9:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, LaBrecque, Lindley, Norgard, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell

Absent:  Bullock, Hudson, Dahlstrom, Neill,  

I.  Organizational Business

The minutes of the June 11, 2008, meeting was unanimously approved as written.

II.  Business

A.  UHV 101 and Jaguar Timeline—Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle, Communications Specialist, presented PowerPoint presentations on statistical and general information about UHV and a conception to fruition timeline on the UHV Jaguar baseball and softball programs.  Mr. Doyle stated the tools can be modified and used to fit specific speaking or fund raising events as needed.

B.  Review of  New Mission Statement—Provost LaBrecque

Dr. LaBrecque shared a copy of the draft mission statement that was compiled at the last cabinet meeting.  After a brief discussion, the following draft statement was proposed and is to be included on the July 9 cabinet agenda for final approval.

The mission of the University of Houston –Victoria is to provide excellent, accessible educational programs, to expand knowledge, to enhance economic cultural life and to engage in community and environmentally responsible activities.

III.  Roundtable

Dr. LaBrecque reported that Dr. Holly Verhasselt, Executive Assistant to the Provost, is working on the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification that is due September 1.  She stated a draft report will be ready by August 1 and that it will be a useful tool that we can be proud of.  

Mr. Ferguson stated the Sugar Land fiber project has encountered a few contract issues but is still on track with the proposed date of completion the first week of August.

Dr. Rice announced UHS Consultant Dr. Alceste Pappas will be visiting campus on July 1 to review the draft business plans for the downward expansion and to meet with Morgan Dunn O'Connor, Jimmy Goodson, Bob Moore and Ron Walker.  She stated she has been working with Donetta Goodall, Vice President of Austin Community College, about the possibility of enriching their faculty by allowing some of UHV's Austin faculty members to teach graduate courses for ACC.

Dr. LaBrecque congratulated Dr. Rice on a community group presentation she had attended where Dr. Rice had presented to a group of young professionals, stating she had done a wonderful job on representing UHV. 

Dr.  Stansell announced the initial meeting of the Search Committee for the Dean of Business Administration would meet today.  Dr. LaBrecque will present the charge to the committee and the first item of business will be to begin work on an ad, which they intend to have submitted by early July.  Headcount and semester credit hours for the School of Education and Human Development are both up by 6% over last summer.  Dr. Patton is directing the second annual Math Camp, which will be held on July 18 and 25, at O’Connor Elementary.  The camp will have about 75 participants, and involves a number of SoEHD students who will assist with the camper activities. 

Mr. Beran reported UHV’s annual plan and budget have been submitted to System.  Due to its lengthiness, the System may require an abbreviated version.  Mr. Beran reported there will be an $18 million Tuition Revenue Bond request for Allied Health.  There may be 1 or 2 new Special Item funding requests.

Ms. Lindley said Student Senate is working on spreading the word to students.  They are currently working on updating their web page, as well as developing new pages.  Mid July the Student Senate will be hosting a fund raising event at Wal-Mart.   Ms. Lindley announced she is working on the UHV virtual tour with Dr. Jim Holm and Ms. Chari Norgard and is also helping to develop the student orientation.

Mr. Faulk stated that Staff Council is working on their election process.  He thanked the Staff Council Nominating Committee on their outstanding job on the election and reported officers will be in place by August 1.  Mr. Faulk said state approval is not required for UHV’s Fitness Release Program after all.  The policy is now going through the normal campus policy approval process and is moving forward. 

Mr. Phillips announced he has preapproval language of a $492,000 Greater Texas Foundation Access to Success 3-year research project grant.  He reported we are close to announcing a second Endowed Professorship.  The UHSSL academic building structure has passed the 50% mark and is still on schedule to open the first week of December, with classes beginning in January.  The county library funding issues are still being discussed with Wharton County Junior College.

Dr. LaBrecque announced the MS Global Finance proposal is on hold.

Dr. Ramamoorthy said there are some of the Arts and Sciences undergraduate concentrations have been approved by the undergraduate studies committee and that the Faculty Senate is voting on its electronically for approving them with a deadline of June 27, 2008 for approval.  He reported the Faculty Senate has finished elections for at-large senators.  He also noted there are some school elections that still need to be held.

Ms. Smith reported the new applicant tracking system is up and running and has had 2 applicants successfully apply online and are now logged into our new system.  Due to new IRS regulations, and before the first class day, all faculty members will be required to fill out a new pay option--9 pay 9 or 9 pay 12.  The pay option form is currently being revised but will be distributed shortly.  The forms may be submitted electronically and will be due back to HR by August 22.

Ms. Norgard stated that 100 students registered within the first 10 minutes of registration.  Stats as of this morning were 858 students enrolled and 7,254 semester credit hours.  Ms. Norgard reported that students still need a lot of help with enrollment processes and there is a lot of work yet to be done to identify what the student needs are and what needs our attention.  She is exploring instant messaging/live chat as another possibility to better help students.  Ms. Norgard requested Student Senate’s help on providing ways to address repetitive questions to minimize those calls. 

Dr. LaBrecque acknowledged the wonderful job of the staff of Student and Academic Services.  She said phone calls are returned on the day received and that students appreciate the customer service they are receiving.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton