9:30 A.M. Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, R. Faulk, Ferguson, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

I.    Guests--D’An Caskey, Eunice Mesa, Laura Baker, Zoeann Byerly, Marci Wallace

 Ms. Caskey and Ms. Mesa provided an update to the cabinet on UHVconnect, reporting  membership is now up to 1,078 with a good mix of alumni and students.  Something new to    UHVconnect is the link to Career Connection.  Under this link you can view:  Job Openings, Submit a Job Opening, Search Resumes, Mentoring Opportunities, and Member’s Business Listing.  Currently under Job Openings there are 423 jobs posted and UHVconnect is   actively pursuing other companies to participate.  Another link on the UHVconnect site that has been found to be useful is the Event Calendar.  This link provides a list of all UHV’s events and has been helpful in keeping our students connected to what is going on.  Another popular link is the Online Store.  A future goal is to make this a one stop shopping place for all UHV merchandise.  Career Services' future goals are to recognize companies that hire UHV students and alumni, developing internships and paid sponsorship on job postings.  Next semester a possible revenue generating event will be a virtual job fair.  

Dr. Hudson complimented this group by stating a tremendous amount of progress has been made in short period of time.  He did express concern on the university’s responsibility for the validity of the job postings and resumes and that possibly a disclaimer statement should be added.

II.  Organizational Business

The minutes of the October 10, 2007, meeting was unanimously approved as written.

III. Business

      Dr. Hudson announced Dr. Renu Khator has been named as the next UH System chancellor. As a member of the Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors, Dr. Hudson
reported he and other CPUPC members have been invited to a meeting with Representative   Dan Branch, Chair of the Select House Committee on Higher and Public Education Finance, to discuss how higher education in Texas is funded.  Following the Austin meeting he will travel to Houston to attend an Off-Campus Operations meeting to discuss off-campus program delivery for the entire UH System. 

IV. Roundtable

      Mr. Ferguson indicated that the video streaming network problem that has affected the nursing video function has been fixed.  He also announced the Lighting Ceremony  commemorating UHV’s connection to the LEARN has been rescheduled for November 28. 

Dr. Rice announced she had a productive meeting concerning transfer students at Austin Community College (ACC) with Dr. Virginia Murillo, Dean of Students Riverside Campus, and April Bagwell Wenske.  Ms. Wenske currently has an office space 3 days a week at ACC.  Dr. Rice is working with Diane Prince on getting the Certificate in Adult and Higher Education ready to pilot with ACC.  Dr. Rice briefed cabinet on UHV’s fall commencement, noting the guest speaker will be United States Senator John Cornyn.  She also briefly discussed whether Sunday commencement ceremonies were preferable to Saturday events.  The cabinet decided this topic would be revisited after the fall commencement.  Dr. Rice noted she had met with Regent Morgan Dunn O’Connor on the downward expansion and reported Regent O’Connor emphasized the community would really have to show they want a 4-year university here. Dr. Rice reported she had spoken to 2 community organizations in the past week that have allowed her the opportunity to discuss the downward expansion.  Potential retreat dates will be circulated by Dr. Rice for the January Cabinet Retreat.

      Dean Stansell reported Dr. Jane Fry, Coordinator for the School of Education and Human  Development’s Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) accreditation effort, along with Drs. Tim Berkey and Carol Klages will be attending a workshop in Delaware on  preparing the Inquiry Brief for TEAC accreditation.  The Inquiry Brief is a detailed document which states the goals and objectives of the programs to be accredited, the data     used to demonstrate attainment of these goals and objectives, and how this data is used    for program improvement.  Once the brief has been submitted and reviewed by TEAC,  an audit team visits the campus to insure the brief information is accurate.  He also noted the AED faculty members are working on the development of a cohort of approximately 30 students in Stafford ISD.  The second Lamar CISD cohort has begun taking classes this fall.

      Mr. Beran said Dr. Max Castillo has joined Dr. Hudson in signing on to be a part of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.  He also reported at the    last CFO meeting budget processes were discussed and noted UHV may need to move their   budget hearings to February.  There was a discussion about the other campuses experiencing issues with workers’ compensation and probation employees.  These issues have been sent to legal for review. In the past any on campus construction projects over $300,000 had to be  reported to UHS for approval, but this amount has now been raised to $1 million. Mr. Beran indicated there are new incentive funding projected numbers, with UHV proposed to receive $365,502. 

      Mr. Faulk reported at the October 12 system-wide staff council meeting the following items  were discussed tuition reimbursement across campuses and college release programs being  used for other things.  The UHV Student Senate-sponsored craft sale is scheduled for November 12.

Ms. White commented UHV student senate members are building relationships with The Victoria College student senate members.  She reported 4 senate members and she will serve as members on the forum of The Victoria College STAR program.  Ms. White stated an invitation has been extended to The Victoria College choir to perform at the Giving Tree event in December.  Plans are to possibly host a pizza party and have goody bags and brochures and use the opportunity as a recruiting event.  The senate members will be selling roses and assisting at the fall commencement ceremony.

Mr. Phillips reported the buses and the tailgating events have been secured for the November 17 UH homecoming football game.  He announced the annual campaigned kicked off with 100% participation by cabinet members and thanked everyone for their contribution.  He noted they are running a little behind on unit visits for the campaign but reported more than 100 employees have already signed up. Mr. Phillips reported letters have been mailed for the campaign with $5,000 having already been received.  

Dr. Hudson noted annual funds often get a bad rap because of the cost of raising a dollar, but UHV does not spend a lot on administrative cost due to this being handled in-house.

      Dr. Dahlstrom told cabinet members community college funding had been restored by the

      Dr. Di Leo reported on a number of recruiting visits to Houston Community College and a   2+2 agreement with Brazosport College.  He mentioned there will be more events at Sugar Land for students, faculty and staff to promote the School of Arts and Sciences programs. The Woodlawn Bowling Alley will be the site of the next Off the Clock event hosted by SoAS.  The ABR web site will launch on October 25.  Dr. Di Leo also reported Ad Graphics  was producing the first issues of the American Book Review.

      Dr. Hartshorn reported for the spring semester the BSN program will have 27 students from  Sugar Land and 4 students from Victoria.  She also reported the MSN approval has been delayed once again.  The new program request is scheduled to be reviewed by the staff committee on December 12 and is scheduled to go to Coordinating Board Review committee in January.  Dr. Hartshorn noted the grant with The Victoria College has been finished. She advised the cabinet of a partnership program with nursing, education, and business that  would start a health clinic at a new location.  She indicated Dr. Gunasekera had completed the DNA proposal. 

      Ms. Smith distributed State Employee Charitable Contribution booklets and noting the deadline to participate is October 31.  She stated donations could either be by payroll   deduction or a one-time donation.

      Dr. Ramamoorthy said UFEC is brainstorming about another conference, the topic of which  
is to be determined, based on the success of the last year's international conference. 

Ms. Norgard indicated there will be a PeopleSoft 4-day query training the week of November 26 that will train staff in pulling data from the database.  She advised cabinet members that Grover Campbell had contacted UH System Student Affairs leaders about a legislative mandate that will require us to establish risk management programs for all student organizations.  Ms. Norgard passed out 2 handouts for onsite (face-to-face and ITV) enrollments for UHSSL and UHSCR.  Discussion followed with a request for information on how many students are being served from Sugar Land.

      Dean Bullock reported Dr. Hudson, Dr. Wang, and he had visited 4 Chinese cities in10 days, and 5 universities in 6 days.  120,000 students were represented at the 5 universities and UHV has signed agreements at each of these universities. 

      Dr. Hudson expressed kudos to Dean Bullock and Dr. Wang on doing a great job in organizing these meetings with the Chinese universities.  He noted UHV has a great international faculty that has done a tremendous job in building relationships. 

Dr. LaBrecque stated, at Dr. Di Leo’s request, while visiting New York she had attended a Romanian Embassy ABR event and had represented Dr. Hudson at a System meeting on Allied Health issues.  Dr. LaBrecque reported the Provost’s Research Advisory Group will    have their report on faculty research ready by Thanksgiving.  Provost’s coffees are scheduled to start at the Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch campuses this Friday, followed by coffees in Victoria.   Dr. LaBrecque reported faculty members are interested in looking at different  ways they are evaluated.  She noted Chari Norgard had attended a leadership one stop shop for financial aid and admissions in Austin that basically covered how to address student   enrollment and registration issues.   

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton