President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Meeting Minutes


Present:  Bullock, Di Leo, Ferguson, Gunasekera, Hudson, Pantel, Phillips, Rice, Smith, Stansell, White       

Absent:  Beran, Dahlstrom, Hartshorn, LaBrecque

I.  Organizational Business

The minutes of the May 9, 2007 meeting were approved with additional wording added at Dr. Gunasekera’s request.

II. D. 

UHV Faculty Council Meeting, May 4, 2007, Research Resolution:

The UHV faculty senate resolve that as UHV moves forwards towards becoming a research institution, and as faculty are called upon to do more research, that faculty members be provided with incentives to carry out research in all possible and acceptable methods, especially according to the following mechanisms followed by other sister institutions in the system:

·        UHV set up a research institute foundation (or use the current UH System Foundation) for faculty to submit a grant, where the faculty member will be a consultant to the foundation (faculty are allowed to consult 1 day a week and earn approximately 2 months pay at UH).

·        Where the faculty member serves as co-PI or a consultant outside of the area they are in

·        Where UHV makes a policy that allows for an overload for faculty working on grant proposals and/or research grant.

UHV Faculty Council Resolutions, May 4, 2007:

UHV Faculty Council resolves that changes in evaluations or any changes in conditions of employment should not be retroactive but the faculty should have adequate notice and adequate time to meet the standards of the changes.  Nags Ramamoorthy/Mary Natividad  Motion:  Faculty Council affirms that the scope of the grievance committee includes all faculty related appeals including P&T. 
Mel Damodaran/Bud Fairlamb                                                  
Passed Unanimously

Second reading of the motion at next meeting.  President of faculty council to present this proposal to the provost & president.                          
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

A.     Business Continuity Plan—Genaro Cortez

Mr. Cortez presented a general overview to the cabinet on UHV’s Business Contingency Plan.  For alignment with the Texas Administrative Code and the State Office of Risk Management the name has been changed to Business Continuity Plan (BCP).  He discussed various areas in the BCP that were being updated and/or reviewed. 


·        BCP, p. 2
Since personal information is contained on individual department specific contact list, cabinet decided Veronica Bures would keep the individual department specific list.

·        BCP, p. 3  Administrative Chain of Command

·        BCP, p. 4  Emergency Response Team

·        BCP, p. 12 Recovery Teams

·        BCP, p. 25 Plan Training Exercises

·        BCP, p. 25 Distribution
Only one hard copy will be distributed to President’s Cabinet and ERT members.  Additional copies will be provided but printing will be charged to the respective department cost centers.

·        BCP, Appendix, A, A-6  Cellular Phone Assignments
Management decided that based on cost and usage, and the fact that most people now have personal cell phones, that this service has been discontinued. 

·        BCP, Appendix C and D  Departmental Risk Analysis

·        Due to the length of these sections they will be consolidated.

Mr. Cortez also discussed the PIER System, an emergency management communication tool used by the Coast Guard, which UH has given us to use.  UHV will incur an annual maintenance fee.  A meeting will be set up in the next few weeks to launch this system and discuss those interested in using it.  Joe Ferguson will share more on this system in the near future.  Also discussed was the use of UHV buildings as temporary housing during hurricanes--the need to survey buildings to see if they are built to hurricane standards and whether to allow “ride-out teams” during hurricanes.

B.     Follow-up Campus Security—Greg Fanelli

Mr. Fanelli provided a status report on the Emergency Response Team meeting of 4/19/07 called in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy. He shared with the group that Mike Ruland, Genaro Cortez and Eric Mims had recently attended an informative emergency management training retreat with the other UH campuses.  He said this would hopefully be an ongoing annual event where all the components could learn from each other.  Mr. Fanelli said there is still considerable misconception in the community between UHV and Victoria College (VC).  Many citizens not associated with the university still refer to us as the “college.”  Mr. Fanelli stressed that anyone calling 911 emergency services for UHV should stress to the dispatcher that this is the University of Houston-Victoria calling and not Victoria College.  Because VC has their own police department, we had learned that both the Sheriff’s Department and the Police Department thought UHV was under Victoria College Police jurisdiction…and consequently might be slower in sending a police vehicle, assuming VC would handle the call.  Mr. Fanelli said that UHV has since met with officials of the Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, and Victoria College to work on clearing this misconception.  But the identity issue is probably going to be a continuing issue.  He also reported on other security suggestions from the 4/19/07 meeting including the installation of ADA compliant classroom locking devices that can be locked from the inside of the classroom but not impede emergency egress and the possible addition of classroom door window blinds.  Cabinet discussed these items and instructed Mr. Fanelli to send the requests to the Budget Committee.  Mr. Fanelli also noted that improved communications between Admissions, Student and Academic Services, Safety and Risk, and Human Resources is going to try to insure that information on students that may pose security risks is communicated between key departments.  Cabinet also granted approval to invite the Office of General Counsel (OGC) to our campus for a visit to provide guidance to key administrators and key personnel on protocols and actions for dealing with troubled students. 

