How To Submit Official Transcripts,
Grades, and Completion Certificates
For Admission to UHV

Applicants must supply the UHV Office of Admissions with official transcripts, marks/grades, and degree/diploma certificates for all academic studies attempted at international secondary schools, colleges, institutes, and universities prior to enrollment.  International educational institutions must be recognized and authorized to grant degrees by the Ministry of Education or appropriate government agency in the country where the institution is located.  Credit earned prior to an institution receiving regional accreditation or recognition is not accepted for admission or transfer to UHV.

An official transcript, and degree/diploma certificate, including marks/grades of all courses attempted or earned for each year, from EACH institution attended must be sent directly to:
University of Houston-Victoria
Office of Admissions
3007 N Ben Wilson St
Victoria, Texas 77901

Copies should be official (stamped attested by the university records official), placed in an envelope and sealed shut by the university official who stamps the university seal on the envelope flap.  They should be delivered directly to the Office of Admissions unopened by the student, either by direct mail from the university or included with other admission documents submitted by students.  Loose, opened transcripts or gradesheets submitted by applicants are not considered to be official, and will not be accepted for unconditional admission to the university.  The preferred method students should take to send official documents is to request an official transcript from the international institution.  The International Academic Records Request Form may be used for this purpose.  Applicants should complete the student information, print the form and submit to the international institution along with any required payment.

Transcripts and degree certificates issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by a word-for-word English translation.  Transcripts should plainly indicate the dates of attendance, the subjects, and the marks/grades earned.  They should also reflect any degrees or diplomas awarded.  If not, they must be accompanied by the degree/diploma certificate. 

Transcripts become the property of University of Houston-Victoria upon submission, and will not be returned to applicants.  If you are from a country where only one copy of your documents is issued, please do not send the original document to UHV for admission purposes.  Make an appointment with an international admissions staff member to view and copy your original documents instead.  Submission of attested copies of the documents may be deemed official by the Admissions staff in some cases.  Unattested copies are not considered official.  Documents certified by an embassy or consular official as true copies may be accepted to satisfy admission requirements.  Speak with the Admissions staff about your options for submitting official documents.  We understand that time is a factor in obtaining official documents from other countries.

Your documents will be evaluated by UHV admissions staff who will make a reasonable determination of those courses completed outside the United States.  This evaluation is for admission purposes only, and may not be released to students, business organizations or agencies.

Applicants may have previously obtained a comprehensive evaluation from an outside agency and may submit a copy of the evaluation with the transcript, marks, and certificates.  However, UHV will determine whether to accept the evaluation or reject it for admission to our institution.  Before paying for an official evaluation to be sent to Admissions, please send a copy of the document to be reviewed by Admissions staff to determine if the evaluation is acceptable. 

Educational documents should be submitted after the application for admission has been received and processed in the Office of Admissions.