Office of Admissions
International Student Services

Program Completion Outside the United States

Some UHV programs may be fully completed through online course delivery.  Students with adequate internet service in their home country may apply and be admitted to these programs as online students only.  However, U.S. laws prohibit international visitors on B1/B2 visas and visa waiver programs to enroll in courses while they are physically present in this country.  To enroll would be in violation of their visa status.  Therefore, students who enroll in online courses from their home country must provide documentation to the DSO each fall and spring semester of enrollment that proves they are domiciled in a country other than the United States. 

Documents must include letter of employment verification statement, residential documentation, or other documentation that proves current domicile.  Documentation must be provided to the Office of Admissions along with the form, International Student Enrollment Outside the United States, that is located on the UHV Admissions web page list of forms:

Students who choose to be enrolled in this manner will not be required to provide the F1 Student Visa Form or proof of financial support since no F1 visa is required for this enrollment status.  There is a question on the ApplyTexas electronic admission application that asks the question, "Do you plan to reside in another country to complete your degree with UHV?"  Students should answer YES to this question so they are placed in the OUTS category and contacted by an Admissions analyst through email. Admission requirements will be as follows:

  • TOEFL requirements will remain a condition of admission for students from non-English speaking countries, but the usual exemptions will apply.  
  • Graduate students with completed bachelor degrees who have not completed all other graduate program requirements (GRE, GMAT, letters of recommendation, etc.) may be admitted in Temporary Graduate status if the program of study is eligible for this admission category.
  • If students decide to relocate to the United States to complete the degree program no visa documents will be issued until they are fully admitted into the graduate program, financial support documents and F-1 visa forms have been submitted to the DSO.