9:30 A.M., Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Phillips, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  R. Faulk, Ramamoorthy

I.   Organizational Business

Dean Bullock moved and Dr. Stansell seconded to approve the minutes of the September 26 meeting as written.
Motion carried unanimously

II. Business

A.. Enrollment Briefing--Dr. LaBrecque

Dr. LaBrecque shared a handout and updated cabinet members on the admissions and enrollment for fall 2007.  She reported UHV is up in all categories, with a current headcount of 2,784.  Dr. LaBrecque also shared a snapshot handout that broke the schools down into the following categories:  the headcount by school of major, semester credit hours by instructional area and semester credit hours by school of major.  A brief discussion followed on topping off of online courses, hybrid courses, staying on top of the trends and “one stop shop” with portals.  Dr. Hudson requested a 5-year trend data report for the next cabinet meeting.

III. Roundtable

Mr. Ferguson reporting IT is working to get the Nursing video function up to full speed.  He also shared a handout with 5 options to increase bandwidth for Sugar Land.  After reviewing and discussing this information, it was decided that Mr. Ferguson would meet with Dr. LaBrecque and Mr. Beran and make a recommendation.

Dr. Rice reported she is working on wrapping up the preliminary research study on the 4-year issue, moving forward with the Austin Community College recruiting endeavor, and commencement.  She reminded everyone of the November 6 President’s Annual Report.  She reported that tables are available for those who would like to purchase one.  A list of those who respond to invitations will be posted on the P drive as RSVPs are received.  (P:\AllUHV\Communications and Marketing)  Dr. Rice asked for feedback on the “President’s Updates” and it was noted they have been well received.

Dean Stansell reported he has a meeting on November 8 with UH Main Campus to discuss 4-8 certification programs and how they will deliver these courses.  He also reported on several School of Education and Human Development alumni:

Mr. Beran reported a new UHV Administrative office has been established in Sugar Land room 118A.  The room accommodations include a 6-seat conference table and 2 computer work stations.  This room will be reserved through Kathy Walton for those administrators needing a location for meetings while at the Sugar Land campus.  Mr. Beran reported he had just returned from a Chief Financial Officers' meeting where Susan Brown of the Coordinating Board discussed the $100 million incentive funding.  He noted "increase in graduate rates" has been added to the computation.  This will allow UHV to receive additional funding for FY 09 over what had been reported in the September 26 minutes.

Dr. Hartshorn announced UHV had submitted a grant with The Victoria College.  She also stated the Army will be hosting a recruitment luncheon for our students. Dr. Hartshorn stated UHV will recruit with UH Main’s pre nursing students.  After meetings with Citizens and DeTar hospitals Dr. Hartshorn noted neither hospital sees a role for the MSN graduates program.  Dr. Hartshorn will be meeting with all the Methodist Hospital nursing administrators to recruit for the master’s program.  She reported the nursing program is struggling with the GRE and GMAT test scoring system and indicated they are working on a critical thinking tool.   A consultant for Allied Health has been hired and will be on campus in early November to identify some specific areas with the greatest need.

Ms. White indicated another senate member and she had met with The Victoria College’s Student Senate Association and had been invited to attend one of their meetings.  UHV’s Student Senate is in the process of coordinating and scheduling a luncheon meeting between the two groups.  Ms. White feels this will provide a forum to open the dialog between the two campuses on the downward expansion issue.  The Victoria College is hosting Star Connection with 120 high school students attending and has invited Ms. White to be a part of the questions and answers panel where students can ask questions about university environment.

Mr. Phillips announced 100% participation by the Presidents Cabinet in the One for All Campaign.  He also reported $650,000 in pledges/payments for last fiscal year.  UHV has received a check for $15,000 from the Wood Family Foundation for scholarships.  Mr. Phillips reported that approximately 80 in attended the Off the Clock event, with 15 being first-timers. UHVconnect is now up to 1,056 members.  Mr. Phillips also reported results of the downward expansion survey were overwhelmingly in favor of further exploration and that the final report would soon be given to the president.

Dr. Dahlstrom reported the media viewing rooms in the library are still without walls.

Dean Bullock indicated the B.B.A. in Finance and the M.S. in Global Finance is moving through the approval process. He also announced he had a meeting in Houston with one of the deans from China.  He felt this would provide a great opportunity for growth and discussion in the 4 + 1 Global MBA program.  Dean Bullock reported he is planning a meeting with President Zack Hodges and others that could lead to potential classes in Education and Business at HCC Northwest.  The feedback on the pilot program for the Texas Principals Excellence Program was overwhelming with TEA requesting 2nd and 3rd year programs.

Dean Di Leo announced the School of Arts and Sciences (SoAS) had hosted a faculty retreat at the Ci9tizens HealthPlex where the topics of discussion were teaching and research expectations.  He reported SoAS has hired 6 people, with 5 of them being housed in Sugar Land.  One of the Sugar Land hires was for a recruiting coordinator that will also be helping with marketing graphic design.  Dean Di Leo reported he is looking into ways to help UHV reach Hispanic Service Institution designation. Dean Di Leo presented an ABR update, noting Dr. Charlie Alcorn and he had presented at the Rotary on October 19.  He also noted on October 24 the American Book Review will be printed and distributed in Victoria for the first time. The next ABR Reading Series guest speaker will be R. M. Berry, on October 25.  Dean Di Leo encouraged everyone to attend this event as Dr. Berry was instrumental in bringing UHV to us.  The ABR website is almost ready to be launched and Dean Di Leo expressed his kudos to Marci Wallace and Eric Chacon for their help.  Dean Di Leo announced Dr. Mel Damodaran had received a $25,000 grant from Work Source Solutions that would provide 25 computer science students with $1,000 scholarships.

Ms. Smith reminded cabinet of the kickoff for the State Employee Charitable Campaign. Books and enrollment forms can be picked up in the Human Resource office. 

Ms. Norgard announced that UHV’s graduation website was going live in a few days and could be found at www.uhv.edu/graduation.  She reported on the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission’s transportation survey.  There were 132 UHV and 354 VC students that participated in this survey.  As a result of this survey, Victoria Transit will extend service for the evenings at the college.  Ms. Norgard brought to cabinet’s attention that UHV’s Grammatically Correct listserve started out with 108 subscriptions and are now up to 577 subscriptions with 20 different countries subscribing.

Dr. LaBrecque stated that Academic Affairs has been focusing on faculty involvement and working on workload and research issues.  She also announced she has scheduled faculty coffees for Victoria, Sugar Land, and Cinco Ranch campuses to meet with faculty members to discuss their concerns and issues and to provide support.  Dr. LaBrecque noted at the Coordinating Board meeting on Academic Excellence UHV was granted permission to study the master’s degree in Nursing. 

Dr. Hudson

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton