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Office of the Vice President for
Administration and Finance




Reports to donors should be issued from the President's Office, via the Office of University Advancement (OUA). If valuation or some other financial aspect is involved, any donor report must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The Vice President will follow guidelines of UHS Administrative Memorandum, Gift Acceptance Policies, Number 03.F.01.


Grants:  For the purpose of this policy, grants refer to any non-federal or non-state government grants.


A Gift Transmittal Form is to be completed for all gifts or grants. Donations may be collected by the department.   In order to ensure proper tracking of university donations, and to report donations to the University of Houston System, the department is responsible for immediately forwarding to OUA a copy of the check and all related documents received which includes donor name and amount.

The Gift Transmittal Form is held and used by OUA.  OUA will complete this form and forward a copy of the form to the following:

  • UHS - Office of University Advancement: Donor Relations and/or Treasurers Office
  • Department affected by gift or grant

The form should reflect the 1) schedule for payments (if applicable), 2) any restrictions or designations indicated by the donor, or by the institution if the donor does not make such determination, and 3) any special instructions pertinent to the gift or grant.  If there are corrections to the form, they should be immediately transmitted to the Office of University Advancement, and if necessary a corrected form will be prepared and disseminated. 

A cost center number will be assigned by the Finance Department (if applicable).

The donation, with a deposit form will be sent to the Finance Department.  The Finance Department will deposit the donation. If the gift is to be endowed, the Office of University Advancement will forward such gift to the UHS Treasurer for deposit to the endowment trust account.  All Gifts-in-Kind transmittal forms will be forwarded to UHS data processing office by OUA.


Signature obtained                10/25/06
Tim Hudson, Ph.D.               Date

Originating Department:  Office of University Advancement
Next Review Date:  October 2008

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