President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Bullock, Di Leo, Faulk, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Norgard, Phillips, Ramamoorthy, Rice, Smith, Stansell, White

Absent:  Beran, Dahlstrom, Ferguson

I.  Organizational Business

The minutes of the August 8, 2007, meeting was unanimously approved as written.

II. Business

--Dr. Hudson requested budget managers work together on developing a process before next year that would improve on notifying employees of their next year’s salaries.

--Dr. Hudson announced that UHV needs to nominate a student to serve as the Student Regent, a nonvoting, official member of the Board of Regents.   All regent appointments are made by the Governor of Texas. 

--Dr. Hudson expressed congratulations to everyone involved in the UHV Athletic Logo Unveiling event. 

Dr. Hudson welcomed Chari Norgard, Senior Director of Student and Academic Services, as a new member of the cabinet.

III. Roundtable Discussion 

Ms. Norgard reported calls will be made to students as soon as the list of unpaid students is received from the Bursar’s office, to see if the student is having a problem or if we can be of assistance. She also announced she has plans to arrange a meeting with the Bursar's office, Finance, and Admissions to address PeopleSoft instructions for students.  She is planning to improve the instructions on using PeopleSoft and place these instructions in one location on the web.   Ms. Norgard proposed having Student Senate assist with testing of the new instructions.  Charles Bullock also suggested the formation of a "one-stop shop."   Discussed was the need for front line staff to handle general registration, financial aid, and payment functions and manage high-volume student calls.  Ms. Norgard will report back to the cabinet on this issue entailing what it will take to establish this type of unit.  Also, discussed was the need for portals; currently students have 5 to 6 different passwords as do faculty and staff.

Dr. LaBrecque
shared enrollment figures with the cabinet.  As of August 21, 2007, UHV’s fall semester headcount was 2731 compared to last year’s twelfth class day of 2652.   UHSSL enrollments numbers are currently 901 compared to 738 this time last year.  Cinco Ranch reported they are up by 11%, noting the School of Education and Human Development is offering the right courses at the right time.  Discussion followed on tracking location of students.   

Dr. Rice shared a copy of the events calendar, noting the date change of the President’s Annual Report and Awards Ceremony that has been moved to November 6.  In order to be a gracious neighbor, this event date was changed to accommodate other community events.  Dr. Rice reported that President Hudson has signed on, in a leadership role, to be a part of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. She believes Dr. Hudson is the first university president in the state of Texas to do so. This commits UHV to establish a plan to take steps to reduce greenhouse gases and pursue climate neutrality.  Dr. Rice thinks it would be beneficial for cabinet to know what UHV is already doing environmentally at a future meeting.   Rice requested feedback on whether cabinet members felt it would be worthwhile to participate in the team building tool, Insights Discovery System.  

Dr. Stansell reported the School of Education and Human Development has 4 new faculty members, 2 new staff, and 2 new department chairs.  He stated enrollment was up 4-5% and looks like it will continue to move up.  Dr. Stansell stated that the SoEHD’s enrollment increase is due to a large extent to Sandy Hybner’s good work as their Recruiting Coordinator in a time when their Recruiting Assistant position has been vacant.

Mr. Faulk
reported the UH System Staff Executive Committee meeting was held on August 16.  However, due to approaching storm (Erin) and beginning of semester workload, none of the Victoria representatives could be present.   He also stated he was glad to hear the discussions already beginning to better handle the added workload generated from the PeopleSoft Student center going live.

Ms. White
shared the following information concerning the Student Senate.

·        Elections will be held in September

·        Participating in the Hispanic Heritage parade

·        Hosting “Meet the Leaders” on September 17

·        Student Senate office (UC Rm. 109) will be open to students on Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., their goal is to have office open 3 days a week

·        Senate members have received their name badges and have been encouraged to wear them on campus

·        In the process of setting up a Student Senate email account

·        Senate members have been talking to students and the community about UHV becoming a 4-year school and reported they have not received any negative responses 

·        A senate member is writing an article on the research to show the impact a 4-year school would have on Victoria

·        Working on a student survey asking for input concerning a 4-year school

·        Promoting the ABR reading series

Ms. White announced she will be attending a leadership conference in Anaheim, CA, in October with other student organization presidents.

