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Rental Vehicle Information

Basic Overview

University Employees traveling on university related business may be reimbursed the business miles only, see Policy F-1 Reimbursement for Travel and Other Expenses.

If the traveler prefers renting a vehicle and being reimbursed the business miles, the following information is being provided. Keep in mind that UHV does not reimburse the rental car expense.

  • UHV Employees traveling on university business qualify for State of Texas rental contract rates.
  • Overnight or Longer Travel – A Travel Request that substantiates the business purpose is required in advance for overnight or longer travel to insure supervisor/unit head approval and to satisfy requirements for university coverage for death and dismemberment, liability and worker's compensation coverage. (UHS Policy 01.C.13)
  • Day Travel - A formal Travel Request is not required for day travel providing the supervisor or unit head is aware of the travel. Day Travel may include intercity mileage or mileage to another city, as long as one returns the same day. The traveler and supervisor/unit head must both sign the voucher or backup.

Questions? Call or e-mail the UHV Travel Analyst (361)570-4851 or email.

Enterprise Notes

  • Rental car reservation can be made on-line using state contract TX765.
  • For Texas Rental Tax Exemption, please fill-out the Motor Vehicle Rental Exemption Certificate form
    1. If the traveler is paying by credit or debit card, the card must be available to "swipe" when picking up the car.
    2. If paying by personal check, money order or cash, no deposit is required. The normal $200 hold deposit will be waived at the Victoria Enterprise location.
    3. (Optional) When picking up the rental vehicle, confirm that the reservation includes unlimited free mileage, free LDW Coverage and free liability coverage.
  • Enterprise provides the following free coverage when the vehicle is rented for official business use:
    1. LDW (Loss/damage Waiver or comprehensive) - covers all damage to the rental vehicle when rented under the state contract, TX765
    2. Liability - covers persons and property outside the rental vehicle up to designated limits
      1. The rental car contract insurance does not cover persons and property inside the rental vehicle.
      2. State employees, while in the course and scope of their employment, are covered by Worker's Compensation if injured.
  • All drivers (primary and any alternate drivers) will be required to provide a copy of their driver's license to Enterprise at the time of pickup. Alternate drivers must have their name listed on the Enterprise contract as an alternate driver.

  • Other Enterprise rental options:
    1. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is optional. Coverage is recommended and reimbursable when employee is traveling with students or non-employee passengers on university business.
      • Covers all occupants (driver and passengers) for medical and life insurance
      • Cost is nominal (about $3/day for rental vehicles/$7/day for 12-15 passenger vans)
    2. Traveler may purchase pre-paid discounted gas, 1/2 tank or full tank at the time of rental. (Rentals must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when rented or a fuel surcharge will be added.)
    3. Enterprise has a program where every 5th rental is free, usable for business or personal use.
    4. With prior notification and Enterprise approval, the local Victoria Enterprise branch will allow vehicles to be picked up the evening before, after 4:00 pm for early morning departures before 7:30 AM. They will also permit drop-off by 9:00 AM the following morning for late evening arrivals after 6:00 pm. With prior notification, Enterprise will charge as a one day rental. Otherwise, you will be charged for two days.
    5. Rentals for Personal Use:
      1. Enterprise will extend the same state daily rental rate for personal use. Reference contract TX999
      2. LDW and Liability Insurance are not included when the vehicle is rented for personal use. If needed, this coverage can be purchased separately from Enterprise.

Enterprise Website

Specific questions for car rental, please contact your local Enterprise branch:

Victoria LocationKaty LocationSugar Land Location
4401 N. Navarro
Victoria, TX 77904
(361) 578-0111
22103 Katy Frwy
Katy, TX 77450
(281) 392-9222
1414 Hwy 6
Sugar Land, TX 77478
(281) 313-3700