C.     Internal Communications—Dr. Margaret Rice

Prompted by Suggestion Box requests, Dr. Rice addressed internal communications.  Dr. Rice urged supervisors to share information with those they supervise.  Dr. Hudson also urged each cabinet member to share information.  Dr. Hudson will be glad to meet with various groups on campus to address issues and keep the lines of communication open.  One item specifically noted was by Mr. Ferguson who requested that everyone be notified of department moves.  Dr. Rice said that Dr. Hudson will start sending out a communiqué on items discussed at the President’s Cabinet meetings as a way of sharing information and keeping UHV informed. 

III.  Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Rice
announced cabinet would have guests from Austin Community College (ACC) joining them shortly to review the articulation agreement, to strengthen the partnership between the two institutions, and to discuss future ways to encourage their students to transfer to UHV.  

Dr. Rice also brought to the cabinet’s attention some items she felt were noteworthy:

·        Coach Keri Lambeth had reported that we have had 35 students interested in coming to UHV as freshmen.

·        Athletes we had signed were disappointed that we did not have more face-to-face classes.

·        Our new athletes were disappointed that they would have to take courses at a community college. 

Dr. Hudson noted that this is a difficult communication issue and definitely a challenge.  Bill Staples, UHCL President, and Dr. Hudson have requested a study of UHV going four years as a System strategic plan.

Mr. Ferguson
shared a status report handout on the bandwidth upgrade project.  He announced the first two contracts on the bandwidth project are completed, UH and LEARN and LEARN and Infiniti.  He also announced that about a 10th of the conduit needed had been pulled and that 1/3 of the equipment had been received.  He reported that he hopes to have everything in place by the first class day but in reality it will probably be the first of the year.

Dr. Stansell
reported that the School of Education and Human Development has formally applied for accreditation to the Teacher Education Accreditation Council.  Dr. Jane Fry is coordinating the TEAC accreditation efforts and is presently working on preparing the preliminary briefing.  He also announced that in 18-24 months there will be an audit process team coming to UHV as part of the accreditation process.  Dr. Stansell also announced that on July 13 and July 20 Dr. Barba Patton will be hosting a Math Camp for 60 students at O’Connor Elementary School from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  The experience is an enjoyable, effective, and successful experience for the students. 

Dr. Di Leo announced that rather than offer classes at UHSSL, UH-Downtown has chosen to offer programs in Arts and Sciences elsewhere and that UHV is moving in.  He stated this is a massive undertaking with marketing and staffing.  He stated some adjunct faculty from the Downtown campus will continue to teach at UHSSL but there will also be a need to hire new faculty members.  There will be 7 new staff positions to fill, with a few of these already having been filled.  Dr. Di Leo also noted that Wharton County Junior College counselors are excited about the Sugar Land campus, stating “good things are going to happen.”

Dr. Hudson
welcomed Ms. Delores White, UHV’s new Student Senate President, to the cabinet.

Ms. White
reported that the Student Senate had a productive June 16 retreat.  Currently planned is an election the second week of September to fill the 7 vacancies on the Student Senate.  Ms. White noted items discussed at the retreat were emailing minutes to the student body; posting minutes around campus; continuing with the Back-To-School kits; and having a UHV social early in September where leadership of all student organizations, UHV dignitaries, and faculty meet as a cohesive group. 

Mr. Phillips announced that the new UHVconnect is averaging 10 new alumni a day, and currently we are at 334 participating.  This is in excess of expectation and goals.  He also announced that D’An Caskey had taken on the Alumni Relations job, as recommended by Sarah May, in addition to her job as Development Specialist, thus eliminating one position.  Mr. Phillips announced that for the past month he has been serving on the City of Sugar Land Visioning Task Force and that the City of Sugar Land is proactive in their plans for higher education.  Currently UHV has met 150% of the System reported goal in fund raising.  It was noted that, like enrollment, fund raising is dependent on everyone’s involvement and the success is to everyone’s credit. Mr. Phillips also reported, after a delay in delivery, that the Laying the Foundation bricks are in and have been installed. 

