9:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Hudson, Lindley, Neill, Norgard, Phillips, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Ferguson, LaBrecque, Ramamoorthy, Rice

Attending for Dr. Ramamoorthy:  Dr. Dan Jaeckle

Guests:  Robin Cadle, Genaro Cortez, Greg Fanelli, Amy Mundy, Marci Wallace, Toni Wyer

I.  Organizational Business

Dean Bullock moved and Dean Stansell seconded to approve the minutes of May 14, 2008, as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II.  Business

 A.  Public Information and Emergency Response (PIER) System—Greg Fanelli, Genaro Cortez, Marci Wallace

Ms. Wallace discussed PIER, UHV’s main source of communication during emergency and safety issues.  She discussed timelines, testing dates, problems with testing, problem resolutions, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) testing going live where the first email was sent out to faculty and staff requesting information for use during an emergency and the upcoming email to be sent to UHV students.  After a short discussion about what should be said in the email to students, Dr. Hudson requested the email be reviewed by Ms. Norgard before being sent out to ensure we are sending out the right message to students.  Ms. Wallace noted that PIER is not used for marketing.  Additional testing modes are being planned for June.  To date, there has been a 30% response to the email for information from faculty and staff.

B.  Business Contingency Plan—Genaro Cortez

Mr. Cortez, Safety Risk Manager, shared the updated Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for FY 2009. 


Mr. Cortez announced Recovery Plans are not documents in the BCP for the President’s office, Administration and Finance, Athletics and the schools.  Due to upcoming audits by the State Auditor’s Office and the State Office of Risk Management further BCP changes may be forthcoming.

C.  Travel Packages—Toni Wyer, Greg Fanelli

Ms. Wyer discussed university provided travel packets with gas credit cards.  Travel packets will be discontinued as of July 1, 2008, to ensure proper accountability of reimbursable miles driven by employees on university approved travel and to ensure that Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) tax laws are observed.  Employees who are traveling on university approved business will be reimbursed the number of miles traveled times at the current state rate of 50.5¢.  The number of miles will be calculated using the “Texas Mileage Guide” (http://www.cop.state.tx.us/comptrol/texastra.html), other web-based map service, or the traveler’s odometer readings.  The miles charged must be the most cost-effective route between the origin of the employee’s travel and the employee’s final destination.  The shortest route between points is considered the most cost-effective route.  The “Personal Vehicle Mileage Report” (http://www.uhv.edu/Finance/Travel.asp) will be required as supporting documentation for miles driven.  A copy of the calculation should be attached for auditing purposes if the “Texas Mileage Guide” or other web-based map service is used.  These procedures apply to all employees of the University of Houston-Victoria, UHS at Sugar Land, and UHS at Cinco Ranch.

Dean Bullock moved to approve and was seconded by Mr. Beran.
Motion Carried Unanimously

D.  Enrollment Charts—Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard shared handouts with cabinet members on 2004-2008 Headcount and Summer 2008 Headcount Information, as of 5/27/08.  A brief discussion followed about making sure all data is consistent and that various constituents requesting data understand the data source.  Dr. Hudson requested Ms. Norgard work with the deans to review other campus models, see what is being used, and develop a common data set for UHV.

E.  FY 2008 Tuition and Fees—Dr. Tim Hudson

Dr. Hudson reported that the University of Houston System (UHS) Board of Regents approved UHV’s FY 2008 Tuition and Fees rate, noting UHV is still one of the better buys for higher education in the state.

III.  Roundtable

Dean Di Leo announced that Dr. Thomas Williams has accepted the School of Arts and Sciences’ Humanities Chair position.  He reported the Publishing program has now been approved by the UHS Board of Regents and is now at the Coordinating Board waiting on approval.  He said there are 2 new concentrations in the MAIS program, Film and Religion, and 2 changes to the BAAS program, Web Media Concentration and Network Security. 

Dean Stansell reported that the School of Education and Human Development’s summer enrollment is up 6% over this day last summer, with VOICE courses up 18%.  He reported SoEHD has hired an On Line Support Technician, Ms. Emily Krenek, a May 2006 graduate of UHV.  Last week’s campus Annual School Board Workshop, directed by Dr. Nora Hutto, was a successful event.  At the workshop, Mr. Bob Wells, Edna ISD Superintendent, indicated that the district has an elementary school it has vacated and will soon invite bids.  The Edna ISD school board’s interest is in finding a buyer that will use the facility in a manner that enriches the community, and would be interested in UHV offering classes there.  The building has approximately 45,000 square feet and is in good condition.

Mr.  Faulk reported that approval from the state on UHV’s Fitness Release Program Proposal may take a while.  He said Staff Council would be meeting that afternoon to establish a committee for the election of next year’s officers.

Mr. Phillips reported approximately $100,000 had been recorded as a system donation but had been corrected and awarded to UHV for its nursing program, bringing UHV nearer its total fund raising goal.  He reported construction of the academic building at UHSSL is still on schedule and that we are moving forward on the county library building.  Mr. Phillips introduced Ms. Amy Mundy, UHV’s new Director of Annual Giving, and reintroduced Ms. Robin Cadle in her new role as Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving.  Mr. Phillips announced that Dr. Don Foss, UHS Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, has stepped down and a national search for his replacement will begin shortly. 

Ms. White announced this was her last meeting as president of the Student Senate and expressed her appreciation to cabinet members for their support of the Student Senate and for her personally.  She introduced her replacement, Ms. Kristen Lindley.

Ms. Lindley reported the Student Senate has 12 members in office, with 3 vacant positions still to be filled.  Returning Students Senate officers are Juan Martinez and Kristen Lindley.  Ms. Lindley stated that there will be a senate retreat Friday to discuss an addendum to their constitution to add senators for the School of Nursing and to discuss a leadership conference.  Student Senate will now be meeting twice a month.  Ms. Lindley stated she was excited to hold this position and plans to push student engagement to a new level.  She also noted there will be a student leadership meeting in the fall.

Dr. Hudson thanked Ms. White for her outstanding leadership as this year’s President of the Student Senate and welcomed Ms. Lindley to the President’s Cabinet.

Dr. Dahlstrom said the Library’s elevator, pending inspection, will be back in operation shortly.  He reported due to the city’s decision to end their contact with the VC/UHV on the library’s automation system, the library should be able to operate their own system for the same amount of money or, perhaps, a little less.  This change should take place in late fall of this year.  Dr. Dahlstrom announced the fourth president of The Victoria College will be Dr. Tom Butler, currently of Lone Star College-Montgomery.

Dr. Jaeckle, attending for Dr. Ramamoorthy, announced the Faculty Senate has requested that Nursing faculty bring forth a proposal, to be added to their constitutional bylaws, on representation for the School of Nursing.  Dr. Jaeckle reported at the last UFEC meeting Dr. Dan Gardner, UHS Chief of Staff, spoke on the Board of Regents retreat and Beth Burroway, the new Director of Special Events, discussed how all the campuses will be represented at Chancellor Khator’s Investiture Ceremony that is being planned for September 18.

Mr. Beran reported SCHs at Sugar Land are currently at 11,866 and at their highest were 17,000.  With UH-Downtown no long participating at the UHSSL campus, UHV’s part of the operating cost at Sugar Land was $507,000 and will now be $1.1 million.  The Regional Economic Development building has been approved by the Coordinating Board and bonds will be issued next month.  Sugar Land’s $22.9 million bonds will also be issued next month.

Dr. Neill announced the School of Nursing (SoN) will be bringing in a dean candidate next Tuesday.  The senior secretary position interviews will begin this week.  The Board of Nursing’s site visit is scheduled for June 23.  Dr. Neill stated an ongoing $20,000 scholarship for Fort Bend nursing students has been established by Memorial Hermann Hospital.  Spring 2008 was the first semester they were awarded and on May 22nd a luncheon for the recipients and members from Memorial Hermann Hospital was held at Sugar Land.  Dr. Neill reported the SoN is finalizing their plans for the upcoming Nursing Forum.  There has been a July retreat scheduled and one of the agenda items will be the issue of the Faculty Council committee positions.  SoN’s current enrollment for the summer is 120 students. 

Ms. Smith shared a handout on the UHS’ Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and Tax Deferred Annuity (TDA) Approved Vendors.  In compliance with final regulations under Internal Revenue Service Code 403(b), UHS requested compliance information from all ORP and TDA providers.  All carriers on Tier 1 are approved for new business, Tier 2 will not be allowed any new business but are being grandfathered in and employees can continue to contribute to these vendors.  Tier 3 providers did not comply with the request for information.  Therefore, those employees that fall in Tier 3 have until October 1 to choose a new provider from either Tier 1 or 2, after October 1 the only choice option for all future retirement plans contributions will be from Tier 1 providers. 

Ms. Norgard announced that Student Solutions has received a lot of calls concerning registration.  Carolyn Mallory, Lois Lemke, Trudy Wortham and Minnie Urbano are working on updating and improving the content layout on the portions of the web that address enrollment and registration.  They will also be putting together student focus groups to ensure these components address student needs.  

Dean Bullock reported summer enrollment is up 14% in the School of Business Administration.  The SoBA has just completed a 4 + 1 agreement with Brazosport Community College on a Bachelor of Applied Technology.  He announced next year SoBA will have 2 cover wraps in ­Business Week.  Dean Bullock also announced that a business school in India, Xiri, Institution, will be coming for a visit in July.  The SoBA and the SoN will be offering a joint program with an administration concentration, by spring 2009 that will include 2 business courses and 5 nursing courses.

Dr. Hudson congratulated Dean Bullock on his appointment as vice chancellor of academic affairs at Chapman University College in Orange, CA, and expressed his appreciation for his exceptional work and contributions to UHV.  A search to replace Dean Bullock will begin as soon as possible.  UHV is still working on the plans for the future of the downward expansion and have been given until November by System to complete.  UHV’s goal is to have this completed by early July. 

Note:  At Roundtable, congratulations were expressed by everyone to Dean Bullock wishing him well in his new endeavor.

Meeting adjourned at 11:59 a.m.
Submitted by Kathy Walton