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A Parent's Guide to College Admission

One of the biggest decisions your student will make is choosing the college that he or she will attend. We know that this is a decision you take very seriously and that it is one involving the entire family. While your son or daughter may not say it, most want and need their parents’ guidance during this time.

Here are highlights to help you and your student through the admissions process. Please know that at UHV, we welcome your questions and look forward to visiting with you and your student.

Apply early and complete application file

While there are no specific deadlines for admission to UHV, students are encouraged to gather their admissions information and submit their applications early. (Deadline for international students is eight weeks before the first day of classes.)

In order to be considered for admission, a student must send a completed application for undergraduate admission, an official transcript from each college or university attended (mailed directly from each institution to UHV), and TASP scores in reading, writing and mathematics, mailed directly to UHV from National Evaluation Systems Inc. These scores may also appear on official transcripts sent from a formerly attended college. (NOTE: Students who have completed at least three semester hours of acceptable college credit prior to Sept. 1, 1989, are exempt from taking the TASP.

Visit for other exemptions, application requirements and to download an application file. Or go directly to  to complete your application to UHV.

Visit campus

A student can find out the most about a university with a visit to its campus. UHV offers a tour on the second Friday of each month, beginning promptly at 10 a.m. The tour lasts about 45 minutes. It is important that you call in advance to reserve your spot so that we may plan appropriately for your visit.

Contact us at to schedule a tour or for more information. Students and parents should go to the Admissions Office, Room 104L in the University West building, 3007 N. Ben Wilson St., when they arrive on campus for their tour.

For more information, visit

Start looking for scholarships/financial aid

The earlier you and your student begin researching and applying for scholarships and financial aid, the better. Here are some questions you may be asking:

How can we pay for college? What is the difference between a grant and a loan? Will financial aid pay for all my expenses?

First, you should know that UHV is the fourth most affordable public university in Texas for freshmen who qualify for financial aid.* Undergraduate students pay just $5,604 in tuition and fees during the 2010-11 school year based on 15 credit hours each semester.

Also, through its Jaguar Pledge, UHV administers a wide range of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs to help your student pay for the costs of achieving his dreams through education. Sixty-five percent of freshmen in 2010-2011 qualified for Jaguar Pledge assistance and received an average of $7,970 in aid.**

UHV was the first public university in the state to offer a “Degree in Three,” or Dn3, program. Your student can earn a full, 120 credit-hour degree in only three years, saving time and money and allowing him to enter the workforce earlier.

UHV’s financial aid director and representatives will be glad to assist you with the Jaguar Pledge  or help with any other questions. Visit for more information and a list of other frequently asked questions.

You also can contact the financial aid office directly at 361-573-0000 or

*Rated fourth most affordable out of 34 public state universities, according to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board fall 2009 data.

**The Jaguar Pledge is a separate scholarship program from Campaign Victoria, which is not available to students from Victoria, Calhoun, DeWitt and Lavaca counties and portions of Gonzales, Jackson and Refugio counties.

Become TSI complete

Your student must be in compliance with the Texas Success Initiative, mandated by the State of Texas in 2003, in order to demonstrate college readiness in math, reading and writing. UHV administers exams for TSI assessment, but also accepts Compass and Asset test scores to measure readiness. (Certain other math pre-requisites are required at UHV, so your student should check with UHV advisers to make sure those requirements have been met.)

Visit to learn more about TSI compliance and see if your student is considered ready for college-level studies. 

For more information about TSI, SAT or ACT requirements, UHV advisers will be able to assist you. Contact Samantha Bell at 361-570-4184 or for more information.

Get to know your Admissions Analyst and Financial Aid Specialist

Admissions analysts and financial aid specialists at UHV will handle your student with professionalism and a personal touch. Encourage your student to introduce himself with an e-mail or call to the admissions and financial aid offices. Contact the Admissions Office at 361-570-4100 or to start the process.

Your student’s admission analyst and financial aid specialist can provide insight into UHV’s admissions and financial aid processes. Making contacts helps and gives comfort to students during this time of huge change.

Parents, you are a big part of your student’s search for a university. Don’t hesitate to encourage your student to call UHV with questions about any part of the university admissions process.

Help your student manage the application process

Your student is beginning a journey that should lead to independence and a career. You need to support that journey by helping your student complete this application process as independently as possible.

We encourage your student to get to know the staff and faculty at UHV and interact with them as an independent adult. Our admissions staff’s role is to help students through this process. Your role as a parent is to help your student become independent, yet support him from a distance.