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Lab Assistants

Photo of Dylan Calhoun
Dylan Calhoun
Photo of Nils Conway
Nils Conway
Photo of Drenice Dervishi
Drenica "Dre" Dervishi
Photo of Enkeleta Dervishi
Enkeleta "Inky" Dervishi
Photo of Cody Gotto
Cody Gotto
Photo of Katelynn Grantland
Katelynn Grantland
Photo of Drew Hendon
Drew Hendon
Photo of Liz Honnen
Liz Honnen
Photo of Mareesa Johnson
Mareesa Johnson
Photo of Christopher Joiner
Christopher Joiner
Photo of Juan Manzanares
Juan Manzanares
Photo of Andre Ollivierre
Andre Ollivierre
Photo of Jacob Pace
Jacob Pace
Photo of Anita Strange
Anita Strange

Help Desk Assistants

Photo of Eduardo 'Ed' Brilanti
Eduardo "Ed" Brilanti
Photo of Karen Borrego
Karen Borrego
Photo of Jeff Cavazos
Jeff Cavazos
Photo of Billy Hinh
Billy Hinh
Photo of Joel Leon
Joel Leon
Photo of Jace Regenbrecht
Jace Regenbrecht
Photo of Jordan Rodriguez
Jordan Rodriguez

Special Projects



Photo of 'Te' Temule
“Te” Temule
Photo of Christo Varghese
Christo Varghese
Photo of Amber Alegria
Amber Alegria
Photo of Miliano Dehoyos
Miliano Dehoyos


Temp. Office Assistants

Photo of Kaylee Krawietz
Kaylee Krawietz
Photo of Pam Webb
Pam Webb