The following Definitions of Recycle Categories will apply to the UHV Recycling Program:

White Copy paper: Refers to all white copy paper, with or without black print, excluding carbons and laminated papers. Paper containing paper clips and staples can be recycled.

Office Mix: Refers to all types of paper including magazines, catalogues, brochures, phone books, except newsprint, hardbound books, ring-bound booklets. No Trash, food packaging, plastic wrap or bags, metallic or foil packaging, no non-paper items.

Shredded Paper: Refers to all shredded paper regardless of color or weight.

Newsprint: Refers to all newspaper or newsprint adds including inserted materials. Excludes plastic bags newspapers are delivered in.

Cardboard:  Refers to all cardboard and pasteboard boxes, excluding waxed or laminated product boxes.

Aluminum cans: Refers to all aluminum drink cans. Excludes steel drink or food cans which can be identified by heavier weight, rimed caps and bottoms, resistance to crushing, and magnetic attraction.

Plastic bottles: Refers to plastic bottles bearing the recycle imprint # 1 or # 2. Plastic resins are identified by such numbers up to and including #7 but at this time Victoria Recycling center is accepting only # 1 and # 2, Does not include foam plates and cups. Plastic grocery bags can be recycled at HEB grocery stores.

Batteries: Refers to all rechargeable batteries, button type batteries, sealed lead-acid batteries, and all sizes of alkaline batteries. To recycle batteries, call or send service request and facilities will pick them up.

Styrofoam Peanuts: Packing peanuts can be left in closed boxes or bagged for recycle. These will be recycled at the UPS store, but no other Styrofoam will be recycled.

UHV will not recycle plastic bags or film. Plastic grocery bags can be recycled individually at HEB.

UHV will not recycle glass bottles because no recycle center takes them.