9:30 A.M. Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, DiLeo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Neill, Norgard, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Phillips

Attending for Mr. Phillips:  Robin Cadle

I.   Organizational Business

Dean Stansell moved and Dr. Dahlstrom seconded to approve the minutes of January 9, 2008 as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

 A.  Travel Issues -- Ms. Toni Wyer

Ms. Toni Wyer, UHV Comptroller, provided cabinet with copies of a handout requesting UHV policy changes for travel expenditures of local funds. Cabinet members discussed in detail; hotel rates, per diem, travel requests, airline, and mileage reimbursement.  Dr. Hudson requested Ms. Wyer bring back to cabinet for approval the specific language proposed for the policy changes.

B.  Survey of Organizational Excellence -- Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Margaret Rice shared highlights of the Survey of Organizational Excellence results for 2007-2008.  The benchmark scores for the Dimension Analysis were all 300 or above suggesting that employees perceive the issues more positively than negatively.  This survey dimensions included:  Work Group, Accommodations, Organizational Features, Information, and Personal.  The Construct Analysis benchmark scores were also all 300 or above with the exception of Fair Pay at 274.  Dr. Rice noted UHV is already addressing some of these areas such as Fair Pay with the marketing analysis just conducted.  Overall the survey was perceived as positive and Dr. Hudson noted his appreciation to cabinet members for their part in keeping the lines of communication open for the betterment of the university.   

III. Roundtable

Dr. Hudson shared a Texas Department of Transportation Public Hearing meeting schedule, noting there is a February 27 meeting at The Victoria College for those that would like to participate in the I-69 decision-making process.  Mr. Ferguson stated there is also a town hall meeting scheduled at the Victoria Community Center for January 29.

Mr. Ferguson reported a proposal from John McKee has secured funding to increase the bandwidth in Sugar Land.  A proposed completion date will be midsummer.

Dr. Rice distributed Chancellor Khator’s February 1 UHV visit schedule, noting Delores White and she will be accompanying the chancellor to the various campus locations.  Noted was a web site Chancellor Khator has established, www.uh.edu/100days, where individuals can share their thoughts and ideas for the future of the UHS campuses.

Dean Stansell announced Dr. Barba Patton and he had visited with Dr. Hamed Ghazali, Iman Academy’s Superintendent, with a draft proposal of a School of Education and Human Development’s master’s program for teachers at this and other Islamic schools.  The program would include Arabic and Islamic studies courses as electives within the M.Ed. degree.  Dr. Ghazali will send a proposal outlining the content of these courses in the near future.

Mr. Beran stated opening bids for the remodeling of the University Center third floor would begin on January 24.  He indicated after meeting with Dr. LaBrecque and the deans on tuition rates a proposal has been developed and sent to Dr. Hudson.  UHV’s decision must be submitted to the System by February 25.

Dr. Neill, in her new role as Interim Co-Director of the School of Nursing, reported one of our Nursing students will present next week at a national conference and they are hoping to use her success as part of their marketing campaign.  She stated the school will be moving forward this summer with the MSN and the ADN to MSN programs.  Two new Nursing faculty members have been hired, one for Victoria and one for Sugar Land.  Both of these faculty members will be defending their dissertations this spring.  Dr. Neill also noted the Houston Chronicle has an upcoming focus on Nursing and has been in contact with the School of Nursing.

Ms. White brought to cabinet’s attention the article in the Victoria Advocate on the UHV expansion.  She noted there was a typo in the article and had been assured a correction would be reprinted.  Ms. White announced the officers of the student senate will be attending the American Student Government Association conference/training in New York next month.  

Dr. Ramamoorthy announced at last week’s Faculty Council meeting all curricular proposals were approved with the exception of the BSN and reported the honors policy was passed.  He stated there will be a Faculty Senate Retreat in El Campo this week.

Dr. Dahlstrom had no report but indicated he regretted having to miss the Cabinet Retreat.

Dean Di Leo thanked the Faculty Senate for approving the publication degree.  He reported 12 out of 19 School of Arts and Sciences programs grew this semester–Criminal Justice by 50% and Psychology by 25%.  Overall SoAS is up by 14%.  Dean Di Leo announced the first Spring 2008 Reading Series Guest is Tom Williams and that donors have organized a reception at the Nave Museum.  Currently $330,000 has been raised for the American Book Review in little over a year.

Mr. Faulk announced the next Staff Council meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.  He indicated he would be attending a meeting with Dr. Rice and others after the cabinet meeting on planning Chancellor’s Khator’s visit.  The next System-wide Staff Council meeting is scheduled for February 1 but the council representatives will miss the meeting in order to be at UHV for Dr. Khator’s visit.

Ms. Cadle sitting in for Mr. Phillips had no report.

Ms. Smith noted there is a possibility the Staff Employee Recognition Luncheon, scheduled for February 5, may have to be rescheduled.

Ms. Norgard handed out Spring 2008 Enrollment and Applications Status Report updates. 

Dr. Hudson stated the enrollment total (as of 1/22/08) of 2,919 was a huge milestone for UHV.

Dean Bullock reported School of Business Administration spring enrollment was up by 20% over this time last year and up 10% over fall.  He indicated work had begun on planning for the 2nd year of The Texas Principals Excellence Program (TxPEP).  Dean Bullock stated at the last Small Business Development Board meeting for the first time our region received an increase in funding in the amount of $180,000.  Dean Bullock noted the SoBA is working on their Study Abroad for the summer, with Beijing and Prague.  The School of Business Administration’s doctoral feasibility study will be headed by Dr. Nags Ramamoorthy.  Dean Bullock, as chair of the School of Nursing Dean’s Search, announced he would be meeting with Nursing on an ad for the position that afternoon. 

Dr. Hudson expressed congratulations to the School of Business Administration on the BusinessWeek Magazine wrap covers, noting they were very impressive.

Dr. LaBrecque announced she had met with Pat Vandervoort, Victoria College Vice President of Instruction, concerning a possible new program in Power Technology that would lead to a BAAS degree at UHV.  She also visited with Dr. Vandervoort concerning VC transfer students, and reported UHV is among the highest transfer rates at VC in the baccalaureate programs.  Dr. LaBrecque will serve as the UHV representative on the Victoria College Presidential Search.  She concluded by thanking Dr. Ramamoorthy and the Faculty Senate for getting the 3 new academic programs approved in a timely manner allowing them to meet other deadlines. 

Dr. Hudson requested Dr. Rice bring to the next cabinet meeting the “Kalamazoo Project” report for discussion.  

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton