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Spring 2014
Upcoming changes to the UHV's WiFi Networks

It is becoming more and more a necessity for students to be able to use their devices to access the curricula their professors and instructors are posting online. This has led to a major jump in wireless devices on the UHV WiFi network. This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend at UHV prompted the need for UHV Technology Services to upgrade the WiFi infrastructure and change the process for providing WiFi services.

Welcome back!

The Wi-Fi hopes you had an enjoyable holiday break. We have made some changes while you were gone.

  1. JaguarWiFi has been expanded to the UHV\VC Library. We have some brand new “AC” Wi-Fi access points that should improve the internet quality in the library.
  2. We are now on Twitter. Please follow us @UHVWifi to get the latest news and/or get help with any network problems in your dorm room.

** Xbox 360 users having problems connecting to the internet. **

Settings → System Settings → Network Settings → Wired Network → Advanced Settings → Reset to Factory Defaults

"Jaguar Wifi" Network (secure access)

"UHVGuest" WiFi Network

  • The WiFi network for UHV campus visitors
  • No registration or login account required
  • Internet access only
  • Unencrypted WiFi Network
  • Limited bandwidth


Due to the scope of this upgrade, WiFi will be upgraded in 3 phases.

WiFi services have been enhanced in the following locations:

  • Jaguar Hall
  • Jaguar Court
  • Jaguar Suites

These same WiFi enhancements are scheduled for the following locations by end of this fall semester:

  • UHV/VC Library – completed Dec. 2013
  • University West Building - project not started
  • University Center Building - project not started

TBD: Outlying Buildings (Facilities, Athletics, etc.)