Mr. Phillips reported that over 650 participants are using UHVconnect, far exceeding original expectations.  He also reported that the elimination of the alumni relations specialist (merging duties with the development specialist D'An Caskey) was working well.  He announced that 200 tickets have been reserved (students, alumni, donors, cabinet, UHS administration, and others) for the Astros vs. Nationals game, where Coach Puhl will throw out the first pitch following a press conference, and the new UHV Jaguar logo will be shown on the big screen.  He reported that Dean Bullock had invited him to speak to the School of Business Administration faculty on the Friends of the University campaign and noted that he or Robin Cadle would be available to speak to any unit upon request of the manager.  He also noted that the participation of the faculty/staff in the FOU campaign continued to be a positive factor in fund raising and a large reason for the 60% increase in private support over the last year.   Mr. Phillips also announced a draft proposal to the System will be submitted for $5 million to name the School of Nursing.  Some discussion followed on the evolution of fund raising to a different level.  The $5 million dollars would exceed over ten years of general fund past fund raising efforts.  Mr. Phillips cautioned that the odds of earning gift of this magnitude are challenging, however, the fact that the UH System, and the executive director of the foundation are promoting the proposal is encouraging. 

Dr. Hartshorn indicated Nursing has 25 students in Sugar Land and had hired 1 new faculty member, a pediatric nurse practitioner. She announced we are collecting data and moving toward Allied Health development.  The Nursing master’s program proposal is at the Coordinating Board and scheduled to be reviewed at their October meeting.  We did lose some students due to the delay in getting the program approved.   Dr. Hartshorn shared with cabinet members the need for hurricane preparation for those with chronic medication to be prepared and take extra prescriptions with them if they have to evacuate.   

Dr. Di Leo
asked whether UHV had anything in place for emergency situations for short term loans for those faculty and staff members on a fixed budget.  He announced enrollment in the School of Arts and Sciences is up this fall.  He projected 40 new students in the MS-CIS program.  The undergraduate Psychology and Criminal Justice courses are capping out and showing record enrollments.  Arts and Sciences has hired an advising specialist in Sugar Land, a senior secretary for the American Book Review, and a senior recruitment coordinator for Victoria.  Dr. Di Leo reminded everyone of the upcoming American Book Review Reading Series guest, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on August 30.

Ms. Smith
reported the Human Resource office has been busy loading salary information and taking care of new hires.  She noted there were some issues in the first time loading of the budget module that fed into PeopleSoft, but said there will be a meeting between HR and the Budget office to decide what will work better for next year.  Ms. Smith reminded cabinet members that performance evaluations are being moved to the fall semester.  Ms. Smith announced that in the near future UHV will move to a paperless PAR system.

Dr. Ramamoorthy reported there will be a  Faculty Senate meeting the first week of September.  He also reported the Faculty Senate Executive Council is excited about the prospect of a 4-year university at UHV.  Dr. Ramamoorthy requested assistance in getting a representative for the Nursing faculty and announced there will be a Faculty Senate Retreat with the provosts and deans on August 31. Dr. Ramamoorthy also informed cabinet that Drs. Peggy Cloninger, Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Ron Sardessai and Rajan Selvarajan made a presentation at the Academy of Management Meeting on "Taking Programs Online".

Dr. Bullock
reported the School of Business Administration is experiencing enrollment growth for Fall 2007.  Applications are up 50%, 597 students compared to 398 last year.  Admittance is up by 12%, with semester credit hours up by 8%.  SoBA average class size is 21 students in undergraduate classes and 26 in graduate.  Dr. Bullock also reported on the pilot program for the Texas Principals Excellence Program. Currently they have 300 + principals scheduled to attend their September kick off programs in Houston and Dallas.  Currently there are 3 sets of 2-day workshops scheduled around the state.  This program will eventually go online and be offered year round.  Dr. Linda Hayes has been invited to present at the AACSB Assessment seminar.  Dr. Bullock noted the article in the Victoria Advocate about UHV being recognized as one of the nation’s top 5 e-schools for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dr. Hudson expressed congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment and complimented the school on making so much progress in such a short period of time. 

Dr. LaBrecque, as UHV’s representative on the Chancellor’s Search Committee, provided cabinet with an update on their progress.  Reference calls have been made and airport interviews are being scheduled for early September.  Plans are to complete all airport interviews by October and narrow the pool to 5 or 6 applicants.  The goal remains to have a new chancellor in place by January 2008.

Dr. Hudson announced the new UHS Board of Regents’ officers for FY 2008–

·        Welcome W. Wilson, Chairman

·        Calvin W. Stephens, Vice Chairman

·        Jim P. Wise, Secretary

Dr. Hudson expressed appreciation to the following for agreeing to serve on the ad hoc committee exploring the 4-year status for UHV-

·        Wayne Beran

·        Paul Carlson

·        Jeffrey Di Leo

·        Rand Faulk

·        Richard Phillips

·        Cindy Schnebly

·        Delores White 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton