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8:30 a.m., Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Norgard, Prescott, L. Smith, Stansell, Tart, Wang

Absent: Phillips, Rice

Guests: Cortez, Fanelli, Wallace

  1. Organizational Business

    Dr. LaBrecque moved and Dean Stansell seconded to approve the minutes of September 24, 2008, as presented.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  2. Business

    Hurricane Ike Wrap Up – Genaro Cortez

    Mr. Cortez, Safety and Risk Manager, addressed the following points as follow up concerning Hurricane Ike:

    • Set up a Phone Conference Bridge before university closure. Announce to the Emergency Response Team with a predetermined time for the first conference. This was agreed upon as a good response measure.
    • When a university closure is announced and buildings are secure, shut off power to building elevators to prevent elevator failure if power is lost to the building.
    • There was discussion on whether the elevator would turn off completely or whether it would be possible to enter the elevator and possibly get stuck between floors. There will be further research on this issue with the elevator service provider.

    • Identify who should respond to PIER inquiries submitted by students.
    • Cabinet recommended a meeting consisting of Genaro Cortez, Marci Wallace, Chari Norgard and Dr. LaBrecque to discuss the issue of who will take on this responsibility.

    Ms. Wallace discussed the use of PIER (Public Information and Emergency Response)

    • PIER sent out voice, email and text messages for a total 70,000 tries to contact faculty, staff and students
    • 205 students and 80 faculty/staff updated their personal information
    • There were 180,000 hits to UHV’s PIER web site
    • If costs are similar to rates used last year, the cost for the use of PIER is approximately $3,000

    Cabinet members were pleased with the PIER system and felt it worked well. A suggestion was when the first message from PIER is sent, to note it as the first message, as well as note the last message from PIER so people know when the use will conclude.

    The Safety and Risk Manager discussed the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Compliance Initiative.

    As a recommendation from the June 2008 State Auditor’s Office audit, they recommended all universities adopt NIMS requirements for emergency planning. NIMS was published by the Department of Homeland Security in 2004. NIMS compliance is recommended at the community level, and even though universities are not a first response organization, they are important components in the communities in which they are located.

    Dr. Tart moved and Mr. Ferguson seconded to adopt the components and principles of NIMS compliance.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Mr. Cortez will check on the required NIMS training for the Emergency Response Team and select Emergency Response Team support members.

    Revised Mission Statement - Dr. LaBrecque

    Dr. LaBrecque brought back to cabinet UHV’s new mission statement announcing UHS officials requested we personalize it. In order to make the distinction, the name, student location, and outreach was included.


    The University of Houston-Victoria is a dynamic destination university in the Coastal Bend Region of Texas reaching students throughout the state, nation and world. UHV’s mission is to:

    • Provide excellent, accessible programs featuring online and traditional instruction
    • Expand knowledge through scholarship, research, and life-long learning.
    • Enhance economic and cultural life through community outreach and service learning.
    • Engage in global, leadership, and environmentally responsible activities.
    • Empower graduates to be successful professionals and citizens.

    UHV’s Progress Report for UHS Board of Regents (BOR) - Dr. LaBrecque

    The progress card was presented and discussed at the August BOR meeting, each campus has to develop by December a report card that is individualized for each campus. This report card will be used to report to the BOR. There will be 5 or 6 banners, with 5 subheadings under each category. Each category has to be objective and measurable. This is a work in progress and will be brought back to cabinet for further review.

  3. Roundtable Discussion
  4. Dr. Hudson announced there will be a special called BOR meeting to address UHV’s downward expansion on October 10, at 9:30 a.m., in Houston. He stated Mr. Ron Walker, co-chair of the Commission on Expanding Access to Higher Education will be attending to reiterate the role of the commission and to address the solidarity.

    Dean Tart reported the American Nursing Association's First Receivers workshop will be held at the UHSSL campus on November 19.

    Ms. Norgard passed out fall 2008 semester credit hour and headcount by county and program information.

    Ms. Smith reiterated the email notification concerning state mandatory training is required of all state paid employees. Noting the deadline is December 31. She stated there is proposed new wording on two system policies, “02.A.11 Staff Performance Appraisals” and “02.A.26 Employee Development and Training” The proposed language states, “System employees who do not complete annual mandatory training by the published deadline will not have met their job expectations and will therefore not be eligible for merit increases.” Ms. Smith also encouraged supervisors to attend the Managing Employee Performance workshop by Dr. Doug teDuits on October 9.

    Mr. Beran reported that UHV does $12 million in student loans yearly through qualified banks. UHV is working toward approval to become a direct lending institution. This will allow us to get loan funding to students much quicker by going straight to the federal government.

    Dean Di Leo reported the SoAS is moving forward on completing the memorandums of understanding with 6 universities in China. The Criminal Justice Club will be hosting a mini conference on October 28-29. Dr. Somasundaram is working with Exelon on a mini conference on science and environment. A grant from the Texas Commission of Arts was awarded to the American Book Review. Fiction Collective Two was awarded by the Doctorow Foundation $25,000 in award money for books published by FC2.

    Ms. Prescott noted that the JAG/UHV attire on Fridays appears to be successful.

    Dean Stansell reported the SoBA Dean Search committee has identified 9 semi-finalists and conducted telephone interviews with each of the finalists. The committee will be meeting again today to review the candidates’ interview responses and select those whose reference they will call. Once the reference checks are made, 2-3 candidates will be invited for late October campus interviews. The West Houston Petroleum Engineers Association has agreed to fund full scholarships for a cohort of 16 Master Math Teacher (MMT) students, and another donor appears ready to fund an additional cohort of 16 MMT students. With the support of these donors, 32 teachers will be prepared to offer more effective instruction in this key subject area, and may also apply the 12 SCH in the MMT program toward the M.Ed. degree in curriculum and instruction. Dean Stansell reported in September that Wayne Beran, John Ellis and he met with Region III superintendents to present the Master Our Futures program, which prepares students to be eligible to teach dual credit courses in community colleges. With positive feedback from this meeting, letters have been sent to each Region III superintendent with information about the program and contact information. At least 2 superintendents plan to present the program to their boards.

    Dean Wang announced the University of Houston-Victoria was named one of The Princeton Review’s Best 296 Business Schools for 2009. In additional to being ranked 4th among the Greatest Opportunities for Minority Students, SoBA was also 10th Most Family Friendly. UHV’s first marketing executive from Taiwan has received the first certificate of completion in our executive training program.

    Mr. Ferguson reported the Sugar Land fiber project has received all permits and drilling started on Monday with completion anticipated for mid November.

Meeting adjourned: 10:20 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton