9:30 a.m., Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Beran, Bullock, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, L. Smith, White

Absent:  Stansell

Replacement for Dean Stansell:  Andria Young

I.   Guest

 Joni Brown, Air Victoria Environmental Programs Coordinator & Victoria Clean Cities Coordinator, educated Cabinet members on how ground-level ozone affects everyone.  She explained the impact air pollution has on everyone’s health, especially children, elderly, and those that work or exercise outdoors.  She noted air pollution forecasts can be found in the Victoria Advocate or by logging onto www.airvictoria.org.  She complimented UHV on being an active member of Air Victoria.

II. Organizational Business

The minutes of the August 22, 2007, meeting was unanimously approved as written.

III. Business

Dr. Hudson inquired as to where we were in the process of nominating a student to serve as the Student Regent.  Ms. Norgard reported we are also in the process of finding a student representative to serve on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Dr. Hudson encouraged these processes to move forward in order to allow UHV students the opportunity to serve and represent their university.

IV. Roundtable Discussion

Mr. Ferguson reported a successful signal was received after the splice between Houston and Corpus Christi was completed.  There are still a few technical issues but Information Technology will conduct tests in the next few days and have plans to bring up the bandwidth this weekend.  Mr. Ferguson stated we are within a week to a week in half of seeing fruition.

Dr. Rice reminded cabinet members of the upcoming President’s Regional Advisory Board (PRAB) meeting.  She stated the PRAB agenda would cover UHV history and plans for the future.  She also shared names and background information of the new PRAB members.  Dr. Rice reported she is still working on research concerning the downward expansion.

Mr. Beran indicated the ad for UHV’s Director Marketing position has been picked up by several different internet sites and is creating a lot of activity.  He also reported the new UHSSL building is moving a little ahead of schedule and once the county finishes installing a road we will be breaking ground. 

Dr. Hartshorn announced the Board of Nursing Examiners have chosen not to conduct an onsite visit to UHV again and reported we should receive formal approval notification shortly. She reported the Nursing Program is working on 1 grant with Victoria College to investigate the use of BSN prepared faculty.  The psychology faculty are also working on a grant to the CURE Epilepsy group which is based upon the work they completed as a result of the funding from the Parks Foundation.  This grant can award up to $100,000. 

Dr. Hudson reported one area of performance-based funding is degrees in critical areas and   nursing falls in this area.  Another area of additional funding is to be a Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI).  To become an HSI university, the percentage of Hispanics served has to be 25% and currently UHV is at 18%.

Dr. Hudson announced this is the year UHV is scheduled to update its web site.  He indicated he would like to see UHV make our web site more user friendly for our students and guests.

Mr. Phillips shared an update on UHVconnect.  Currently we have 865 members, far exceeding expectations and confirming an increasing awareness of the site.  Each member spends an average of 7 minutes on the site, which indicates they are participating, not just browsing.  Mr. Phillips announced the downward expansion ad hoc committee is working and hopes to provide a report back to the president no later than the end of October.  The 2007-2008 initial “Off the Clock” event will be October 4, at Tejas Cafe and Bar.  The theme will be Alumni UHVconnect, with an emphasis on outreach; everyone is encouraged to bring a guest.

Ms. White announced the Student Senate office is now up and functional.  She stated they have received donated art work and have requested an updated computer for their new office.  She reported there are plans in the work for an Open House event to share this new space with our student body.  Ms. White reported they have 2 new senate members but still need to fill 5 positions.  There are plans for a fall fund raising event that will assist with funding to allow 12 students to attend conferences.  Ms. White stated the Student Senate will be participating in the Hispanic Heritage Parade and announced the “Meet the Leaders” social.   

Dr. Young, sitting in for Dean Stansell, announced enrollment was up by 9% in the School of Education and Human Development.  She reported the school is currently working on their Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).  Currently there are 46 institutions with TEAC accreditation.  Dr. Young stated Dr. Barba Patton has 8 Master Math students going to the Southwest Education Research Association (SERA) conference to present their research.

Dr. Dahlstrom briefly shared a security matter at the library concerning an issue where The Victoria College Police Department had to be called.  Dr. Dahlstrom stated, in responding to student complaints, the library is implementing a new security system on their computers that allows an individual to log in once a day for an hour. 

Ms. Norgard reported out of 383 students that were zapped for nonpayment only 12 students ended up not paying thanks to phone calls made by student services staff to assist these students.  Ms. Norgard noted she is working on instructions for enrollment to be placed on UHV’s web site by November 1, just in time for spring registration.  The instructions will be tested by Student Senate members prior to posting to insure usability.  Also noted was a collaborative effort between Student and Academic Services (SAS) and Nursing.  Health fairs are planned for November and April, with 2 fairs planned at each of the Sugar Land and Victoria campuses.  Ms. Norgard reported SAS is wrapping up a graduation web site.  In trying to streamline information to students, packets will no longer be sent out to graduating students, instead a postcard linking them to a URL for the fall Katy information and spring Victoria information will be sent.

Dean Di Leo stated over the past 2 fall semesters the School of Arts and Sciences has grown by almost 25%.  He said there will be staff changes in Sugar Land with staff now being housed in the main building. Dr. Di Leo reported the American Book Review Reading (ABR) Series guest, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, was a huge success, with packed audiences at all three of her speaking venues.  The next ABR event will be September 20, with the energetic speaker Dagoberto Gilb helping us celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Mr. Faulk reported the first Staff Council meeting of the new fiscal year will be September 20.  Ron Klinger will present training opportunities for staff at the Staff Council meeting.

Ms. Smith encouraged everyone to participate and join in the festivities at the upcoming Corporate Cup scheduled to begin on September 20.

Dr. Ramamoorthy reported that a Faculty Senate ad hoc resolution was presented that will include nursing representation on the Faculty Senate.  He noted that Dr. Somasundaram has been appointed to the Health Initiative Committee of UH System consisting of the four presidents of UHS and one faculty representative from each senate.  Dr. Ramamoorthy also stated that Faculty Senate members are concerned over students being allowed to join classes in the 3rd and 4th weeks of the semester.  He also mentioned there was a GRE requirement discussion at the last meeting but this item was tabled and will be discussed at a later date. 

Dean Bullock announced the School of Business Administration (SoBA) is getting ready to submit their academic report on the MBA survey to the Provost’s office.  He reported   improvement in 4 courses, noting the assessment process is working.  He also reported the Texas Principals Excellence Program in Dallas had 180 principals and 30 superintendents/service center representatives in attendance.  Dean Bullock said the TEA representative has indicated an interest in discussing plans for the next 2 years.  SoBA is also moving      forward on a Business of Medical Certificate, a non-credited certificate, with Oak Bend and   Methodist Hospitals.  Dean Bullock reported SoBA exceeded 1,000 students for the first time this fall.

Dr. LaBrecque, as UHV’s representative on the Chancellor’s Search Committee, reported the search is on time and on target.  They have been conducting semi-finalists interviews.  She noted the finalists will be narrowed to 3-5 people to be interviewed by the Board of Regents and the regents will select the finalist.  She noted the Academic Affairs office will be looking at faculty workload and study abroad in the new fiscal year.  Dr. LaBrecque reported she had met with Mexican educator Leticia Becerril, along with other UHV officials, to see about establishing a nursing cohort.  Provost LaBrecque reported she has been busy having just completed the New Faculty Orientation and preparing for upcoming meetings with the Fort Bend Advisory Committee and the new Research Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton