9:30 a.m., Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Bullock

I.  Organizational Business

Mr. Ferguson moved and Dr. Stansell seconded to approve the minutes of the September 12 meeting as written.
Motion carried unanimously

II. Business

III. Roundtable

Mr. Ferguson had good news to report; UHV now has high speed internet service.  Now that this new service has been completed, Mr. Ferguson indicated UHV has been contacted from outside entities about using our service.  As the final step in the fiber optic cables being turned on, a “Lighting Ceremony” is being scheduled for sometime in October.

Dr. Rice announced she is continuing to gather information about downward expansion. She noted she is working on the Austin Community College (ACC) partnership for a   certificate in Adult and Higher Education and that a conference call has been scheduled with the presidents to further this endeavor.  She indicated that April Bagwell will soon begin recruiting full-time at ACC and that “Try UHV Scholarships” will be made available to ACC students.  Dr. Rice announced the Nursing Pinning Ceremony will be held at noon at the Merrell Center in Katy on the same day as UHV’s fall commencement, December 9. 

Dean Stansell identified an exciting partnership being formed with the Iman Academy in Houston.  Dr. Barba Patton and Dean Stansell met and discussed how UHV could assist this academy in meeting SACS requirements.  The principals will need to go through UHV's AED graduate program, while the teachers will need to go through VOICE for certification.  Dean Stansell noted they would like to start this program in January.  “Try UHV Scholarships” are going to be made available to as many as 40 of these students.  This initiative will boost enrollment and provide research opportunities as this student body is made up of 30 different nationalities.

Mr. Faulk indicated at the last Staff Council Meeting Mr. Ron Klinger, Training &    Development Specialist, promoted professional development of staff by presenting   information on the Texas Educational Support Staff Association (TESA). Mr. Klinger discussed how through Staff Training Effective Management (STEM) a staff member could become a Certified Educational Office Professional.  Mr. Faulk also announced there would be another craft sale this year. 

Ms. White reported she had participated in the UHS Associations meeting.  She announced, as part of the Title V Grant, on November 2 Coastal Bend College students will be visiting UHV mentors. The December Student Senate meeting is going to be held at the UHSSL campus.  Ms. White indicated that Student Senate members will be assisting with fall commencement.

Dr. Hartshorn stated a consultant has been contacted for Allied Health and they are developing survey tools.  Nursing is working on the BNE reports and the grant with Victoria College is in progress. 

Mr. Phillips reported the ad hoc committee on downward expansion has sent a survey to all UHV.  He stated the “Comments” section of the one question survey is a very important piece in that it provides the opportunity for everyone to have a voice.  He noted Dr. Don Smith has been added to this ad hoc committee as a resource person.  An analysis consisting  of faculty, staff, and student opinions will be provided to the president to provide him an   internal perspective.  UHV connect membership is now up to 1,014.  A Career Services piece will be added in the near future to the UHVconnect site as a networking opportunity to assist students and alumni looking for work.  Mr. Phillips reminded cabinet members of the October 4 “Off the Clock” and encouraged all to attend and to bring a member of the community to join UHV students, alumni, faculty, and staff for this event.  He also announced that the Friends of the University campaign is getting ready to begin and that Ms. Robin Cadle will be around to visit everyone.

Dr. Dahlstrom indicated he had received good responses so far on the library’s new security system.  He reported the new software is halfway loaded that prohibits anonymous logins on the library computers and the process is running smoothly.  In an attempt to get to know his counterparts in the state, Dr. Dahlstrom has accepted the position of chair of the Texas Council of Academic Libraries.  Dr. Dahlstrom requested the hall directory boards in the University Center building be updated and the Media Library’s name be removed.

Dean Di Leo reported the School of Arts and Sciences has completed filling several staff positions; a new recruiting assistant for Victoria, a new senior secretary for Sugar Land, and the school has made an offer for an online technician for Sugar Land.  Dean Di Leo noted the space given to staff in Sugar Land was appreciated and would make a huge difference to our students and guests at the UHSSL campus.  In discussing new programs Dean Di Leo noted the first draft of the MS in Publishing has been completed and that he and Dr. Mel Damodaran have visited with Houston Community College Southwest to discuss our gaming programs. Dean Di Leo reported Dagoberto Gilb, our last ABR Series guest speaker, was a great success with good feedback and wonderful attendance at his presentation.  Community members attending the Gilb events have encouraged UHV to consider opening a center that would take the lead in exploring and introducing Mexican American literature and culture. Dr. Hudson recommended Dean Di Leo work with Chari Norgard and Vic Padelford to see   how we become a Hispanic Serving Institute.

Mr. Beran introduced Ernest Amador as UHV’s new Communications Coordinator. He advised the cabinet that the Survey of Organizational Excellence Questionnaire will be emailed on October 1 and encouraged everyone to respond.  Mr. Beran also reported he and Darin Kazmir, Marketing and Creative Services Coordinator, had attended a very productive meeting on Sugar Land/Cinco Ranch marketing, along with UH personnel and Consultant Joe Pogge.  Mr. Beran provided cabinet members with a handout on the $100 million incentive funding set aside by the governor.  The computation of incentive funding was broken down as follows--students who received degrees, at-risk students who received a degree in a non-critical field and non-at-risk students who received a degree in a critical field, and at-risk students who received a degree in a critical field.  After 2 meetings 2 models came forward and the natural break in the bell shape curve was the top 12 out of 34 institutions.  Dr. Hudson and Mr. Beran agreed that this system will affect future rounds of funding and that it does not reward the universities with the constant steady increase in growth.  The handout showed UHV would receive $205,428. This amount received may change before it is final.

Dr. Ramamoorthy announced the next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be October 5.  He reported the Nursing faculty members are electing their representatives.  He noted he had  attended the UFEC meeting where Dr. Foss presented an update on the UHS Health Sciences Leadership Committee.  Dr. Ramamoorthy said he had tickets to share to the UH Cougars game against East Carolina for September 29.

Ms. Norgard reported as a result of the Virginia Tech tragedy a draft document had been prepared to assist students, faculty and staff in recognizing and referring students who may be experiencing emotional difficulty.  This document will be posted on the web and in other appropriate locations. She expressed kudos to Danny Ochoa and his staff for his part in making the Hispanic Heritage Month events a success.  Ms. Norgard announced a student satisfaction survey is scheduled to go out in the next couple of weeks.  Students will be notified via WebCT, or via mail and email if they are only enrolled in face-to-face courses.. On October 9-11 the feasibility testing of the PeopleSoft instructions will be conducted.  Ms. Norgard said she is also looking for jaguar mascot costumes.

Ms. Smith reported UHV’s Victor’s Corporate Cup teams took 2nd in Golf, our all-time best, and 2nd in bowling.  She shared handouts on new IRS regulations concerning 403 (b)   (7) programs.  Effective, September 25, 2007, employees will now have to get approval of the human resource’s office in the following areas--transfers, distribution requests, loan requests, and new account openings. These changes are for the 403 (b)(7) programs and will not affect those individuals that participate in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) or voluntary 457 Deferred Compensation Program.  Ms. Smith also passed out a handout on  background checks, What is Legal and What is Not.  After consulting with legal, UHV will be changing their employment application form to include “Have you ever been convicted of  a criminal offense (other than a traffic violation) including DWI/DUI or received deferred adjudication?  (Listed criminal offenses will not necessarily bar you from employment with the University of Houston-Victoria.)  If yes, please describe in full detail, including dates, criminal offenses, location (city and state) and disposition.    

Dr. LaBrecque handed out the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Fall 2007 Preliminary Headcount Enrollment sheet for UHV.  She also noted as of 9/25/07 UHV’s preliminary semester credit hour count was 20,675.  Dr. LaBrecque noted that she has requested PeopleSoft query training in order for our staff to be able to manipulate the system to get the information we need for reporting purposes.  She also reported that she and Chari Norgard had attended an AAS meeting, and at that meeting it was announced that UHV leads the state with 64.84% in off-campus and online course delivery.   She stated another topic that was discussed and that needs to be addressed was the bookstore and the textbooks for online courses.   

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton