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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Norgard, Prescott, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, Tart, Wang

Guests: Walyuchow, Wyer

  1. Organizational Business

    Dr. LaBrecque moved and Dean Tart seconded to approve the minutes of October 8, 2008, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  2. Business

    Travel – Toni Wyer

    Comptroller Toni Wyer returned to cabinet to address issues that were brought up at the August 27 meeting concerning changes to the UHV travel policy.

    Coordination of Travel (Four Per Car Rule)

    Local Funds: Even though coordination of travel is always a good business practice, exceptions to the four per car rule may be made by the department head or cost center authority by providing written justification.

    Note: The reasoning for the justification will be the sole responsibility of the department head or cost center authority.

    Request for a breakdown for reimbursement for meals

    When a traveler is reimbursed for per diem, instead of actual meal expense, the traveler may claim up to 100 percent of the per diem rate for the first and last days of travel at the discretion of the cost center authority, not to exceed their actual meal expenses.

    The meal breakdown can be found on the State Comptroller’s website: Per Diem

    Travel policy states that exceptions “should be cleared in advance through the Travel Coordinator.”

    It is the policy of the institution that all reasonable expenses for official travel shall be reimbursed in accordance with the guidelines set forth below. It is recognized that exceptions are necessary from time to time and these should be cleared in advance through the Department Head or Supervisor.

  3. Athletics Update – Ash Walyuchow

    Mr. Walyuchow presented a Power Point presentation on UHV Athletics Expansion. He discussed the realistic guidelines on existing facilities, scheduling, impact at UHV, coaching and budget. The study covered men’s and women’s tennis, golf, soccer, cross country and basketball. It also covered women’s volleyball. Mr. Walyuchow’s presentation covered the costs, challenges and opportunities facing UHV in expanding our athletic program. The proposed recommendation for 2009-2010 is men’s and women’s golf, and 2010-2011 is men’s and women’s soccer. Comments and feedback is to be directed to Mr. Walyuchow. A decision on whether to expand UHV’s athletic program will be made within a month.

  4. Roundtable Discussion
  5. Dr. Hudson discussed a letter he had received from Governor Rick Perry directing each state agency to take steps to prepare for a slowing economy by reducing travel. In the near future, state agencies will be asked to discuss specific steps on how travel will be curtailed, re-examine spending and implementing other cost-saving measures for the remainder of this fiscal year. Dr. Hudson requested that cabinet members take a look at all travel and make sure travel is a good investment. He also requested that cabinet members visit with their faculty and staff members about participating in the One For All fund raising campaign, noting these donations send a strong message of support for UHV.

    Mr. Ferguson reported that the Sugar Land fiber project should be up and functioning in 3 weeks. Region III Service Center will join UHV’s LEARN bandwidth connection in the next couple of weeks. A new ITV room is being established in University Center room 303, and is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of the spring semester.

    Dr. Rice reminded cabinet members of the upcoming President’s Annual Report and requested that cabinet members contact her with questions.

    Dean Stansell announced the School of Business Administration Dean’s Search Committee has submitted the names of 4 candidates to the provost for review. The committee is now working on a template for the campus interviews, with plans to bring the first candidate to campus around November 6-7. The School of Education and Human Development has established an advisory committee, which will provide input and advice on programs and policies as well as emerging needs. Members of the advisory committee Dr. Patricia Vandevoort, Vice President of Instruction at Victoria College; Mr. Eloy Chapa, Director of Human Resources, Victoria ISD; Mr. Randy Vivian, President, Victoria Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Lloyd Nelson, Trustee, Wharton County Junior College; Dr. Thomas Randle, Superintendent, Lamar Consolidated ISD and Ms. Mary Alice Wills, Dual Credit Program Director, Houston Community College Northwest.

    Ms. Prescott stated Staff Council was hosting a meeting today. She also noted the fitness release program has been well received and is working on how many are utilizing this option.

    Ms. Lindley reported the Student Senate had participated in the Hispanic Heritage Parade and festival. Student Senate has more community service projects planned for November. December will have the Student Senate preparing for the annual final exams food and the new book swap.

    Dean Wang reported that the School of Business Administration’s online and face to face course evaluations were very close. He also said the SoBA is entering the final stages of talking to an India university about how they can utilize our online courses. The school’s faculty searches currently consist of 5 accounting candidates and 6 management candidates.

    Dean Di Leo noted he has been working with the provost and chairs on preliminary authority requests. He thanked John Ellis and the marketing team on the nice article on Dr. Siva Somasundaram in the Victoria Advocate. Other topics covered: Dr. Mel Damodaran will be presenting at an upcoming conference in Austria; the Society for Critical Exchange November 10 reading event speaker will be Dr. Andrew Wiest; and the Fiction Collective Two newsletter has been sent out.

    Dr. Dahlstrom thanked the Information Technology for their assistance when the Library’s server died.

    Dr. Jaeckle said the Texas Council of Faculty Senates meets twice a year and Drs. Jonathan Du, Horace Fairlamb and he will represent UHV at the upcoming Austin meeting. The University Faculties Executive Committee (UFEC) system-wide governance hosts a conference every other year and this year it will be in March 2009 at the UH Downtown campus, on academic success, and will be open to all UHS faculty.

    Dr. Hudson, who is serving on the UHS Provost’s Search Committee, reported that the committee is talking about bringing 7-8 candidates in for airport interviews. The finalist will be invited to the UH campus. Dr. Hudson reported the committee has received very positive feedback from these individuals applying for the job and he feels these are strong candidates.

    Mr. Beran announced he will be working on a memorandum of understanding between UHV and Victoria College, a study on housing in Victoria and the start up costs/cost analysis to go to the legislature. He shared a handout on The Coordinating Board's distribution of formula funding. Mr. Beran stated the South Texas Regional Economic Development Center building is back on. This building will house the Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Solution, Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission, UHV's Marketing and School of Business Administration offices, Small Business Development Center and Texas Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (TexCEED).

    Ms. Smith reminded everyone about the State Employee Charitable Champaign that runs through the end of October.

    Ms. Norgard requested her agenda item, Closing the Gap, be added to the next’s cabinet agenda.

    Dean Tart announced Citizens Medical Center was hosting a reception in her honor today at 2:00 p.m. The School of Nursing’s American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Self Study is scheduled for January 19, 2009, and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) visit is scheduled for March 2-4, 2009. Dean Tart reported the AACN voted in new baccalaureate and masters essentials that will be included in UHV’s accreditation process.

    Dr. LaBrecque announced that the conversion of Vista 3 to Vista 8 will affect some faculty and staff working with online courses. Two faculty members from each school will participate in the Vista 8 test group. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the provost are working on a SACS recommendation to establish a website with all of UHV’s faculty credentials. There will be a Provost Council Retreat on November 6. Due to the System wanting to develop a mission statement, UHV’s mission statement and progress report is on hold until all four campuses develop unique, descriptive mission statements.

    Meeting adjourned: 11:45 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton