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Frequenty Asked Questions

What are the advantages of participating in orientation?

Orientation is a good way for family members and the University to start building a partnership for student success. Parents and guardians will learn about some of the challenges and opportunities families typically encounter when students go off to college.

Where will I stay?

If you would like to experience dorm living, Jaguar Hall is available either the night before or the night after your orientation session. To request a reservation please visit the following link or contact the Jaguar Hall Front desk at (361)485-4404.

The Victoria, Texas, Convention and Visitors Bureau also provides a list of hotels in the area.

Why do students and family members have separate programs?

They occur at different times: Freshman Orientation will take place in the three days before the fall semester begins, and Parent Orientation occurs on Advising and Registration Days earlier in the summer. The goals and purposes of the orientations are different, so it just makes sense for the orientations to be held separately. In addition the orientations are a prime opportunity for students to meet with their peers and family members to network with other parents.

Can I be with my student during advising and registration?

We ask that family members allow advisors and students to meet independently to discuss the student’s class schedule. Students will receive academic program information during advising that you can review together. Family members can discuss questions ahead of time that their students can have answered during their advising session.

What can I expect at Orientation?

You can expect to meet the people at the university who are primarily responsible for the Parent Programs and to have an opportunity to learn more about the university and its values and support services and to discuss the ways in which you can support your student as a young adult who is beginning a college career. You will have a chance to learn about the university’s new programs just for parents.

What should I bring to Orientation?

For the orientation program itself, you will not need to bring anything in particular. You might want to bring an umbrella and some way to layer clothing—university buildings sometimes get really cold. If you have an appointment to talk individually with Financial Aid or other departments you will probably want to bring documents that are pending for financial aid or admission. This may include your W-2, other tax information, test scores, and updated transcripts.