President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 A.M., Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Meeting Minutes


Present:  Beran, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Gunasekera, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Pantel, Phillips, Rice, Smith, Stansell

Absent:  Bullock, Ochoa

I.        Organizational Business

Minutes were approved with a title correction.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II.   Business

A.   eSmart—Kori Wilson and Zoeann Byerly

Ms. Wilson and Ms. Byerly shared with the cabinet first-year results of UHV’s eSmart usage.

Faculty/Staff Usage

Student Usage

155 courses accessed

81 courses accessed

88 users

29 users

51 courses completed

13 courses completed

Ms. Wilson reported four student/faculty/staff workshops had been offered, as well as numerous presentations were made marketing eSmart.  Discussion ensued as to whether this could be extended to the community but Mr. Ferguson noted UHV is only licensed for UHV constituents.  The license does cover adjunct faculty members.  Also discussed was tying eSmart to employee performance appraisals. 

B.  Calendaring—Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice reported UHV’s calendaring is a coordinated process between the legislature, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the University of Houston System, and the UHV campus.  She reminded everyone to take advantage of UHV’s Master Calendar by contacting Nancy Welch with events.  In order to maintain the most accurate information possible, she also requested Ms. Welch be contacted in case of changes to the calendar.

The UH System Common Academic Calendar was discussed.  Dr. LaBrecque reported the Provost Council is revisiting this issue in part due to the multiple ISDs in the Houston area and House Bill 1. State legislatures determine our holidays; UHV aligns their holiday dates with the University of Houston System dates; and Provosts’ Council works on the academic calendar.  There was discussion on headcount and how it would only count with the Coordinating Board if classes started at a certain date.  Also mentioned, was the 2007-2008 first day of classes being January 14 with the Martin Luther King holiday following on January 21.  It was decided that the provost would carry UHV’s concerns to Provost Council on the first class date.

C. Commencement Issues—Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice shared with the cabinet an invitation to be sent to faculty encouraging their attendance at the spring commencement ceremony.   Dr. Hudson welcomed any changes to the draft invitation and noted that since commencement is about our students this was a chance for faculty members to come together and honor our students. 

Dr. Di Leo noted the commencement ceremony was a celebration of success for our students.  Dr. Gunasekera reminded cabinet that for online instructor’s attending a face-to-face event is not always a common activity, hence may be a reason for low attendance at commencement.  For online instructors in UHV’s online culture; we may have to find other ways to invite them to these ceremonies.

III. Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Hudson announced that he had attended the First House Appropriations Hearing and the Senate Finance meetings in Austin.  He indicated the testimonies went well and there was a lot of discussion on how to fund higher education.  Some funding will be based on performance and the number of types of students that graduate. 

Mr. Ferguson shared with the cabinet that daylight-savings time would start three weeks earlier (March 11th instead of April 1st) and end one week later (November 4th instead of October 28th), beginning this year.  In 2005 the U.S. Congress passed this law believing that this would create energy savings by having more early evening daylight.  The potential problem IT faces is making sure calendar programs automatically advance in time correctly.

Dr. Stansell reported the School of Education and Human Development has established a partnership with La Joya Independent School District to offer the Master Mathematics Teacher program online for district teachers. SoEHD is also talking with Katy Independent School District in hopes of establishing a similar partnership for the summer or possibly next fall.  Dr. Stansell acknowledged Barba Patton, Assistant Professor, and Polly Suggs, Recruiting Assistant, in their recruiting efforts in the La Joya partnership.

Mr. Phillips shared the following—

o       Received its first major baseball gift of $5,000

o       Received an additional $10,000 for Removing Educational Barriers Endowment Scholarship

o       Announced that the UHV bus was full for the February 17, UH basketball game

o       Reminded cabinet of the Grenzebach Development Training on February 27

o       Announced Victoria Day in Austin is February 28

o       UHS Day in Austin is February 20

o       Upcoming VCC golf tournament will be May 14 with 28 teams participating
Mr. Phillips announced that this is without advertising.

Dr. Hudson announced Mr. Phillips has been asked to play a larger role in the capital campaign in Sugar Land. 

Dr. Hartshorn
announced Dr. Pamela Shaio, Professor of Nursing, had submitted a competitive grant to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Dr. Hartshorn thanked Angela Hartmann, Research Administrator, for her dedication and hard work on tracking the budget on these grants.  Dr. Stansell acknowledged his appreciation as well for Ms. Hartmann’s role in the SoEHD partnerships. Dr. Hartshorn also reported that the NIH grant will be going out this week, and that Assistant Professor Linda Dune is working on another grant.  Dr. Hudson commended these efforts and requested a report of these activities.  Dr. Hartshorn informed the cabinet that UHV will be graduating 50 nursing students at the end of the summer.

Dr. Di Leo
announced the School of Arts and Sciences had its highest ever enrollment this spring, with a 9.5% growth, and thanked the faculty and staff on their excellent work.  He also announced the school had hired Merrill Tomas as their new recruiter.  Dr. Di Leo shared with the cabinet that faculty had approved the proposed Spanish program.  This program will be geared toward professional Spanish.  Also reported, Arts and Sciences will be looking at an independent gaming program.  They are also working on another computer program.  Dr. Di Leo noted that the ABR Speaker Series was established to help raise funds to reach the $1M endowment and we had a hundred attendees for the Justin Cronin event.  Also, being looked into is an NEA joint grant with Illinois State for the American Book Review.

Dr. Dahlstrom
reported he had attended the Texas Library Association’s Legislative Day and that the Texas Library Association is pushing for an additional $500,000 for TexShare.  He also announced the branch library in Fort Bend is progressing.  Further architectural planning is on hole until the UHS legal office approves a draft contract and negotiates a contract with the county.  Dr. Dahlstrom reported the library was working on a plan for use of space.  He also discussed enrollment figures for Victoria.  Victoria College has more students, but for fewer hours.  Discussions on VC’s growth in vocational area lead to Dr. Hudson asking Dr. Dahlstrom to provide enrollment trends at Victoria College for an upcoming cabinet meeting.

Dr. Gunasekera shared the following—

o       The senate has been discussing allowing students to withdraw using a “WF” or
      “WP” for those withdrawing the latter part of the semester

o       Announced there were a couple of faculty members requesting sabbaticals

o       Reminded cabinet of the International Conference at UH on March 30

o       Shared a list of UHV Science Seminars for Spring 2007

o     Requested web cam and video conferencing support

Mr. Beran shared a link to the University of Houston System/Wharton County Junior College academic building schematic design package. 
(Link:  P:\AllUHV\Admin_Finance\SD_Presentation_013107smallerpdf.pdf)  
He also reported attending the business officers’ meeting in Austin. 

Dr. Hudson mentioned that special items are trouble for all of us and said the more research we can do the more money we can get from the state.

Ms. Pantel
announced the University of Houston System Staff Executive Committee (UHSSEC) would have the privilege of speaking at the Board of Regents meeting.  She also reported she was looking at travel cards for employees.

Ms. Smith reminded the cabinet members that performance evaluations and position reclassification requests are due at the end of the month.  She stated she would like the job descriptions updated because this is the year the market study is performed.  Dr. Gunasekera requested changing the Employee Recognition Luncheon name and to post information to draw more attention to the luncheon.  Mr. Beran recommended changing the name to Faculty/Staff Recognition Luncheon.

Dr. Rice
reminded everyone of the President’s Advisory Council name change to President’s Regional Advisory Board.  She announced the advisory board’s first meeting in Sugar Land will be March 6 with a reception following.  She also mentioned that Donetta Goodall from Austin Community College, along with several ACC administrators have requested to come to our campus for a visit.  Dr. Rice will be working with Dr. Goodall to arrange the meeting.

Dr. LaBrecque
announced that Provost Council approved the School of Nursing and the next step would be to seek approval at the Board of Regents meeting in May.  She also noted that provosts were giving reports on the writing centers of each campus.  Dr. LaBrecque shared with the cabinet that UHV’s Academic Center’s staffs are small in number but service 16% of our students, mostly graduate students, and help review fifty manuscripts a year for our faculty.  She went on to say in 2003 when the last survey was conducted our Academic Center online tutoring served over 1,100 students per year and was the highest in the nation.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.
Submitted by:  Kathy Walton