Office of Admissions
International Student Services

The Transfer Process for F1 Students

A student who holds an F1 student visa is permitted to transfer to a different school provided the proper transfer procedure is followed. 

  1. To transfer schools, you should first contact the school you wish to transfer to and provide them with the required documents for admission. 
  2. An approval letter and transfer form may be issued to the student to present to his former school to start the transfer process.
  3. Upon receipt of the transfer documents, the student advisor at the former school will transfer your SEVIS I-20 to the new school. 
  4. You will be issued an I-20 from the new transfer school at the proper time.  Some schools wait until your enrollment is completed and tuition payments have been made. 

Each school may have a standard protocol to follow that is available through the international student advisors at that institution.  DSOs work together to make sure the student  is properly transferred, but the responsibility to initiate the transfer falls on the student.