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Cheryl Worley
Manager of Disability Services and At-Risk Programs

132B University West
(361) 570-4287

Disability Services

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Physicians, including otorhinolaryngologists and otologists are qualified to provide diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders. Audiologists may also provide current audiograms.

The following guidelines are provided to assist the service provider in collaborating with each student to determine appropriate accommodations. Documentation serves as the foundation that legitimizes a student's request for appropriate accommodations.

Recommended documentation includes:

  1. A clear statement of deafness or hearing loss, with a current audiogram (the age of acceptable documentation is dependent upon the condition);
  2. A summary of assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis and a narrative summary of evaluation results, if appropriate;
  3. Medical information relating to the student's needs and the status of the individual's hearing (static or changing) and its impact on the demands of the academic program;
  4. A statement regarding the use of hearing aids (if appropriate);
  5. Suggestions of reasonable accommodations, which might be appropriate at the postsecondary level, are encouraged. These recommendations should be supported by the diagnosis.

Dr. Christopher Kaio, Director of Disability Services for UH Downtown, has granted the UHV Disability Services Office permission to use these documentation guidelines for students on the UHV Disability Services Website.