Administration & Finance

Directors Meeting


 October 27,2009


Meeting called to order 10:10 A.M.




1.  Wayne B. Beran, Vice President for Admin      5.  Val Walden, Comptroller

      Finance                                                               6.  Veronica Bures, Recorder

2.  Joe Ferguson, IT Director

3.  Darlene Pullin, Budget Director                         7.  Michael Ruland, Facilities Director

4.  Greg Fanelli, Business Services Director            8.  John Ellis, Marketing Director 



Agenda Items:


  1. Student calling after hours/weekends for Assistance (IT/Blackboard/Student Solutions/Security) – Greg Fanelli
  2. Proposed Plan and Budget Calendar for FY2011 - Darlene Pullin
  3. Update on Access Control/Video Monitoring System - Joe Ferguson
  4. Update on LEARN fiber breaks and backup options – Joe Ferguson
  5. Freshmen Campaign Update – John Ellis
  6. New Travel Agency – Valerie Walden
  7. Hands free faucets and towel dispensers to aid in prevention of the swine flu – Michael Ruland
  8. Date for Holiday Luncheon – Tentative December 17.
  9. Holiday Gifts for Employees



Greg Fanelli informed the group of a customer service problem.  He stated that because of the shortage in Security personnel because of an injury, the emergency calls were being routed to Genaro Cortez.  Due to this, the office of Business Services has discovered that students who call on the weekends or after 6pm are upset because there is no one to help them with Blackboard or IT question.  If they get a live person, they are referred to the website which on serves to report a problem, not help at the moment.  Mr. Fanelli suggested that instead of having callers call another phone number, that the switch boards have a push button option to connect the student/caller to a specific department.  He also mentioned that other departments within the university were receiving calls and although the office is open, no skilled worker is able to answer questions.  Wayne Beran informed all that departments are working toward cross training so that all employees within that department will be able to answer questions.  Greg Fanelli mentioned that we have online services but no online support.  He referred to a handout that could be created to assist duty personnel in sending callers to the proper resource for help requested.  Discussion ensued.  John Ellis agreed that this is a customer service issue and stated that students need to be able to speak to someone for immediate help.  Greg stated that UHV should check into a night clerk position.  John Ellis suggested that documentation of the number of calls received would help to determine if additional night staff was needed.  Wayne Beran stated that he thought that a night clerk in Student Solutions and a change in the call in greeting to reflect a number would be a positive step in providing quality customer service.  He suggested the university have Minnie Urbano do a survey of students to determine if they feel after hours support would be beneficial.


Darlene Pullin informed the group that the budget process for FY2011 had been moved up.  UH System has requested all budgets be in their office by March.  She stated that budget hearings would be held the first or second week in December or the first week in January.  She also stated that evaluations and job re-classes should be done before the holiday.  Tuition and fees deadline is January 25.  Greg Fanelli asked when the departments would know the hearing dates.  Wayne replied they should know the first or second week in November.


Joe Ferguson distributed a handout illustrating the new access cards which may also serve as ID cards.  Wayne Beran asked how they would be used.  Joe explained they would be used as keyless access to buildings after hours, a photo ID card, and as a library card.  Greg Fanelli mentioned that it will be a way for all to identify faculty and staff from visitors.  Joe Ferguson stated that for those who do not currently have building keys, a non-access ID card will be issued.


Joe Ferguson gave an update on the LEARN fiber breaks and backup options.  He stated that following two fiber breaks and an interruption in service, IT checked with Suddenlink for options.  Suddenlink now has a 12 mg server which will allow limited internet service during an outage.  The average load is 15-20 mb per day which means that Suddenlink should be able to provide 50% of service during downtime.  Joe stated that IT will be testing the conversion to confirm that everything will work.  He also mentioned that this may highlight the need to universities south of Victoria to reconsider finishing the loop but the earliest this could be accomplished would be March of next year.  Greg Fanelli stated that for the fee charged by Suddenlink, the ability to continue operations is worth it.  Further discussion ensued about future internet service for student access.


John Ellis informed all that marketing is ready to launch the freshmen campaign.  He stated that the marketing department was asked to hold off on the launch until applications were available.  He said that they are coordinating efforts to launch the marketing campaign with application availability.  Marketing will track responses to mailouts, Facebook ads, email marketing, etc… to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.


Valerie Walden informed the group that UHV has a new travel guide, National Travel Systems (NTS) She stated that staff should receive an email from Leslee Lee announcing the use of NTS services soon.  The company is based out of Lubbock and is the state designated agency.  She also mentioned that they are less expensive than some agencies used in the past and unlike other agencies will book hotels for the traveler.  NTS provides service 24/7 and will set up personal preferences for specific travelers.


Michael Ruland stated in light of the H1N1 flu season he pulled paperwork from a quote.  The quote is for hands free faucet and towel dispensers.   Wayne Beran asked what we would do with the old ones and Michael replied they would be auctioned.  Michael Ruland also mentioned that UHV was out of storage space.  John Ellis asked what happens to extra furniture etc… in storage.  Michael Ruland informed him that by state law, UHV must sell surplus inventory.  Michael Ruland stated the main question is does UHV want to initiate changing out to hands free?  Wayne Beran informed Mr. Ruland to bid out the expense and a decision would be made from there.




Veronica Bures asked the group if December 17, 2009 would be a good day for the Employee Holiday Luncheon.  All agreed.  Discussion ensued about purchasing employee gifts and each department decided to handle their own.


Wayne Beran informed the group about a slogan he would like incorporated into UHV’s procedures “Looking for Ways to Win, Regardless of the Hands We Are Dealt”


John Ellis reminded everyone of the Annual Report being held the evening of November 12, 2009 in the Multi Purpose room of the Center Building.


Darlene Pullin stated that roll forwards had been done and that $624,000 had been collected from M&O accounts along with 25% from Discretionary accounts.