Office of Admissions

How to Request Exchange Visitors

Departmental Information

The exchange visitor program (J1 visa) is administered by the US Department of State.  The educational and cultural exchange program is appropriate for visitors coming to the US for a temporary appointment, generally 5 years or less, as a professor, researcher, or short-term scholar.  Scholars should have at least the equivalent of a US Master's degree, or a Bachelor's degree with extensive experience.  The J1 visa is not appropriate for a tenure track candidate.

J1 Request Procedures

The International Student Coordinator in the Office of Admissions (OA) processes departmental requests for J1 exchange visitors, guides the visitor and their hiring departments (UHV academic schools) in their J1 processes, and provides special services related to the exchange visitor's non-immigrant status.

To request a J1 exchange visitor, academic schools must submit the J1 Exchange Visitor Request form located in the list of forms on the Admissions Forms page,  Department faculty or staff may notify the exchange visitor to obtain the form on the web page, complete the required information, and return to them to begin the process.  Proof of support funds also must be obtained from the visitor.  After receiving the completed form, it must be submitted to the dean for approval signature.  Upon approval, the dean or department chair must write a letter of invitation to the visitor, and submit the letter and the forms to the International Student Coordinator for review and processing.

The International Student Coordinator will review the form, invitation letter, and additional documents, checking for complete, accurate information.  Incomplete or inaccurate requests may require additional processing time due to needed information to create the Form DS-2019 visa document required by the US Department of State.  When all required documentation is received in Admissions, a J1 visitor packet containing the the Form DS-2019 and other documents will be assembled and sent to the academic school to be shipped by FedEx to the J1 exchange visitor.  All charges for shipping must be paid by the academic school. 

The following items are needed for proper processing:

  • Completed J1 Exchange Visitor Request form, with dean approval signature and date
  • Financial support documents showing adequate funds
  • Copy of passport pages with name and expiration date for each person traveling to the US (J1 visitors and their dependents must apply for individual visas.)
  • Written verification from UHV Human Resources and Provost office for visiting faculty placed in paid positions that describes the position and compensation.
  • Invitation letter from academic school dean or division/department chair (see Invitation Letter template)

Department Responsibility Checklist


  •  Determine the correct J1 category for the exchange visitor that will meet your department's expectations of their primary educational activity and duties.
  • Verify their English language ability.  The visitor must be able to communicate with faculty and staff while they are here.  English comprehension is vital to the success of their stay.
  • Arrange for office space for visitor, if needed, and library access or other campus necessities.
  • Submit all documents to the International Student Coordinator for processing.  If documents are pending we will not be able to complete the visa Form DS-2019.
  • Send DS-2019 and visitor packet directly to the exchange visitor by FedEx to ensure prompt receipt.  The packet should contain information about travel arrangements, salary (if applicable), health insurance, housing arrangements, etc., to ensure adequate preparation for the trip.
  • If the exchange visitor will not be able to enter the US by the begin date on the DS-2019, notify the International Student Coordinator so we can adjust the date in SEVIS to show the new entry date.  Otherwise, the visitor may not be able to pass the port of entry station at the airport.
  • The exchange visitor may already be in the United States and have a DS-2019 that may be transferred to UHV.  If that is the case, the visitor must take steps to follow the transfer procedure in order to maintain their J1 visa status.  The International Student Coordinator will facilitate the transfer process.


  • Arrange for pick-up at the airport.
  • Assist visitor to find housing.
  • Provide assistance with other settling-in matters, such as banking, deposits, transportation needs, drivers license, social security card (if needed), shopping for groceries, etc.
  • Notify International Student Coordinator by email ( of arrival and make appointment for check-in orientation.
  • Bring visitor to the Check-in / Orientation session.  This CHECK-IN ORIENTATION MUST OCCUR BEFORE 30 DAYS after the begin date on the DS-2019.  the Exchange Visitor may not engage in any activity at UHV until completion of the orientation session.
  • Visitor must have travelers checks, money order, or credit card to order and pay for medical insurance at orientation session, or provide proof of health insurance coverage at time of interview.  See the link for J1/J2 Health Insurance Requirements in the left toolbar on this page.
  • Complete the required employment and insurance forms in Human Resources if the J1 visitor is to be employed by UHV.

Duration of Stay

  • Maintain contact with the exchange visitor and see to their personal needs as well as supervision of their educational activities at UHV.
  • Provide opportunities for cultural experiences while attending UHV as a J1 visitor.  The department must send a summary of these experiences to the International Student Coordinator annually for submission to the US Department of State.
  • Notify the International Student Coordinator if exchange visitor or dependents plan to travel out of the United States at any time.  Travel signatures must be obtained prior to departure in order for the visitor or dependents to re-enter the US.

After Departure

  • Notify International Student Coordinator when the exchange visitor has completed their program and has departed the United States. 
  • Complete a detailed description of cultural and educational activities that the visitor experienced while at UHV.  Send this description to the Admissions office for submission to the US Department of State.