitment report on primary recruiting and advising efforts for fall 07-fall 08. It will also include information on what Student Solutions and LEAD are doing. A Coordinating Board update on projections for Closing the Gap for 2010 will be discussed at the next meeting.

    Ms. Smith reminded cabinet members of the December 31 deadline for the FY 09 Mandatory Training. She also reported on the State Employee Charitable Campaign; last year donations were $3,886, this year $4,716; donations to United Way last year $829 and this year $1,635. UHV’s Fitness Release program has 48 full-time staff participating (204 full-time staff are eligible for the program).

    Dr. Neill, attending for Dr. Tart, announced the School of Nursing (SoN) has received $25,000 in grant money for scholarships from the Vivian L. Smith foundation for the Sugar Land campus. She reported the “Coffee with the Dean” was held on the Victoria and Sugar Land campuses and was a success, with 18 and 21 students attending respectively. No alumni attended however, all SoN alumni were invited. In preparation of the first accreditation review by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, a letter requesting input was distributed to cabinet members. It was noted that letters have been sent to students, faculty, alumni, community partners, hospitals, Dean’s Advisory Boards, and community colleges in the Victoria and Sugar Land communities. Dr. Neill reminded everyone of the second pinning ceremony that will be held after commencement and extended an invitation to cabinet members to attend. Welcome Wilson, chairman of the UH Board of Regents, will be the guest speaker.

    Dean Di Leo announced spring enrollment for the School of Arts and Sciences is up by 13%. Majors’ data analysis indicates a 16% increase over last fall. He reported at the last SoAS meeting MAIS Homeland and International Security was approved and also approved were undergraduate courses in Arabic and French. American Book Review is gearing up for the spring 2009 ABR Reading Series starting with Marjorie Perloff on January 22.

    Dr. Jaeckle reported UHS Vice Chancellor for Research, Don Birx, was the invited guest speaker at the December Faculty Council meeting. He indicated that some faculty members plan to take advantage of some of Dr. Birx's research offers. The Faculty Council passed all program and course changes. Additional curriculum changes will be carried forward from the fall. Faculty Senate is working on Faculty Manual clearing house policies and a dedicated retreat date where shared governance will be discussed in late January. In late March there will be a System-wide faculty conference at UH Downtown.

    Ms. Mundy reported fund raising is $337,000 for the year, up $60,000 from the last time cabinet met. “Formally pledges” are $616,000. Currently she is working on the NAIA and Golf tournaments and working with the Alumni Specialist, Adam Windwehen to establish an alumni association.

    Mr. Beran stated he and Dr. Hudson met with Victoria College (VC) representatives and UHS representative on the UHV/VC Memorandum of Understanding. A draft document was developed and then reviewed by legal and is now ready to send to the UHS Board of Regents. Mr. Beran is also working informally on housing issues. He reported the Sugar Land library issue is being revisited to confirm how much square footage is actually needed for the building.

    Ms. Prescott reported she is currently working on an employee survey to see what the employees at UHV like, dislike and understand. She noted the Staff Council Executive Committee reported a similar survey has been used at all the other UHS campuses to make sure we are all working toward the same goals. Ms. Prescott reported Anna Celum will serve as the Chair of the Staff Council Executive Committee next year so starting in January all executive committee meetings will be held in Victoria.

    Dr. Rice reported she continues to make community presentations, noting most are on UHV’s downward expansion plans. She said the Chamber of Commerce Victoria Day in Austin is planned for February 11. If interested in attending, the cost of the trip will be $125 and a vacation day will need to be used. UHV’s fall commencement will have 5 regents, the chancellor, and 2 System administrators in attendance. She noted we appreciate their support.

    Mr. Ferguson reported the new Victoria ITV room is on schedule. The Sugar Land fiber project completion date is scheduled for December 17. ITV and WebCT issues were also discussed.

    Dr. Hudson encouraged everyone to endorse Jaguar Fridays in support of our student athletes.

    Meeting adjourned: 11:30 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton