8:30 a.m., Monday, March 24, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Neill, Norgard, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Phillips

I.  Organizational Business

The minutes of the February 27, 2008, meeting was unanimously approved as written.

II. Business

A.  Policy A-7 Reporting Indebtedness to the State Comptroller--Greg Fanelli

Director of Business Services, Greg Fanelli, brought before cabinet a new policy that would establish procedures for the reporting of delinquent debt to the State Comptroller after university efforts at recovery are unsuccessful.  Mr. Fanelli stated the university has been reporting delinquent student debt in compliance with Texas Government Code 403.055, but currently did not have a formal policy in place.  The Bursar’s office will be responsible for in-house administration.  Departments will be responsible for reporting non-student delinquent debt to the Bursar’s office, if their efforts at recovery fail. 

Dean Bullock moved to approve and was seconded by Dean Di Leo. 
Cabinet unanimously approved policy.

B.  Policy C-19 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention--Genaro Cortez

UHV’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention was addressed by Genaro Cortez, UHV Safety and Risk Manager.  He discussed:  1) an updated policy statement clarifying use of alcoholic beverages for sponsored events on campus or non-campus university activities; referenced university policy A-41; noted policy applies to Victoria, Sugar Land, and Cinco Ranch;  2) added a philosophy statement, in alignment with UH policy; and referenced Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1989;  3) included new attachments on Effects of Drug Use; Health Risks of Alcohol and Drugs; Penalties Under Federal Law and Texas Law and 4) added two policies for reference: A-41, Alcoholic Beverage use on Campus and  H-1, Facilities and Ground Usage.  

Dr. Ramamoorthy moved to approve and was seconded by Dean Bullock.  Cabinet unanimously approved policy.

In the interest of public safety, and in accordance with the Texas Penal Code and Texas Revised Statutes, all weapons including licensed concealed handguns authorized under Article 4413, Texas Revised Statutes are prohibited on the physical premises of the university, including any grounds or buildings on which an activity sponsored by the university is being conducted or in passenger transportation vehicles of the university.  This policy does not apply to law enforcement officials or security officers while in the actual discharge of their official duties and wearing a distinctive uniform, and the weapon is in plain view.

Campus Safety Manual, Weapons on Campus     http://www.uhv.edu/fin/Safety/manual/weapons.htm

In lieu of the continuation of universities experiencing violence, Dr. Hudson asked Mr. Cortez to inform cabinet members of where UHV is in preparation of handling emergency issues.  Mr. Cortez stated UHV is part of UH’s PIER System.  The PIER System is a communication tool capable of sending messages to cell phones, landline phones, by email, or other electronic devices, and though the university has not implemented the system yet it is a good tool for crisis management.  The proposed time line for testing of the PIER System is prior to hurricane season-June 1.  Locks have been installed on some of the Sugar Land classroom doors, allowing for locking from the inside.  The new building in Sugar Land will be equipped with this type of locking device.  In order to try this device in Victoria, and see how it works, there will be installation in selected classrooms in the University Center and University West Buildings.

III. Roundtable

Dr. Hudson announced Dr. Alceste Pappas, a consultant hired by UHS, would be on campus Wednesday, March 26 to meet with various groups.  Dr. Rice prepared a schedule of meetings for Dr. Pappas that include past Regent Morgan Dunn O’Connor, VC President Jimmy Goodson, a group of community leaders, academic representatives, administrative representatives, Student Senate officers, Staff Council officers, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, and the Four-Year Steering Committee.  Dr. Hudson indicated there would be another round of conversations with consultants in April. 

Mr. Ferguson reported that Victoria College is now on the LEARN network.  He also noted that Region III Service Center and UTMB System Medical Center have shown an interest.  The Sugar Land fiber project kick off is scheduled for the first week of April with a proposed completion date of August 1.

Dr. Rice announced the City Council is preparing a resolution in support of UHV becoming a 4-year university that will be presented at their April 1 meeting.

Dean Bullock stated he had a meeting with Houston Community College, University of Houston, and Lone Star College-Cy Fair on our global initiatives and how these institutions might help us meet the TOEFL requirement.  As chair of the Dean of Nursing search committee, he reported they currently have two good candidates for the position.  Congressman Lampsen is interested in the Texas Center for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship and will be visiting the Sugar Land campus.  Dean Bullock thanked Dr. Hudson for being at the School of Business Administration reception honoring our visiting professor, Yu Xiao, from Hohai University in Nanjing.

Dean Stansell reported SBEC has still not published the standards competencies for the new EC-6 Teacher Certification program, which will replace the present EC-4 program.  SOEHD, however, has made revisions to courses in preparation for offering the EC-6 program beginning this fall.

Mr. Beran shared information on the 4-year downward expansion noting in 2011-2020, with 6,500 students, the economic impact on the community could be $2 billion with a $1 billion impact on salaries alone.  He also announced a media questionnaire is being prepared to evaluate student interests in attending the University of Houston-Victoria if it were a four-year university.

Dr. Hudson acknowledged the budget for 2008-2009 has been settled and the plan includes raises for faculty and staff.  He also stated he has had conversations with Airport Authority and they are committed to providing UHV with what we need to build a 4-year university.  There are no specifics worked out but they are willing to provide land and a road into the northeast sector of the land around the airport.  The Airport Authority would like to use the university as a lynch pin to opening the 1,700 acres around the airport.  This provides UHV with a nonbinding simple memorandum to use as an option.

Dr. LaBrecque reminded cabinet she is serving as the UHV representative for the Victoria College presidential search.  The application deadline for the search is March 31, screening will be the following week, and the third or fourth week of April airport interviews will be conducted.  Dr. LaBrecque reported she has been meeting with untenured faculty members to discuss their understanding of the tenure process.  So far she has met with 5 faculty members in Cinco Ranch, 9 in Sugar Land, and has a meeting with the Victoria untenured faculty that afternoon.  In preparation of the consultant’s visit, Dr. LaBrecque shared a handout that discussed programs, students, faculty, funding, and statistical information on headcount and semester credit hours generation.

Ms. White reported the Student Senate will hold elections for the new 2008-2009 officers on April 15 and 16.  Inductions will be after the close of the spring semester.  Student Senate’s involvement for the spring semester will be participating in Fiesta Day, planning finals’ food, and working commencement.

Mr. Faulk indicated the Staff Council is currently working on 3 or 4 surveys and the next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday. 

Dr. Dahlstrom said he will be attending a Library Planning & Revitalization Workshop in Philadelphia.

Dr. Ramamoorthy reported Faculty Senate elections are being held for vice president and president-elect with other elections to follow.  He also announced he had been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to go to Bulgaria. 

Dr. Hudson and cabinet members congratulated Dr. Ramamoorthy on winning this prestigious award. 

Dean Di Leo stated the School of Arts and Sciences faculty evaluations indicated faculty publications per faculty member has risen from 1.0 per faculty member last year to 1.57 per faculty member this year.  Also, this year 72% of the SoAS faculty published and 81% had something coming out either this year or next year.  Dean Di Leo complimented his faculty on this accomplishment and also noted his faculty produced 3 books last year.  He indicated SoAS has concluded the first phase of the chair searches, with Dr. Rick Harrington to chair the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Dr. Li Chao to chair Science, Technology, and Mathematics.  Two additional faculty members in Psychology have been hired.  The next American Book Review Reading Series guest will be Lance Olsen on April 3. 

Dr. Neill reported that the advisory boards are in place in Victoria and Sugar Land for the School of Nursing. She announced she would be attending the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Spring Deans meeting.  She
apprised cabinet members there are currently 32 masters’ students in nursing, 18 students in Sugar Land and 14 in Victoria.

Ms. Smith discussed the application tracking system implementation, noting it was moving forward and would go live on April 28.

Ms. Norgard told cabinet members she was working on uniform recruitment and retention strategies for the Coordinating Board.  She will be tracking LEAD and One Stop Shop and reporting her findings by December 1.  

Dr. Hudson said he would like to see a public response to celebrate publications and achievements by faculty.  Various recognition ideas were discussed on the importance of research and making the public aware. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton