LEAD and Student Recruitment

Mission & Goals


The mission of LEAD is to raise the educational attainment level of all residents of the University’s service region in response to local, regional, state, and national concerns and legislation. Through collaborative relationships with community colleges, school districts, and community organizations, LEAD programs promote higher education among underrepresented, nontraditional, and underserved populations and facilitate admission of those prospective students into the University.

Student Recruitment

The mission of Student Recruitment is to recruit well-qualified and diverse classes of freshmen and sophomore students to UHV through the fostering of professional relationships with school districts, parent-teacher groups, and college preparatory programs. Through these relationships built on personalized assistance to educators and applicants, a pipeline of qualified prospective students into the University.


  1. Provide useful and age-appropriate college-going awareness and outreach programs, predominately in middle and high schools.
  2. Recruit a well-qualified, diverse student body each year, responding to the enrollment goals and needs of the institution, and the needs of the populations of the region and the State.