9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Neill, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Dahlstrom, Norgard

I.  Organizational Business

The minutes of the February 13, 2008, meeting was unanimously approved as written.

II. Business

--Athletics Discussion--Ash Walyuchow

Mr. Walyuchow apprised cabinet of the need for volunteers at the UHV softball    and baseball games.  After some discussion it was decided Mr. Walyuchow would prepare a matrix, showing dates and functions needed, and circulate among the various units on campus allowing for adoption of various games dates.  It was noted that comp time will not be awarded for those individuals that volunteer to work at the games.  

III. Roundtable

Mr. Ferguson reminded everyone of the I-69/Trans-Texas Corridor meeting at The Victoria College at 5:00 p.m. tonight. 

Mr. Faulk announced Toni Wyer has met with staff concerning travel procedure changes and the staff are overwhelming in favor of the changes.  He also reported that Staff Council will be surveying to gage interest in closing next year during Spring Break week.

Dr. Hudson brought up the issue of rental cars being leased by UHV employees, requesting Mr. Beran look into the rental car need.  Dean Di Leo brought up the idea of a transport shuttle to and from UHSSL and UHSCR, noting would be the green thing to do.

Ms. White reported Student Senate members had just returned from their trip to New York where they attended the American Student Government Association Conference.  She stated the conference provided a wonderful opportunity to connect and interact with other students from other universities.  There were 250 student senate members in attendance from 20 states.  They attended a workshop on Student Governance Online that they plan to implement for the April Student Senate elections.  Currently students have to show up in person to vote and this would allow those students that currently are not participating in elections to do so.  Ms. White said they returned from the conference with ideas for improving student life once UHV becomes a 4-year university.  She thanked Mr. Beran for the additional funds that assisted with their travel expenses and reported there will be an upcoming article in the Victoria Advocate on their trip.

Dr. Rice stated she continues to work on the downward expansion research.  She also announced that Dr. Ron Paul will be the May 10 spring commencement speaker.

Dean Stansell noted after several semesters of enrollment declines, the School of Education and Human Development’s enrollment for spring 2008 grew by 4% over spring 2007.  He stated with the Iman Academy initiative, the addition of 4-8 and 8-12 programs at Sugar Land, intersession courses, and other opportunities for growth; the school’s growth should be greater in the semesters ahead.  Dean Stansell reported Dr. Elsa Soto Leggett has accepted our offer of the Assistant Professor position in Counseling, and will join us in the fall.  In 2007, faculty in SoEHD increased the number of publications almost threefold over 2006-07.  In 2006-07, the average was .3 per faculty member, with 25% of the faculty involved; in 2007 the average is .83 with 58% involved.  With a number of manuscripts under review, the 2007-08 averages should be still higher.

Mr. Phillips reported that the Sugar Land building is still on schedule, with a “Topping Off Ceremony” scheduled for March 7.  His report on fund raising noted proposals in progress to the George Foundation for nursing scholarships and to the Johnson Foundation for nursing salaries.  Notification of a donation has been received for Nursing/ABR from Goodwin Financial - in direct response to a recommendation from Jim McClellan, executor of the Parks Foundation and good friend of UHV.  Mr. Phillips also noted that Chancellor Khator is scheduled to visit Sugar Land city officials on April 2, with a separate meeting being planned for a UHSSL campus visit.  In support of the athletics office, Mr. Phillips passed out “Go Jags” label pins.

Dr. Ramamoorthy reported the next meeting of the Faculty Senate is scheduled for next week.  He and Dr. Jonathan Du have just returned from attending the Texas Council of Faculty Senators, noting the president of the UHD Faculty Senate was elected President Elect.  He indicated the Faculty Senate has discussed the revised faculty application form and stated faculty wants background checks performed on the finalists.

Dean Di Leo reported the School of Arts and Sciences has hired a new Criminal Justice faculty member and has several other faculty searches currently in progress.  He also reminded cabinet members of the luncheon being held for the local Rotary Clubs on February 28, followed by a presentation from ABR’s Lecture Series guest speaker, David M. Oshinsky in the Alcorn Auditorium.  Dean Di Leo announced in lieu of payment those who write for ABR can now donate to UHV’s ABR Endowment. 

Dr. Neill reported the American Association of Colleges of Nursing site visit has been scheduled for March 2, 2009.  She stated the School of Nursing continues to move forward notifying campuses of their plans.  Dr. Neill noted she had a very positive meeting with Coastal Bend College and they are interested in setting up with our program.  Letters are being prepared to request members for the Victoria and Sugar Land advisory board.  Dr. Neill announced the Victoria Advocate will interview 2 Nursing students tomorrow.

Mr. Beran allowed John Ellis, Marketing Director, to announce UHV being awarded a prestigious gold ADDY award at the district competition of the American Advertising Federation.  Mr. Beran updated cabinet on the remodeling of the University Center 3rd floor.  Due to the cost of the previous remodeling plan, a new plan was devised allowing ABR and University Advancement to move in this area at half the cost.  Mr. Beran provided a handout of the draft tuition and fee increase proposal.  

Ms. Smith announced the new HR tracking system will not meet the March 1 deadline as originally planned due to an extra step being added to eliminate the need for an additional password when logging onto the system.  Ms. Smith reported she had visited UHCL and is very excited about UHV’s new tracking system.  She thanked Eric Mims and the IT department for their help in this endeavor.

Dean Bullock reported he had just returned from serving on an AACSB peer review team visit at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, and noted this university is looking at hiring and travel freezes and budget cuts.  Dick Phillips and he attended the Fort Bend Economic Development Council meeting last week where it was reported there will be an additional 10,000 acres of planned communities by next year in the Sugar Land area.  Dean Bullock reported the School of Business Administration continues to grow with majors up 29% and 4 faculty searches going on.  He noted there will be a SoBA reception honoring Yu Xiao, a visiting professor from Hohai University in Nanjing, on March 5 and a Richmond/Rosenberg mixer on March 18.  Dean Bullock announced advertising has been sent out for the Nursing dean search, as well as personal invitations.  He hopes to review applications in the next month.

Dr. LaBrecque commented Dr. Khator has encouraged UHS universities to participate in the 2208 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification survey of civic engagement.  She reported UHV has 3 programs going to Provost Council for review, MS Publishing, MS Global Financing and BBA Finance.  Dr. LaBrecque said currently UHV has 10 faculty searches underway, with 2 of those positions now filled.  She noted she had represented Dr. Hudson at the CPUPC Transfer Success Summit meeting in Austin on transfer issues and where the need to revisit the state core curriculum, especially the 6 hours in Political Science and History, was reinforced.  Several participants recommended that these 12 hours legislatively mandated in the Core Curriculum at Texas state supported universities need to be reevaluated. 

Dr. Hudson told cabinet members he would be attending a SACS workshop next week, followed by a site visit at the end of March at Gwinnett College in Georgia.  He reported at the last Board of Regents meeting that Chancellor Khator wants committee meetings moved back to1 day.  After attending an executive session meeting dealing with legal issues regarding faculty evaluations, Dr. Hudson noted that faculty evaluations should be fair but rigorous.  That we as a university need to hire good people and nurture them.  He also stated that an effective post-tenure review is the most powerful tool to protect tenure.  He requested Dr. LaBrecque check and make sure UHV has an effective promotion and tenure review policy.  Dr. Hudson acknowledged his appreciation of the article submitted by Ms. Dorothy Alcorn in the Victoria Advocate on downward expansion.  He concluded by encouraging everyone to participate in the buy a brick campaign.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton