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Requesting a CADIVI Letter

What is a CADIVI?

CADIVI (Comision de Administracion de Divisas, or Commission for the Administration of Currency Exchange) is the the Venezuelan government body which administers currency exchange.  Commercial banks and other authorized exchange agents in Venezuela are required to obtain authorization from CADIVI in order to trade Bolivares Fuertes (VEF) into U.S. dollars (USD).  For more information, see .  Students must provide multiple documents to CADIVI in order to benefit from a favorable exchange rate.  If CADIVI approves the request, funds can be transferred at a favorable exchange rate. If CADIVI denies the request or the process is delayed, the student is responsible for finding alternative means of payment.

How to Request a CADIVI Letter

  1. Students must register for the future UHV semester and billing must show the amount of tuition and fees required in the student account. 
  2. Send an email to with CADIVI Request and UHV ID number in the subject line.  Include this information in the email:
    • Name
    • UHV ID number
    • Program of study
    • Visa status
    • Expected graduation date
    • Mailing address to send the CADIVI letter to
  3. A copy of the letter will be returned to student by email. Student should check the letter for errors or missing information, and then email the DSO to send the completed letter as it is or with corrections.
  4. Completed letters will be sent within 5 business days after email is received.  The completed letter will contain a copy of the student's printed statement of account for tuition and fees.

Sample CADIVI Letter


    RE:  Student Name
           Student Address
           City, State, Zipcode

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to verify that the above referenced student has registered for courses at the University of Houston-Victoria for the following academic period:

Spring 2014 

Dates of Semester
  01/13/2014 to 05/09/2014 

Enrolled Hours
  12 semester hours  


    Classification:        Undergraduate
    Intended Degree:   Bachelor of Science
    Major:                  Computer Science
    Visa Status:           F-1, Student

Ms. XXXX is currently maintaining F-1 visa status.  The following is an estimate of the expenses for 1 semester of her studies at our university.

    $9143    Tuition and Fees
    $  598    Health Insurance
    $9741    Total expense for Spring 2014 semester

    Expected graduation date:  15 MAY 2016

Ms. XXXX's tuition and fees statement for the Spring 2014 term is attached to this letter.  Tuition rates are set by Texas legislative action.  Payment is due January 10, 2014.


DSO Signature
DSO Title
Office of Admissions / Int. Student Services
University of Houston-Victoria
(361) 570-4110 /

State of Texas, County of Victoria
This instrument was signed/acknowledge before me on the ____ of _________, 2014 by

Notary Public Signature                                    Notary Seal