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UHV provides a standard computing configuration for on-campus and off-campus office environments.



Standard computer equipment provided:

Desktop Computer equipped with at least: CDRW, 19" LCD Monitor, a Laserjet Printer, and All Needed Peripherals.


Laptop Computer equipped with at least: Docking Station, 19" LCD Monitor, Laserjet Printer, and All Needed Peripherals.


Standard computing equipment provided:


Faculty is provided a laptop with docking station, a 19” LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a combination (print, scan, fax, copy) inkjet printer.

Note: If preferred, a standard PC configuration and/or standard laserjet printer can be requested instead of the laptop configuration. 

Equipment needs not mentioned above, such as optical scanners, digital cameras, personal digital assistants, etc… will need to be approved by your dean or supervisor.

Standard Software

A standard list of software is available on the supported softwareweb page

Telephones and telephone service

A phone is provided to each faculty member and should be available immediately after being hired. Contact information and forms exist on the telecommunicationsweb page.

Computer assistance

Contact assistance information is available on the Help Desk web page.