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Office of the Vice President for
Administration and Finance

Communication Allowance Schedule for Policy A-16--DRAFT--

Communication Allowance Schedule
Policy A-16
ServiceMaximum Monthly AllowanceNotes
Basic Communication Services Allowances$75 Monthly allowance for services only. No allowances for purchase of phones, accessories or related equipment.
Data Plans/Packages$40 Addition of data plans or packages for internet access.
Home Internet Services$50 Cable, DSL or wireless satellite based. Intended for faculty working from home off-campus or for staff authorized to work from home. Installation fees are responsibility of employee. This stipend may be in addition to other communication services allowances.
Text Messaging Services$10 Addition of text messaging plan when that service is required but not included or insufficient for the service package selected.
Early Cancellation ChargesNot AllowableEmployee’s responsibility
Communication devices including phones, mobile hot spot devices, accessories or replacement of existing equipment.Not AllowableEmployee’s responsibility

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