President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present: Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Jaeckle, LaBrecque, Lindley, Norgard, Phillips, Prescott, Rice, L. Smith, Tart, Wang

Absent: Beran, Stansell

I. Organizational Business

--Dr. LaBrecque moved and Dean Wang seconded to approve the minutes of August 6, 2008, as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

--Dr. Hudson welcomed Dr. Kathryn Tart, the new Dean of the School of Nursing, to cabinet.

II. Business

A. Discussion and/or Approval of Policies

1. C-32, Employee Wellness—Laura Smith

Ms. Smith reported the Employee Wellness Program policy had been posted and shared a copy of House Bill No. 1297 with cabinet members. A brief discussion followed on the amount of time employees are approved to participate in a wellness activity. Ms. Smith noted UHV’s wellness policy states release time cannot exceed three hours per week and department managers have the discretion to alter the amount of time when the release interferes with the employee’s responsibilities or departmental operations.

Cabinet unanimously approved policy, with one amendment—
The following statement was added, “Participation is open to full-time, benefits-eligible staff that have successfully completed six (6) months employment.”

2. F-1, Reimbursement for Travel and Other Expenses—Toni Wyer

Ms. Wyer returned to cabinet with policy F-1 after meeting with Staff Council to ensure all concerns had been addressed concerning travel and other expenses. Due to a time constraint, Dr. Hudson requested Ms. Wyer come back and address specific suggestions and take input at the next cabinet meeting.

B. Presentation on the Carnegie Classification Report—Dr. Holly Verhasselt

Dr. Verhasselt, Executive Assistant to the Provost, presented UHV’s application for Classification as a Carnegie Community Engagement Institution. The Carnegie Foundation describes community engagement as: the collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. Dr. Verhasselt discussed the curricular engagement activities and the outreach and partnership focuses. She reported that using the Carnegie Foundation’s definition, UHV has a significant amount of community engagement. The report will be submitted on August 29 and we should expect a response in mid-December, 2008..

UHS is the only system making application and if approved, will be the first system-wide approval to the Carnegie Classification.

C. Calendar Items—Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice passed out the new event calendar from the Office of Special Events and discussed the upcoming events for FY 2009. She also shared the agendas for the September UHV Convocation and the upcoming President’s Regional Advisory Board. Also discussed were the President’s Annual Report scheduled for November 13, 2008 and the President’s Cabinet Retreat that will be held on January 8-9, 2009 in Rockport, Texas. Dr. Rice reminded cabinet members that Faye Landry will handle room reservations but not their travel; individuals’ assistants must prepare the travel request.

Ms. Lindley asked if there were possible options regarding the spring commencement date, as she was concerned about the baseball and softball calendars conflicting. Dr. Rice agreed to check the dates.

III. Roundtable

Mr. Ferguson reported the Sugar Land fiber project is still on track and will be completed by the middle of October. There is still a delay on the Region III Service Center’s contract to share our access to LEARN's services. We expect them to use those services sometime during the fall semester.

Dr. Rice had no further report to share.

Ms. Prescott announced she had met with her new officers on Monday and had encouraged them to respond to editorials in the newspaper. She also reported she would be participating in the September 18 Chancellor Khator’s Investiture festivities.

Ms. Lindley said the Student Senate had helped with the new student orientation and had handed out back-to-school bags. She thanked everyone for the donations the Student Senate received for the bags, noting they were a big hit with the students. For those who did not receive a bag, they can be picked up at the Student Senate office. Upcoming events for the Student Senate are the Meet the Leaders dinner and their Washington conference trip.

Mr. Phillips reported the University of Houston System at Sugar Land building is still on track and hard hat tours of the new building can be arranged through Susan Reynolds. He announced there is an upcoming meeting with Fort Bend leaders and Chancellor Khator to discuss the future plans of UHSSL. Robin Cadle will be coming around to visit on the annual giving campaign, One for All. Mr. Phillips shared a handout on the One for All and All for One Staff and Faculty Campaign and noted it had been a phenomenal year for fund raising. He thanked the faculty and staff for their giving and pointed out that the total number of dollars in FY 05 was $9,733 and in FY 08 was $45,147. A new campaign tool, titled the UHV Jaguar Diamond Club, is forthcoming.

Dr. Jaeckle reported Faculty Senate had approved to create a full faculty scholarship and will be asking for a $100 from each faculty member. The first meeting of the Faculty Senate will be September 5. Members of the FY 2009 Faculty Senate Executive Committee are Cindy Schnebly, Vice President; Jonathan Du, Secretary; Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Past President; Diane Prince, School of Education representative; and Jay Dune, School of Nursing representative.

Dr. Hudson announced UHV would be willing to host a University Faculty Executive Council (UFEC) meeting.

Dr. Dahlstrom said the library had a successful open house and thanked those who visited. He reported they have made an offer to a Media Librarian candidate and hope to receive a positive response. There will be a UHS System Library Directors meeting on Friday at UHCL. Dr. Dahlstrom announced he had accepted an appointment to an advisory committee for a “Connecting to Collections” grant, through the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which will develop a collections inventory and needs assessment survey. The survey will address collections and preservation needs in libraries, museums, archives and documents repositories across the state.

Dean Di Leo reported the School of Arts and Sciences has had a 15% growth in enrollment over this time last year. He thanked Tracy Fox, Kira Wendell, and Alexis Brooks for their behind the scene recruiting efforts. There are 12 students taking our Spanish course and pursuing Spanish certification but due to a visa issue for the instructor, class would begin later than planned. Dean Di Leo announced he is working on agreements with 4 China universities in computer science. American Book Review received 3 pledges totaling $5,500 last week. Dr. Somasundaram received a $10,000 grant to continue his research in breast cancer with citrus fruits. The ABR lecture series starts on August 28 with Kim Herzinger, and a fund raising event at Ms. Dorothy Alcorn’s home.

Dean Tart reported the School of Nursing has 106 students this semester, 15 of those students are in Victoria and the rest are in Sugar Land. There is a possibility of 30 more students with the Quick Admit. There were 11 participants at the August 7th Nursing Forum. SoN will hold a faculty and staff meeting on September 5th at Sugar Land and host an Advisory Committee meeting on September 24th in Victoria. Dean Tart said she was very impressed how hard the SoN faculty and staff have worked, with special recognition and thanks to Denise Neill's and Linda Dune's contributions.

Ms. Norgard announced there were 57 students that attended the New Student Orientation, 23 at Cinco Ranch; 11 in Victoria; and 23 at Sugar Land. There were 568 post cards mailed out announcing the orientation with a 10% showing. She reported there were a number of faculty volunteers and 10 Student Senate members in attendance. Funding from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has already been received for next semester’s orientation. Ms. Norgard stated 320 students had been zapped, and as of last night 204 had reenrolled. Cabinet members agreed to approve 523 students that applied late with conditional admission except for those students with an F1 visa. Ms. Norgard reported Student Solutions is receiving 1,400 telephone calls a week. Applications for fall 06 - 978, fall 07 - 1,379 and fall 08 - 1,501.

Dr. Hudson said UHV must adapt to accommodate this grow and requested Ms. Norgard meet with Academic Council to discuss regulatory issues for those students that are zapped for various reasons. He also requested the deans to meet with Ms. Norgard and provide a script to Student Solutions to answer the late enrollee questions when a class is full.

Ms. Smith announced Stephen Nichol had won the Corporate Cup design and had received a $50 gift certificate. She said open enrollment for the summer’s benefit had gone smoothly.

Dean Wang reported UHV had signed a partnership agreement with Brazosport College to offer students a seamless transition from the Bachelor of Applied Technology degree at Brazosport College to UHV’s Global Master of Business Administration degree. The School of Business Administration had a faculty meeting last Friday to discuss faculty involvement in community engagement and AACSB accreditation assessment for ¾ of SoBA programs. Jane Mims is working on restructuring the student services area of the school. Dean Wang reported international students face a major hurdle when it comes to visa approval and UHV is fortunate to have Congressman Nick Lampson assisting our international students with visas. He announced there are 18 international students that have settled down in Cinco Ranch and started their classes. Most SoBA classes are full and Dean Wang reported they are short 5 faculty members.

Dr. LaBrecque stated enrollment has increased every single semester she has been here and credits new programs, the deans and their recruitment and advising staff. She announced there will be an all staff assessment meeting on September 18 and an all faculty assessment retreat on September 19 in El Campo. The SoBA dean’s search is ongoing with 20 applicants. Phone interviews are planned with the semifinalists for September 12. UHV has 9 new full-time faculty members.

Dr. Hudson announced that Dan Jaeckle and he have been selected to be members of the Commission on Expanding Access to Higher Education to study the future of higher education in Victoria. A tentative date for the first meeting is September 9; information will be shared as it becomes available.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton