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Connecting Via VPN in Windows XP

1. Log on to the computer

2. Click on the Start button. Then select Control Panel.

3. Double click on Network Connections.

4. Double Click on New Connection Wizard and click Next.

5. If you have never set up a new connection, the following Location Information screen may display, enter your area code in the appropriate window, and click OK.If this screen does not display, move on to step 6.

6. Select"Connect to the network at my workplace". Click Next.

7. Select "Virtual Private Network Connection" then click "Next".

8. Type UHV in the Company Name window and click "Next"

9. Enter rras.uhv.edu in the window for Host name or IP address.

10. User's Choice is selected and click "Next". (This screen may not display. Move on to the next step in that case)

11. Type UHV in the space provided. Make sure the "Add a short cut to my desktop" is checked and click Finish.

12. Return to your desktop.The following icon will be there.Double click on it.

13. Input your user name including the "@uhv.edu" and the password you use to log on to you computer on campus.DO NOT check the "Save Password" box.Click Connect.

The following window will appear and change a couple of times.

Once the connection is established you the following bubble will pop up.

14. Now you are logged on and ready to map your drives. Click on the Start button, then right click on My Computer.

15. You will get the following screen. "Left" click on Map Network Drive.

16. In the drive window, select the down arrow and then the M: drive.

In the "folder" window, type in \\diamond.uhv.edu\username if you are staff or faculty.

Follow steps 15, 16 and 17 to map P, Q and any other drives you need.

P: drive is mapped to \\diamond.uhv.edu\pub

Q: is mapped to departmental shared drives. Contact the Helpdesk at (361) 570-4399 if you need assistance with the share name.