Dr. Hudson thanked Mr. Phillips for representing UHV at the Visioning Task Force.  He also acknowledged the tremendous progress UHV has made in fund raising under Mr. Phillips’ leadership.  Dr. Hudson said our fund raising efforts have made a huge impression on the public and he congratulated everyone on their efforts to raise these funds.

Ms. Pantel noted the June Staff Council meeting had been cancelled, with the July meeting scheduled for next week.  She also announced that the Staff Council constitution allowed filling a vacated position without having to have an election.  Jodie Gillit’s position as the Staff Council’s At Large Exempt was left vacant with her departure and that Denise Prescott had agreed to fill the vacated position.  Ms. Pantel shared key ideas for the next Staff Council meeting--a guest speaker to discuss the marketing survey/raises and how the marketing survey works. Ms. Pantel updated the cabinet on the proposed UHV travel card stating that she had been working with Ms. Toni Wyer but with all the current changes that have taken place in the Travel Department the item had been sidelined.

Dr. Gunasekera
announced that the Faculty Senate had approved the MSN proposal in April but is reviewing the actual courses this week.  He also touched on librarians being part of the Faculty Senate.  This will be an ongoing discussion item.  Dr. Gunasekera also announced that Dr. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy will be the new Faculty Senate President for 2007-2008, starting fall 07. 

Ms. Smith indicated that the Market Study was completed by the end of June and had been forwarded to the Budget Committee for review.

Dr. Bullock reported that the School of Business Administration was up 20 + percent for the summer, 6 percent undergraduate and 27 percent at the graduate level.  He also reported enrollment up by 6 percent for the fall.  Dr. Bullock visited 7 universities while on his trip to China and reported the visit more productive than he ever thought possible.  He explained that Global MBA students’ courses in China would be taught in English and that these students would come to the US to finish their last year.  Dr. Bullock presented at the July PRAB meeting on UHV’s current Chinese Partnerships with Zhejiang University City College, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Zhejiang University, Central University of Finance and Economics, and Xi’An International Studies University.  Dr. Bullock also reported on the Business Medical Certification program being offered in Fort Bend at Sugar Land.  

Dr. Hudson
noted UHV has for the past 3 years been at the top, or near the top, in the System for raises.  He indicated that numbers still need to be crunched but the raise pool is probably going to be between 4 and 4.5 percent. Dr. Hudson shared information on public universities and reported that Texas is way behind on its goals but that UHV is not part of the problem. He shared information on public universities on base period (bp) semester credit hour comparisons and UHV’s 04-05 bp compared to 06-07 bp was up 7.2 percent, where the state rose only 1.4 percent.   Dr. Hudson also acknowledged that UHV had a fantastic year in the legislative session with the approval of the special item funding request of $1.1 million for the School of Nursing Master’s of Science program.  He reported UHV’s part of the Tuition Revenue Bond is 2.8 million, with Main campus getting 5.2 million, Clear Lake less than a million, and Downtown received 2.4 million.  He also reported that HEAF funds were up by 50%, 175 million to 262 million.  Dr. Hudson closed by saying his trip to Spain was a wonderful learning experience in dealing with the different countries and cultures and how they approach community outreach and economic development.  He also mentioned that he visited Granada where he is working on a language course that will be taught in English where our students will travel to Spain for a semester.  

IV. Austin Community College Guests

Dr. Hudson welcomed our 8 Austin Community College (ACC) guests to UHV—

·        Donetta Goodall, VP of Academic Transfer and General and Developmental Education

·        Kathy Grimmett, Articulation Director

·        Virginia Murillo, Dean of Student Services, Riverside Campus

·        Giao Phan, Education Department Chair

·        Lyman Grant, Dean of Arts and Humanities

·        Hazel Ward, Dean of Communications

·        Gaye Lynn Scott, Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences

·        David Fonken, Dean of Mathematics and Science

Ms. Goodall shared with cabinet members that ACC has 34,000 students and 7 campuses, with another campus in the planning stage.  She reported that 75 percent of their students are transfer students and that transfer pathways were getting narrower for their students. 

The cabinet meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.  Following cabinet, the ACC discussion continued over lunch with various UHV key administrators and ACC guests. 
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton