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Replacement Cycle

To insure the university's computer hardware remains consistent with current technology, the replacement of faculty, staff, and lab computers follows a clearly defined process. All computers are on a three-to-four-year replacement cycle, depending on funding from the state of Texas. Each year, one-fourth to one-third of these computers are replaced. After budget Deans and department heads determine which faculty and staff are issued new computers and any other reorganization of computer hardware within their school or department. The User Services Administrator and the Academic Computing Services Manager determine replacement of computers in labs and any other reorganization of the remaining lab computers. Servers are generally on a five-to-seven-year replacement cycle, with additional servers being purchased as the need arises.

The following Computer Replacement Cycle Procedure explains the timetable that is used for this process.

Computer Replacement Cycle Procedure

  1. During the month of December, Technology Services will complete a full inventory of computers at all sites.

  2. By the first week in January, a listing will be delivered to each school and department showing the computers in their school/dept and the calculation of the number of pc's for replacement.

  3. Deans and department heads will be asked to return these lists with corrections and comments by the end of January. Requests for exceptions to the replacement cycle calculations should be directed to the Provost so that approved changes can be incorporated into the final listing.

  4. By the middle of February, Technology Services will have a corrected listing prepared and distributed for schools and departments so that these lists can be used in preparing for the upcoming budget hearings.

  5. After the budget hearings are complete and the budget committee announces approved budgets, Technology Services will incorporate new positions into the inventory listings and prepare a school/department list showing projected order and delivery times for the computers in the replacement cycle and new faculty orders.