9:30A.M. Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

I.   Organizational Business

      The minutes of the October 24, 2007 meeting was unanimously approved as written.

II.  Business

      Mr. Beran introduced Mr. John Ellis as UHV’s new Marketing Director.

B.  Suggestion Box Issues/Discussion--Mr. Ferguson

      Mr. Ferguson provided cabinet handouts on Suggestion Box review.  It was decided that the purpose/goal of the Suggestion Box was to make improvements that will benefit faculty, staff, and students.  After discussion, it was decided Mr. Ferguson would develop a focus group and bring this issue back to the table for further discussion.

III. Roundtable

Dr. LaBrecque complimented those involved with the President’s Annual Report noting she had received positive feedback on the event.  She stated she had been appointed to 2 state-wide committees for the Coordinating Board, Accountability Measures for Masters Comprehensive Institutions and the Texas Common Course Numbering System.  Dr. LaBrecque reported her coffees with the faculty have been well attended with 8 attendees from Arts and Sciences, 9 from Business Administration, 8 from Education and Human Development and 3 from Nursing.  Dr. LaBrecque expressed thanks to those serving on the Provost’s Research Advisory Committee and said the committee’s final report will be submitted on Monday.  She also expressed pleasure that Richard Phillips had been appointed a new role at UHSSL.

      Dr. Hudson stated Mr. Phillips’ new appointment as the Associate Vice Chancellor, UH System and Vice President UH-Victoria, has been very well received by Fort Bend   leadership.

      Dean Bullock indicated the Provost’s Research Advisory Committee members, Rick Harrington, Angela Hartmann, Denise Neil, Andria Young, and Charles Bullock, had done a  great job and feels their work will make a difference in supporting our faculty in their research endeavors.  Dean Bullock reported at the last School of Business Administration faculty meeting two new programs, B.B.A. in Finance and the Master of Science in Global Finance, were approved.  He told cabinet members spring applications for the SoBA are up  by more than 50%, 322 applications compared to 209 this time last year.  Dean Bullock stated Louisiana State University at Shreveport listed UHV as an aspirant school. 

Dean Di Leo reported the Café Scientifique outreach event in Sugar Land had been successful with upward to 70 people in attendance.  The next School of Arts and Science outreach event will be the November 29, Off the Clock event at the Woodlawn Bowling Alley.  The SoAS Quality Assurance Committee is currently working on policies, procedures and getting better feedback.  Dean Di Leo reported the M.S. in Publishing is almost ready. He also said he was putting together a national advisory committee consisting of 50 people from around the country for the MS in Publishing and was also being interviewed by the National Book Critics Circle concerning ABR and the possible publishing masters program.  Dean Di Leo encouraged cabinet members to attend the reception at Dorothy Alcorn’s home in support of the ABR reading series.

      Dean Stansell reported at the Annual Convention of Texas State Reading Association  (TSRA), that the Board of Directors unanimously approved housing its official publication, Texas Reading Report (TRR), at UHV.  TRR will become a virtual journal, featuring articles, book reviews, editorial pieces, and discussion boards which will allow TSRA members around the state to interact about research, best practices and issues related to literacy education.  There will be a link to the TRR page on the TSRA home page, and one on the TRR page to SoEHD’s home page.  Dean Stansell feels with UHV’s reading Master’s program now entirely on line that this should be a significant marketing tool.  Dr. Steve   Trowbridge is the new Editor of TRR, which will remain at UHV after his editorship is completed.  Drs. Patton, Klages, and Stansell met with Dean Bob Wimpleberg and his colleagues from UH Main Campus at UHSSL to discuss course partnering in the 4-8 program that UHV is offering at that site beginning in spring 2008.  Preparations for SoEHD’s CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) accreditation visit for the counseling program are progressing, with the visit occurring as early as late spring 2008.  Dean Stansell announced a luncheon meeting with SoEHD and Nursing faculty, as well as Dr. Holm from SoAS, and community members to discuss the    PARTNERS project, their after-school tutoring and mentoring project for youth in low-   income and unstable neighborhoods.  He announced PARTNERS now has a new and larger  location on Laurent Street. SoEHD believes there are significant research opportunities involved, and continues to explore sources for external funding.

      Dr. Hartshorn announced Nursing is still working with the Coordinating Board on the proposal for the School of Nursing.  She reported the SACS report had been completed and was being sent to the Provost’s office.  The generic Master’s program will now be called Alternate Entry Program.  The Alternate Entry Program clinical activity standards are from 4 different agencies.  UHV will be the only school in the state of Texas with the Alternate Entry Program.  Dr. Hartshorn reported due to a 100% nursing student participation for the December 9 pinning ceremony at the Merrell Center a larger room is being requested.  She also noted a need for a larger classroom in Sugar Land.

      Mr. Phillips reported the following.  D’An Caskey was interviewed on KAVU concerning the UH Homecoming Football Game.  Over 200 are expected to attend from Victoria and Sugar Land. The UHSSL campus will be closed at noon on November 21 due to plumbing construction.  The George Foundation will send their first million payment on their $4 million pledge after their November 27 board meeting.  Friends of the University       donations are beginning to come in and he reiterated his appreciation for and the   importance of UHV’s internal support. 

      Ms. White noted that Student Senate activities have slowed down due to the end of the semester but indicated they were having a meeting to cover the Giving Tree Event on     December 3 and the planning of the finals food for the end of the semester.  She noted   members of the Student Senate would be meeting and greeting the guests at the November 15 Board of Regents meeting here in Victoria.

      Mr. Faulk announced that UHV was hosting the University System Staff Executive Council  (USSEC) meeting in conjunction with the Board of Regents meeting on November 15.  He reported the Student Senate-sponsored craft sale had taken place and the participants were already working on a better time for next year’s sale.  The next Staff Council meeting is scheduled for November 29.

Dr. Dahlstrom reported the library has been providing information to help with the MS in  Publishing and the MSN proposals.  He also stated that he met with Randy Vivian and encouraged a speedy process for the Chamber’s review of UHV’s possible downward

      Mr. Beran stated he had just returned from serving on an off-site SACS review in Atlanta,    GA.  To provide better student service, Mr. Beran announced UHV would be partnering with UH on bringing in a consultant for Financial Aid.  Mr. Beran and Mr. Phillips visited with   Betty McCrohan, Wharton County College President, concerning the 5,000 square foot county library.  Mr. Beran noted the City of Sugar Land has plans to build a $74 million structure on their 52 acres.

      Dr. Rice noted that Michael Ruland is working to enhance UHV's recycling program.  This    is a part of the overall plan UHV is developing as part of our agreement with the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.  She recently attended a meeting of   the Mid-Coast Education Alliance, a partnership between education and industry to ensure that the industrial plants in our region are developing the workforce they need to meet future needs.  They will need to hire a large number of people at associate, bachelor's and master's  degrees in the next ten years.  Currently UHV is the only university represented.  Dr. Rice reminded cabinet members of the following important dates--

      Dr. Ramamoorthy reported he had just returned from the Netherlands where he had  presented at a conference.  He reported one of UFEC’s October meeting topics of discussion was concerning policies across the system on searches for academic administrators.  The  senate is also was working on filling replacement members for the grievance committee to handle a couple of faculty grievances.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 30.        Dr. Ramamoorthy reported Laura Smith had spoken to the Faculty Senate on faculty  completing a one page application for faculty members. 
Ms. L. Smith is working on a 1 page application form for faculty history that is separate  from the background checks.

Ms. Norgard indicated a Title V evaluator had been on campus and that UHV had received a good evaluation having met all objectives and goals for our first year.  She apprised cabinet of the UHV’s graduation web site statistics, from October 14-November 13 we had 1,500 hits. Most hits on the site were for the graduation regalia and the graduation steps.  Ms. Norgard reported positive feedback from the students concerning the web site.  PeopleSoft questions are out their live and ready for the spring registration, providing instructions for  registration, financial aid, and payments.  Ms. Norgard expressed kudos to the Student Senate members that assisted with the testing of this site. Statistical graduation and retention data    handouts were distributed and discussed. 

      Dr. Hudson expressed kudos for all those individuals that worked on the President’s Annual Report, reporting he had received good feedback.  He announced Javier Espinosa, President of the Universidad Internacional, will be visiting UHV and attending our fall commencement.  There was a brief discussion on moving UHV’s budget process to January/February, at which time Dr. Hudson requested the deans meet with Mr. Beran to   discuss and bring back to cabinet.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton