Office of Admissions
International Student Services

Health Insurance Requirements for
International Students (with F-1 Student Visa only)

Health Insurance coverage is available to UHV students at affordable rates.  Information about the UH-System sponsored health plan may be found on the Chartis Student Insurance web page for UHV students.

UHV international students who are carrying credit hours will be automatically enrolled and charged for health insurance each fall and spring semester to satisfy the University system policy regarding maintaining acceptable health insurance coverage.  

Students who hold an F-1 student visa are required to have basic medical/hospitalization health insurance coverage either by enrolling in the university-endorsed plan or by providing evidence of their own acceptable insurance.  The UHV Health Insurance Waiver form may be located in the Admission Forms list, or through the eforms link on the UHV home page under Resources.  Students must submit the form by the first class day of each fall or spring term to request a waiver from health insurance charges on the student's fee bill.  In order to meet waiver requirements, the student's alternative insurance plan must include the following coverage:

  • Repatriation coverage - a benefit which provides payment in the event of death, for preparation and transportation of the remains to the student's home country.
  • Medical Evacuation coverage - a benefit which provides for transportation to the student's home country in the event of serious medical illness which reequires extensive medical care.
  • Minimum Plan Benefit coverage - a package of health insurance benefits, subject to reasonable deductible amounts and co-pays with:
    • At least $50,000 covered major medical expenses
    • At least $10,000 for medical evacuation
    • At least $7,500 for repatriation
    • Deductible not to exceed $500
    • Co-pays not to exceed 30%

Cost amount of the university sponsored student health insurance plan for the current semester is posted on the International Student Expenses web page.   Health insurance provided by the university is activated on the first day of class beginning the semester, and ends on the day before the next fall or spring term begins.  The purpose of this requirement is to provide reasonable assurance that international students will have the financial means to reside within the U.S. during their course of study in the event of an unexpected illness or accident. 

Students to have someone in the United States (or outside the country who speak English) to contact in case of emergency situations.  This contact information is provided by students at the orientation session and scanned into the student's file upon enrollment.  It is also import for students to make sure their dependents have adequate health insurance coverage.  Dependents are not included in the student health care plans offered by UHV.