President's Cabinet Minutes

9:30 A.M., Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Meeting Minutes

Present: Beran, Ferguson, Gunasekera, Hartshorn, Hudson, LaBrecque, Ochoa, Pantel, Phillips, Rice, Smith, Stansell

Absent: Dahlstrom and Di Leo

I. Organizational Business

Dr. Stansell moved and Mr. Phillips seconded to approve the minutes of December 13, 2006 as presented.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

A. Contract Administration – Policy E-12 – G. Fanelli

Mr. Fanelli presented the biennial review of campus Contract Administration policy. Policy statement remains essentially the same. The minor changes incorporated will clarify the originating department’s responsibility in the contract process, from beginning to end. Procedures also set forth Business Services departmental responsibilities and incorporation of new delegation levels.

Dr. LaBrecque moved to pass the Policy E-12 Contract Administration as presented.
No Objections.

B. Faculty Senate Report – R. Gunasekera

Dr. Gunasekera presented Faculty Senate President’s Comments. The Faculty Senate thanks the Provost, President and the administration for their consideration given to the faculty’s request on changes to the Faculty Handbook regarding research requirements. Dr. Gunasekera highlighted some of the faculty senate discussions. Faculty Retreat will be held on January 19th in El Campo.

C. Mr. Ferguson provided cabinet a handout on goals for bandwidth upgrade and the Five options available to UHV. The option chosen was 3: Dark Fiber to Houston and connect to Fiber Ring in Houston which would enable us to incorporate Sugar Land. Houston would pay for the cost initially and UHV would pay them back over a number of years. Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Beran will pursue this option and hope to have installation by April 2007.

III. Roundtable Discussion

Mr. Ferguson
stated that 2 new Tl’s bandwidths are expected to be installed by the first class day. University of Houston worked with LEARN to drop kill switch and other restrictions with the UHV and Sugar Land site. We are now back on track on spending $200,000 and with the April timeframe. Mr. Ferguson will check on the new MAC phone device.

Dr. Rice
discussed details about the cabinet retreat. Dr. Rice spoke to the Katy Economic Development Council on Tuesday, January 9th with 80 to 100 people present.

Dr. Stansell reported that the Education Faculty Retreat will be held in Wharton. School of Education enrollment is up 34% (later Dr. Stansell sent an e-mail and said that the report reflected enrollment is up 18%). Students are taking more credit hours this Spring.

Mr. Phillips
reported that a consultant from Grenzenbach is tentatively scheduled to conduct a fund raising workshop in Victoria the afternoon of February 27 and asked that Cabinet members temporarily hold the date, likely beginning at 1:30 p.m. He also reported that Michael Rierson, UHS Vice Chancellor/VP for University Advancement, or Spencer Yantis, Associate VC/VP may also attend and participate. Confirmation should be obtained within the next two-three weeks. Off the Clock was held in Sugar Land in December – over 30 people attended. Victoria Day in Austin will be Wednesday, February 28, 2007. UH-UTSA game will be held on April 24th in Riverside Park. There will be a UHV family tail gate party preceding the game. More details will be provided in the near future.

Mr. Ochoa reported that the Student Senate will hold special elections for senate openings. He is organizing a senate retreat. Black History Parade will be held on Saturday, February 10th at 10:00 a.m. Fiesta Day will be held on Thursday, April 26th.

Dr. Hartshorn reported that two NIH grants are under development and are planning for February submission. These grants are very competitive and will not be funded on the first submission. However, the feedback received will help with the next application. Dr. Hartshornwill chair an Ad Hoc Committee (Search and Learning) to assess the needs of the faculty for research. She reported that there are 33 new nursing students expected for Spring, bringing the total to 85 students. We have two new faculty members for the Spring –one in Sugar Land and one in Victoria. We have one research fellow from Taiwan working with Dr. Shiao and one research associate from M. D. Anderson working with Dr. Gunasekera.

Dr. Hudson reported that someone will speak to us on our campus panel for non-tier one university Fulbright scholars. We need to try to get some Fulbright scholars on our campus.

Dr. Bullock reported that the School of Business enrollment was up 12% for Spring 2007. The School of Business was still waiting to hear from TEA on the School Leadership Pilot Program – it was too close to call, so still waiting consideration. We should know next week. In 2006, the School of Business broke through 90% satisfaction rate with online on students and faculty. The School of Business is continuing to work on international partnerships with China and others.

Mr. Beran is sending a Federal EDA grant proposal for $800,000. He reported that he is spending most of his time working with architects on the Sugar Land new building. The project has $285,000 set aside for art, which is 1% of the building cost and is required in all University of Houston building projects. The UH System will be submitting in February an application to the Coordinating Board for approval of the Sugar Land building.

Dr. Hudson asked Wayne to give him for examples of how UHV creatively is using the increase in tuition designated funds.

Ms. Pantel is still looking at advance travel funds. Hoping to get responses on Employee Award ideas for February 7th Employee Recognition Lunch.

Ms. Smithreported that the annual performance evaluations will be due the end of February. She will be sending out requests for information for market survey. Dr. Hudson would like to move performance evaluations to the Fall in 2007.

Dr. LaBrecque reported “Big News!” She has completed “Under/Over” report of faculty and will use in a positive way. Faculty Manual has been completed.

Dr. Hudson noted that UHV will host the Board of Regents meeting in May and will want to highlight the Nursing program. MITC’s discussions are ongoing and still alive. Hope to have something ready for the Board of Regents meeting in April. The NW campus issue is dominating a lot of these discussions. Legislative issues -- accounting, tuition deregulation, and 10% rule for admissions. Dr. Hudson stated that the television ads on UHV were excellent. Also in the handouts is a copy of the Texas Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors Appendix A of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Accountability Measures for your information.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.
Submitted by F. Landry