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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Norgard, Prescott, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, Tart, Wang

OUA Representative: Amy Mundy

  1. Organizational Business

    Dr. LaBrecque moved and Ms. Norgard seconded to approve the minutes of October 22, 2008, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  2. Business

    Closing the Gap – Chari Norgard

    Chari Norgard reported on the October 2008 summary of the “Allocation of Closing the Gaps Participation Goals for 2015 to Institutions and Regions by Ethnicity.” Closing the Gaps (CTG) has set a goal for 2015 for Texas students enrolled in higher education of 1,650,000. Goals have also been set for each ethnic/racial group. These goals were based on a 5.7% rate for each group projected population using the Texas State Data Center’s 2000-2002 migration scenario population projections. Quoting the report, the calculation was done in two steps:

    1) “The student population in 2015 was estimated for students’ region of residence, ethnicity, and type of institution attended, using regional population projections for 18-35 years old. The population sums to the 2015 CTG goals.

    2) The students were allocated to Texas public institutions and higher education regions, by ethnicity, based on college-going patterns in 2007.”

    The 5 projected high growth areas in Texas for higher education are: Metroplex, Gulf Coast, South, Central and Upper East. UHV is doing well on meeting its Closing the Gaps targets and has already exceeded some of our 2010 targets. Our focus needs to remain, however, on continuing to meet all targets, especially increasing Hispanic enrollment to help meet the Closing the Gaps. We will also need to readjust some of our targets since we are already exceeding 2010 targets.

  3. Roundtable Discussion
  4. Dr. Hudson shared a copy of the article in the Victoria Advocate on whether public salaries should be posted online, noting this is a current public fad. There was a brief roundtable discussion on this subject.

    Dr. LaBrecque reported UHV’s mission statement is on hold but continues to be a work in progress. System is requesting that each university prepare a mission and vision that is uniquely theirs. She also announced an upcoming PeopleSoft degree audit process. Dr. LaBrecque also announced that Dr. Margaret Rice has been selected to attend Leadership Texas 2009, noting that Dr. Rice is one of only 100 women leaders statewide selected.

    Dean Wang said the school continues to work on a list of potential committee members for the School of Business Administration Dean's Advisory Council. He also presented a PowerPoint presentation on the trip to China that President Hudson, Dean Di Leo and he took. In 10 days, 5 cities and 11 universities visited. China universities visited were Zu and Zucc, XISC, Northwest University, X’an Polytechnic University, X’an Institute of Post and Telecommunication, Chang Am University, Ocean University of China, QUST, Beijing Normal University, CUFE and Peking University.

    Ms. Smith reminded everyone of the upcoming deadline for mandatory training and announced that supervisors had received a list of those that have not completed their training.

    Mr. Beran announced more compliance issues are forthcoming; 1) Red Flag policy, go through process and find red flags on fraud issues, 2) EPA, getting hot and 3) Student fees, state auditing of student fees-- must show how they are spent. Mr. Beran reported that the Coordinating Board is recommending a $478 million increased added to State formula funding for public universities. UHV would receive $4 million if the increase is approved by the legislature, based on our enrollment growth.

    Dean Tart announced a $10,000 grant from the Parks Foundation to be invested in the Nursing Skills Lab at the University of Houston System Sugar Land campus. Also received was a $75,000 grant for equipment and $130,000 for nursing scholarships. There will be a Center for Disease Control research lecture to nursing and biology students on November 13. The American Nursing Association's First Receivers workshop will be held at the UHSSL campus on November 19.

    Dean Di Leo thanked Li Chao and Yu n Wan for their assistance in forwarding the China initiatives for our computer science program. He also expressed his appreciation to Qi Zhu for his assistance in setting up 7 meetings in Xian, and to Yun Wan for his assistance in setting up two meetings in Qingdao. Dean Di Leo hinted there would be an exciting announcement at the President’s Annual Report. At Monday’s Society for Critical Exchange, Mr. Andrew Wiest presented a very emotional presentation to approximately 45 people. The School of Arts and Sciences has received a second grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for $10,000 for publications for the American Book Review (ABR) and Reading Series. The spring 2009 ABR Reading Series lineup–Marjorie Perloff, January 22; Michael Martone, February 19; John O’Brien, March 12; Zulfikar Ghose, April 2; and Ana Castillo, April 30.

    Dr. Jaeckle said Cindy Schnebly and he will attend the Friday UFEC meeting where Ed Hugetz will speak on System-side enrollment management. He reported he was not able to attend the last Senate meeting due to attending the chancellor’s investiture; but topics discussed were graduate faculty and academic program reviews. The December meeting will have Don Birx, Vice Chancellor for Research, as their guest speaker. Dr. Jaeckle also announced forthcoming will be constitutional changes in their bylaws.

    Dr. Dahlstrom announced that, as we approach the next legislative session, he will keep cabinet members informed by resuming distribution of “News Clips” from the Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors.

    Ms. Prescott reported issues being discussed at Staff Council are a community project for the holidays and staff compensations. At the last Executive Staff Council meeting at the University of Houston Clear Lake tuition sharing agreements between campuses was discussed. Currently Clear Lake staff members receive $750 scholarships to be used wherever they want. Ms. Prescott also reported she had attended and participated in Chancellor Khator’s investiture.

    Ms. Lindley announced the Giving Tree lighting is scheduled for December 1, at 10:00 a.m. This year UHV Student Senate is supporting Adopt-A-Pet, Crossroads Youth and Family Services and Mid-Coast Family Services. Student Senate members will participate in finals food and the fall commencement in Katy.

    Ms. Mundy, representing University Advancement, announced in the first 3 months of the new fiscal year fund raising for UHV is approximately $300,000. To date 146 employees have contributed to the One for All Campaign for approximately $37,000. Current items pledge, but not received, $335,000.

    Dean Stansell reported the School of Education and Human Development has established a faculty committee to develop a marketing recruitment plan for the school. The committee is charged with proposing a plan for establishing our presence in our new markets while simultaneously serving our existing markets and balancing our efforts between the two, addressing the issue of changes in program offerings, and establishes roles for faculty, chairs and the dean. Drs. Berkey, Carlson, J. Fry and Mayorga are members of the committee, as is Ms. Sandy Hybner, our Recruitment Coordinator. Six of the school’s undergraduate preservice teachers will be attending and presenting papers at a state math conference in the Rio Grande Valley next Friday.

    Dr. Rice announced Dr. Hudson had received the Education Award at the African American Chamber of Commerce Chairman's Award Gala. Attending from the UH System were Regent Calvin Stephens and Jim Anderson, Executive Associate to the Chancellor for Community Relations. Dr. Rice noted Marketing has put together a different kind of report for tomorrow's President's Annual Report. Currently the December 13 fall commencement has confirmed attendees of 30 faculty, 3 regents, and 4 advisory board members. The commencement speaker will be State Senator Glenn Hegar. Dr. Rice reported back to cabinet on Ms. Lindley's request to possibly change our commencement date of May 16, 2009 because it interferes with the Softball's National Championship Tournament. After researching this issue the decision has been made not to change the date due to the current date already having been published and the change affecting approximately 300 students. It is hoped that those graduates that cannot attend the May commencement ceremony will participate in the December ceremony. Dr. Rice also presented the United Way Campaign report. UHV employees last year gave $829 to Victoria United Way through the State Employee Charitable Campaign. This year, our goal was $900 and UHV gave $1,635. With the help of Chari Norgard and Kristen Lindley, student organizations for the first time were included in this year's giving to United Way. Gamma Beta Phi donated $170 [with still some to be donated]. Dr. Rice thanked Gamma Beta Phi on behalf of the United Way for their support.

    Mr. Ferguson reported the Sugar Land fiber project has been delayed due to rain but will be up and running in 2 to 3 weeks. The new ITV room bid came in higher than expected.

    Dr. Hudson requested IT look at replacing the outdated audio visual system in the MultiPurpose Room. Reported UHV had a nice turn out for the announcement of the new athletic programs, soccer and golf, and that he will continue to send out news releases prior to community announcements. He announced the School of Business Administration dean candidates are coming for a visit and encouraged cabinet members to participate and share input. In closing Dr. Hudson announced the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs candidates’ interviews were underway and that he was extremely impressed with the candidates.

Meeting adjourned: 11:40 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton