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End of Course Evaluations

UHV Spring 2014 SemesterOpen Date (12:01am)Close Date (11:59pm)
SP14 8-Week 1 Monday, February 10 Wednesday, March 5
SP14 8-Week 2 Monday, April 7 Friday, May 2
SP14 16-Week Monday, April 7 Friday, May 2
UHV Summer 2014 SemesterOpen Date (12:01am)Close Date (11:59pm)
SU14 5-Week 1 Monday, June 16 Tuesday, July 1
SU14 5-Week 2 Monday, July 21 Monday, August 4
SU14 10-Week Monday, July 21 Monday, August 4

UHV course evaluations are now completed in the Blackboard system. On the “open dates” indicated above, UHV students should see additional information in their Blackboard course that their course evaluation is available for completion. Students may also receive an email indicating that their course evaluation is open and available for them to complete in their Blackboard course(s). Should students have questions or require additional information, they can contact their school’s UHV Technology Specialist; contact information is provided at http://www.uhv.edu/elearning/contactus.aspx. You may also contact us via email at CourseEvalQuestions@uhv.edu

We encourage all of you to participate in this very important process. Your feedback is a critical part of the teaching and learning partnership.

* We recommend students and faculty review this website/web page regularly as updates can occur without notice.