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Invitation Letter Information

Here is a sample of an Invitation Letter to the Exchange Visitor:

 Dear _____,

On behalf of the University of Houston-Victoria School of Arts and Sciences, I invite you to participate as an exchange visitor to the United States of America.

 As a visiting scholar you will observe computer science and math classes, research in computer science, and make a presentation on your research to the faculty in our Division of Science, Technology and Mathematics.  (NOTE:  The description of educational activity must closely match the information on the applicant's form DS-2019.)

You will be supervised by Dr/Professor __________, Chair of ______ .  H/she will be the in-house colleague who will coordinate and facilitate your research activities, and address your needs during your visit.  Please contact him/her by email ( to confirm your travel plans and discuss any needs you may anticipate.  We plan to provide you with an office and a computer, as well as access to the university library and email services as needed for the duration of your stay.

The enclosed pre-arrival information describes health insurance requirements which meet the US Department of State minimum guidelines for the duration of your stay.  You may purchase the health insurance from a qualified provider before you arrive and provide proof of adequate coverage, or you may purchase a UH-sponsored plan during the check-in orientation session.

I look forward to meeting you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Dr/Professor __________.

(Signature of Dean)
School Dean's Name
Dean, UHV School of Arts and Sciences

cc: Elois Kraatz, International Student Coordinator