9:30 A.M. Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Bullock, Hartshorn

I.  Organizational Business

Dean Stansell moved and Dean Di Leo seconded to approve the minutes of the    
November 28 meeting as written.

II. Business

            John Ellis, Marketing Director, introduced Paula Cobbler as the new writer for the Marketing Department.
B.  Suggestion Box--Mr. Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson provided cabinet with a mock up of the proposed online Suggestion Box web site.  After a brief discussion, the site was approved with a minor editorial change.  It was noted that archived suggestions only need to be maintained for 5 years. 

C.  Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC)--Dean Stansell
Dean Stansell discussed the benefits of the TEAC accreditation, noting that it--

The timeline of the TEAC accreditation process has submission in late spring 2008, with completion by 2010.  Dean Stansell noted in 2010 after UHV becomes accredited, UHV will be the smallest institution in Texas approved by a nationally accredited program.  When asked why UHV should support this endeavor, Dean Stansell stated nationally accredited programs attract students and help to secure donations and grants.
III. Roundtable

Mr. Ferguson reported that UHV’s bandwidth is working well and the Nursing video  function is up to full speed.  There is a proposal in place to increase the bandwidth in Sugar Land but he is still working on the bandwidth issue for the Cinco Ranch campus. 
Dr. Rice expressed appreciation to everyone that participated in the fall commencement ceremony.  She reported Dr. Khator is scheduled to visit on February 1 to be introduced to UHV and the community.  Dr. Khator plans to visit all the UHS campuses within her first 100 days in office.  Dr. Rice reminded the cabinet members of the upcoming Rockport Cabinet Retreat scheduled for January 10 and 11.

Dean Stansell provided an update on the partnership being formed with the Iman Academy in Houston, noting there are 2 Islamic schools in Houston and 1 in Irving.  He will provide an update on his visit with Dr. Hamed Ghazali, Iman Academy's Superintendent, at the next cabinet meeting.  Dean Stansell reported Lilly Monroe, a 2005 School of Education and Human Development graduate, was selected Teacher of the Year at the Arizona Fleming Elementary School in Fort Bend County.

Mr. Phillips announced the next Off the Clock event scheduled for January 15 will feature athletics.  He reported the construction at the UHSSL campus is underway and noted if anyone was interested in viewing an aerial view of the campus construction, to contact him.  He reported UHV is close to finishing the memorandum of understanding with the county on the new library building.

Ms. White stated the Student Senate is finishing up the Giving Tree and encouraged cabinet members, if they had not, to participate.  She stated Student Senate members have requested all students be allowed to evaluate different departments at the time they evaluate faculty members.  Ms. White noted this would also allow students to recognize those individuals or departments that were extremely helpful during the semester.  Students are requesting a doctoral program be offered at UHV.  Ms. White stated students are in favor of the downward expansion and hope this will lead to the offering of the doctoral programs at UHV. 

Dr. Hudson requested status reports of doctoral program discussions by schools be brought to cabinet for discussion.

Mr. Faulk indicated the Staff Council November meeting was held.  There was low attendance due to conflicts with several campus activities.  January meeting should be better attended and more productive.  He provided cabinet members with a weekly call log hand out on the number of PeopleSoft calls the Help Desk received from mid November 2006 to mid December 2007.  It was noted that the week of August 17 the Help Desk received 616 calls concerning PeopleSoft.

Dr. Dahlstrom reported that remodeling is still going on in the library and hopes to have everything functional by the time the spring semester classes begin.  He also stated there are bandwidth problems for Victoria College classroom access to online library videos.

Dean Di Leo stated enrollment in Arts and Sciences is up by 10% over this time last year.  He urged cabinet members to encourage their staff to take advantage of the two new Spanish courses the SoAS will be offering in spring 2008--Oral and Written Communication I and Professional Applications of Spanish.  Dean Di Leo noted the MS in Publishing degree is in the approval process and once approved UHV will be the only program of this kind in the state of Texas.  He announced the American Book Review had received a $5,000 check from Well Fargo Bank to support operations cost for the spring semester. After sharing a handout of the latest American Book Review publication, Dean Di Leo announced this was the second edition edited, printed, and distributed in Victoria.  Dean Di Leo reported the SoAS are in the final stages of an agreement to be the host institution for the Society for Critical Exchange.  This interdisciplinary organization promotes discussion among the disciplines on significant topics.  The competition for this distinction was tough, and UHV was chosen over the University of California-Irvine and the University of Sussex in Brighton England.

Mr. Beran noted the next UHSSL building is planned to be a professional building.  This will be quite an undertaking and may house Wharton County Junior College’s continuing education, UHV’s School of Business Administration, Sugar Land Economic Development Corporation, an energy center, and possible incubator companies, as well as classrooms and offices.  He reminded cabinet members of the upcoming Budget Hearings scheduled for January 29-30, and requested those participating not bring a lot of numbers but provide information on the directions and plans for the future.  He also reminded everyone this is going to be a count year which means that semester credit hours for the periods of Summer 2007, Fall 2007, and Spring 2008 will be used to calculate the State’s funding for the next 2 years.  Mr. Beran noted construction on the remodeled space for HR/Training, Marketing, and University Advancement should begin by mid-February.  Once remodeling has been completed, the current location of the University Advancement offices will convert back to a conference room. 

Dr. Ramamoorthy reported the cancelled December Faculty Senate meeting has been rescheduled for January 18.  He stated the main agenda item will be curriculum proposals.  A senate retreat has been scheduled for January 25.  Dr. Ramamoorthy noted the Grievance Committee has been working on a couple of faculty grievance issues. Dr. Hudson said he appreciated Dr. Ramamoorthy’s and the faculty attendance and participation at the commencement ceremony.  Dr. LaBrecque expressed appreciation to the Faculty Senate for the temporary approval of the new honors policy so the first nursing graduates who qualified could graduate with honors at the December commencement ceremonies.

Ms. Smith noted as a follow-up on the Spanish courses that this is the first academic course offering as a Continuing Education course in a long time.  She reminded everyone of the deadline for the reclassification requests.  Ms. Smith stated she would be bringing the new faculty application form to the next cabinet meeting for review.

Ms. Norgard had no report.

Dr. LaBrecque stated UHV has 3 new degree plans in the works--MS in Global Finance, MS in Publishing, and an alternate entry BSN program in Nursing.  She expressed that recruiting new students and new programs are an important part of a university but stressed that retaining, and taking care of our current students is essential.

Dr. Hudson encouraged everyone to consider participating in the brick laying campaign when celebrating special events.  He closed the meeting by stating UHV had a phenomenal year and wished everyone a great holiday.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton