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Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Education and Human Development is to contribute to the total educational experience of students enrolled at the University of Houston-Victoria. In teaching, research, and service the school's faculty is committed to preparing qualified professionals for varied educational roles, teaching, counseling, and administration. The School of Education and Human Development promotes an educational system responsive to the challenges of a modern society.


In order to achieve the mission of the School of Education and Human Development, the faculty is committed to the following goals:

Encouragement of ethical practice
Meaningful faculty-student interactions
Promotion of learning as a life-long process
Achievement of student and faculty academic excellence
Appreciation of student diversity and a multicultural society
Support of a practical foundation through extensive field experiences
Creation of an educational environment that supports critical thinking
Innovative instruction and an understanding of the use of technology in learning

Initial undergraduate preparation of prospective elementary teachers is provided through the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. Graduate preparation of teachers, professional certification programs and preparation for specialized service in education are provided through the Master of Education degree programs. Initial preparation for prospective secondary teachers is available through courses supplementing Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from the School of Arts and Sciences and the Bachelor of Business Administration in the School of Business Administration. Appropriate certification sequences are also available for persons who have earned degrees in academic fields offered in the public school curriculum. Although there is a growing emphasis on laboratory and clinical approaches and on directed field experiences, an appropriate balance between professional and academic emphasis is sought in all programs.

One of the prime objectives of the school is to acquaint its students with various cultural subgroups that characterize the school's area of influence. The prospective student should consequently anticipate the opportunity to work with learners in a wide variety of educational settings.

Title 2 Institutional Report Card

The University of Houston - Victoria teacher education program is accredited by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification. The table below lists current information available from the Title 2 Assessments reported on the state website ( regarding UHV graduates. For the year beginning Fall 2002, there were 448 students in the program. The average number of hours per week required of student participation in supervised student teaching in these programs was 37.5 hours. The student/faculty ratio was 2.95.

Updated assessments pending release by SBEC/TEA:

# Tested # Passing Pass Rate * Quartile Rank
203 198 98 1
* QI - Range, Mean:  98 - 100

Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence is a program within the School of Education and Human Development with the goal of providing students with the necessary information to excel. Students are encouraged to go beyond being satisfied with meeting minimum standards.

All Texas students must pass the appropriate Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities TExES tests for teacher certification. Each student must also pass a second test that is appropriate to his/her teaching field, i.e. a first grade teacher would need to pass the Early Childhood - Grade Four Generalist or Early Childhood - Grade Six Generalist test. Students may elect or be required to take additional tests for certification in other areas.

Some of the services provided by the center are:

  • Encouraging all students to strive for excellence
  • Providing students with preparation in learning, testing, strategies, and reducing testing anxiety.
  • Working with small groups of students
  • Giving individual attention as needed
  • Providing guidance in selecting appropriate tests for chosen programs of study
  • Helping determine when to register and study for tests based on the student's own progress
  • Supplying information about the tests

Scheduled study sessions:

  • Focus on specific tests and the competencies covered by each
  • Concentrate on test standards, format, strategies, and even test anxiety

Workshops held in the fall and spring semesters feature guest professors with expertise in each area of testing. Structured study periods are led in an extended session.

The center maintains a listserv to keep students informed of test dates, registration deadlines, dates and times of study sessions, etc. For more information and the email address, please see the School of Education and Human Development web page.

Plans and Degrees Offered

The following plans and degrees are offered in the School of Education and Human Development.

Administration and Supervision M.Ed. Educational Leadership (Principal)
General Leadership
Counseling M.Ed. Community Counselor
School Counselor
Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Elementary Education
Elementary Education - Mathematics
Secondary Education
Special Education M.Ed. Special Education
Educational Diagnostician
Interdisciplinary Studies B.S.I.S. Early School Education
English as a Second Language
Middle School Education
Special Education

Certificates and Supplements Offered

The following certificates and supplements are offered through the School of Education and Human Development with the degrees being awarded through the Schools of Arts & Science or School of Business. Consult the Teacher Education Records Office or refer to Requirements for Specific Certificates later in this section of the catalog for complete information.

8-12 Teacher Certification Programs

Business Administration B.A.
Business Basic or Composite B.B.A.
Computer Science B.S.
English, Language Arts, Reading B.A.
History B.A.
Mathematics B.A./B.S.
Science B.S.

Postbaccalaureate students seeking certificates or supplements must have a deficiency plan or certification plan on file in the Teacher Education Records Office.

School Counselor     G
Educational Diagnostician     G
Principal     G
Superintendent     G
Reading Specialist     G
Master Mathematics Teacher     G
Master Reading Teacher     G
EC - Grade 4 Generalist UG PB  
Grade 4 – 8 Generalist UG PB  
Special Education UG PB G
Business Administration UG PB G
Business, Basic or Composite UG PB G
Computer Science UG PB G
English, Language Arts, & Reading UG PB G
History UG PB G
Mathematics UG PB G
Science UG PB G
English as a Second Language UG PB G
Gifted/Talented   PB G
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)     G
* UG - Undergraduate;  PB - Postbaccalaureate;  G - Graduate

Important Notice on Certification:

Admission to the elementary and secondary teacher certification program is admission to a professional program and is separate and apart from admission to the university.

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