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Here are a few books you'll want in your personal library when you enter the Publishing Program.

  • Blumenthal, Joseph. The Printed Book in America (1989)
  • Bowers, Fredson. Principles of Bibliographical Description (1994)
  • Bringhurst, Robert. The Elements of Typographic Style (2004)
  • Burke, Clifford. Printing Poetry (1980)
  • Carter, John. ABC for Book Collectors (2004)
  • Carter, Harry. A View of Early Typography (2002)
  • Castleman, Riva. A Century of Artists' Books (1994)
  • Cave, Roderick. The Private Press (1983)
  • Chappell, Warren. A Short History of the Printed Word (1999)
  • Clay, Steve and Jerome Rothenberg (eds.). A Book of the Book (1999)
  • Davis, Kenneth C. Two-Bit Culture: The Paperbacking of America (1984)
  • Drew, Ned & Paul Sternberger. By Its Cover: Modern American Book Cover Design (2005)
  • Drucker, Johanna. Alphabetic Labyrinth (1999)
  • Drucker, Johanna. The Century of Artists’ Books (2004)
  • Drucker, Johanna & Emily McVarish. Graphic Design History (2008)
  • Eisenstein, Elizabeth. The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe. (1983) A one volume abridgement of Eisenstein's two-volume The Printing Press as an Agent of Change (1979)
  • Febvre, Lucien and Henri-Jean Martin. The Coming of the Book: The Impact of Printing, 1450-1800 (1976)
  • Franklin, Collin. The Private Press (1969)
  • Glaister, Geoffrey Ashall. The Encyclopedia of the Book (1996)
  • Greco, Albert. The Book Publishing Industry (2005)
  • Gross, Gerald (ed.). Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know about What Editors Do (1994)
  • Hayles, Katherine. Electronic Literature (2008)
  • Manguel, Alberto. A History of Reading (1997)
  • Manovich, Lev. The Language of New Media (2002)
  • Martin, Henri-Jean. History and Power of Writing (1994)
  • McGann, Jerome. The Textual Condition (1991)
  • McGrew, Mac. American Metal Typefaces of the 20th Century (1996)
  • McKerrow, Ronald B. An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students (1951)
  • McLuhan, Marshall. The Guttenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (1965)
  • McLuhan, Marshall. The Medium is the Message (1967)
  • Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo. Vision in Motion (1947)
  • Shillingsburg, Peter. From Gutenberg to Google (2006)
  • Updike, Daniel Berkeley. Printing Types: Their History, Forms, and Use (1980)
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